An interview with a vampire of Loose Morals by Darling Adams

loosemoralssmallBy Author Darling Adams

Hi Cara, thank you for having me today. I brought someone special today. This is Charlie, he is the hero of Loose Morals. I thought maybe I could get him to talk about his story instead of me.  I’m just going to prompt him a bit with a few questions…

Charlie: Shoot, Darling.

Darling Adams: Why do you suppose I titled book Loose Morals?

Charlie:  Is that a polite way of asking if I’m the one with loose morals? Isn’t it obvious? I’m the vampire in the book. We’re not known for walking the straight and narrow.  Did you ever see Pirates of the Caribbean, where Elizabeth and Will Turner are shocked by Captain Jack Sparrow and he offers by way of explanation, “Pirate”?  It’s the same for vampires. Don’t expect too much from us and you won’t be disappointed.

Darling Adams: Yes, I’ve gathered that. But do have some morals, right? You tell Sasha, the heroine of Loose Morals, you can be a real dick when you’re threatening her, but do you ever truly harm or frighten her?

 Charlie: No. It’s all a game to me. I love to see her get riled up and I love to make her nervous, but I consider that foreplay. I need something from her and I enjoy tormenting her until I get it.

Darling Adam: And what about sex?

Charlie: The attraction between us is electric. I want Sasha the moment I first lay eyes on her and even though I keep her on the edge of fear, I can tell she wants me too. It’s only a matter of time before she gives in.

Darling Adams Are you worried when Sasha learns to use her power, you will no longer be “at the top of the food chain” as you put it?

Charlie:  I’m in a tricky position. I’m using my dominance to force Sasha to lift the curse on me, and yet if she becomes strong enough to do so, she will presumably also be strong enough to refuse to help me. I can only hope I’ve won her over with my sexual prowess by then.

Darling Adams: Oh please [eye roll].  You are too full of yourself.

Charlie: [shrugs] Vampire.

Darling Adams: Will you share a little from the book?

Charlie: Sure. How about the passage where I tell Sasha I can be a real dick?

An excerpt from Loose Morals

To give her a taste of vampire strength, he lifted her entire body from his knees and spun her in the air to place her on her feet. He pulled her shirt off over her head.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Every time you sass me you will lose an article of clothing. You may earn it back by showing your subservience to me.”

“Are you fucking kidding—wait,” she cried as he reached for her shorts. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry, your royal highness.”

He pursed his lips. “I think I’m going to go with sassy on that one,” he said, grabbing her pink bra in between her breasts, and yanking her forward. He sliced the fabric in two with his fangs and let it fall to the floor.

Her hands flew to cover her breasts, her face a mask of rage. Underneath the anger, she appeared shaken, and this time she seemed to consider her words before she spoke. “You owe me a new bra,” she said sullenly.

He lifted an eyebrow. “You may never get to wear a bra again at the rate you’re going.”

She glowered.

He made a show of letting his eyes travel to the two pert breasts protruding from behind her hands.

Her face flushed a pretty pink. “What do I have to do to earn it back?”

“Kneel,” he ordered.

“What?” she asked indignantly, even as her eyes pleaded for mercy.

“You heard me. On your knees at my feet.”

“What for?” she asked warily, her eyes traveling to his crotch.

He hadn’t intended anything like that, but his cock thickened in response to the idea.

“I could just go put another bra on,” she tested.

“And I could just glamour you to walk down Congress Street topless.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me, witchling. I can be a real dick.”

She stood there, the muscles in her jaw clenching and releasing for a long moment. Finally, she huffed and lowered to her knees.

His face split into a wide smile. He took her shoulders and eased her back to sit on her heels instead of standing upright on her knees. “Thank you for your obedience, Sasha. Remove your hands.”

Her eyes shot to his, her mouth opening, forming a protest, which she seemed to think better of. She threw down her hands all at once, lifting her chin and her sternum as if to inform him she had nothing to hide.

Indeed, she had not. Her breasts were perfection, the size of apples, the rosy nipples ripe for sucking. He reached out and cupped one, running his thumb over the pebbled tip.

She flinched but did not move, color flushing her cheeks and neck, her breath short.

“I thought—” She stopped and cleared her throat when her voice cracked. “I thought you weren’t demanding this sort of thing,” she reminded him.

He dropped his hand with an effort at self-control. “I’m not. But if I must punish you, all bets are off.”

He smelled her arousal again and inhaled deeply. Reaching a hand between her thighs, he trailed his index finger over the seam at her crotch, causing her to draw a sharp intake of breath. “Will you be good, Sasha?”

“Y-yes,” she said, her voice warbling.

He pinched the outer lips of her sex through her shorts and she whimpered. “Good girl,” he murmured. “You may get dressed.”

He released her and tossed her the shirt, standing up and walking away as if he didn’t have the bluest balls on the planet.

Yes, torturing her would be a torture to him too, but the sweetest kind.

 Loose Morals blurb

When Sasha Deschamps unwittingly attracts the attention of a strange man on her late night walk home from work, she winds up with a supernatural guest she can’t get rid of. The dominant immortal demands her complete submission and cooperation, refusing to free her until she has performed an act of magic, one which she does not know how to even begin.

Charlie sees the power in Sasha and believes she has the ability to undo the curse placed on him by a jealous lover over one hundred years before. He also loves toying with the feisty witchling, doling out humiliating punishments while arousing a lust in her that leaves them both hungry for satisfaction.

Emotionally detached to the point of amorality, his motto has been “friendly with many, close to none”, but he finds himself falling for Sasha, believing he might be able to trust a woman again. When he discovers she is actually the reincarnated witch who cursed him, though, his world turns on end. Can he accept she has returned to his life to heal the rift between them? Or will he walk away from her again, as he did so many years ago?

Publishers Note: This book contains elements of BDSM including anal punishment, figging, spanking, bondage and erotic sex scenes.

 Buy Links:

Amazon  Amazon UK

Darling Adams is a naughty author who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. She also writes spanking romance under the name Renee Rose.

Her blog can be found at

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Coming tomorrow on The business of writing–don’t take it personally

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Spotlight on Sue Lyndon’s Maid to Submit…

Maid to Submit NEW COVER 1600x2400By Author Sue Lyndon

I’m excited to ring in October by sharing the details of Maid to Submit, my naughty Halloween-themed short story set to release on October 14th. Not only will Maid to Submit be my first self-published story, but it’s also my first preorder experience on Amazon. In fact, it’s available for preorder now, so if you click the preorder button it will automatically appear on your Kindle device on release day. I enjoy writing short stories, especially holiday-themed ones, so with Halloween coming up this seemed like the perfect time to take the self-publishing plunge.

 Maid to Submit Blurb:

Maid to Submit is a short story of approximately 8,500 words.

Ally’s all dressed up and eager to spend Halloween night with her spanko boyfriend, Mark, but on her way out the door her roommate regretfully informs her that she saw Mark having lunch with another woman. Ally’s heartbroken, but she’s also angry…angry enough to hurl toilet paper through all the trees in front of Mark’s house, among other naughty things. She doesn’t plan on being caught red-handed, but she soon finds herself being tossed over Mark’s shoulder and carried into his house.

Mark insists they talk about whatever has Ally so upset, and if he has to hold her captive–or spank her–until she settles down enough to listen, so be it. He informs a stunned Ally that the busty blonde he had lunch with was…his mother! Now he’s got his hands full with an apologetic French maid who is very much in need of correction. He’s understanding that Ally has some trust issues because of her past, but he certainly won’t tolerate such naughty, irresponsible behavior from the woman he loves. He informs her that she’s to endure a thorough inspection followed by a hard spanking on her bare bottom, and that’s just the beginning of her punishment.

Will Mark get his errant maid to submit to an ordeal that is sure to leave her blushing?

Note: This story contains a naughty French maid who looks good in handcuffs, a no-nonsense firefighter with a twitchy palm, bare bottom spankings galore, and other erotic scenes sure to make your e-reader sizzle. Please don’t buy this book if such material offends you.

Maid to Submit Excerpt:

As she listened for the sound of his footsteps on the stairs, she replayed their conversation in the living room, particularly the last part of it. He’d said he was going to inspect her before he spanked her, and also that it was just the beginning of her punishment. He planned to take all night with her, proving to her that he loved her. Pulses of warmth quickened between her thighs as she imagined all that awaited her. Inspections. Spankings. Intimate punishments.

She sucked in a shaky breath as desire tightened in her core, the little waves of pleasure causing her nipples to grow taut inside her bra. Her breasts felt heavier and heavier, and the aching of her pussy deepened the longer she stood there. Waiting. Just waiting. For him.

“Look at that naughty young lady standing in the corner,” Mark said, his deep voice catching her by surprise. “She’s about to become one very sorry little girl.”

How had he walked up the stairs so quietly? She yearned to turn around and peer into his dark brown eyes, but resisted. Moving out of position without permission was a big no no. The heat of his body radiated against her, and the entire surface of her skin danced and came alive with the need to be touched by him. To feel his lips trailing all over her, to experience the sting of his hand as he punished her, and to endure the shameful prodding of his fingers as he inspected her.

He cupped her bottom and she gasped despite herself. She was so on edge aching for her punishment even as she dreaded it, and the throbbing of her pussy as her body reacted to the strength of his presence didn’t help matters. She wanted him to hurt her and fuck her. Repeatedly. No holds barred.

“Spread those legs and arch your bottom up higher, Ally.” He patted her butt and moved back, giving her space to follow his instructions. She obeyed, lifting her bottom as high in the air as possible while parting her thighs. The skirt of her maid’s dress rose up, revealing her panty-clad bottom to him. “Good girl,” he said.

He stroked her backside, and his gentle caresses left her quivering in place, her legs barely holding her up. She felt moisture slip from her pussy to soak her panties further, and her face heated knowing he’d soon discover her vast wetness. As if reading her thoughts, he began to work her panties down, taking his time as he peeled them down to rest above her knees, which were still spread wide apart.

“I can smell your arousal, Ally. I know you’re wet. Now, let’s see just how wet you are.”

Preorder links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

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More great stuff this week:

Thursday, Oct. 2, An interview with a vampire of Loose Morals by Darling Adams aka Renee Rose

Friday, Oct. 3, Don’t take it personally–it’s just business. How many times have you heard that? Here’s my take on the business of writing.

Saturday, Oct. 4, Another eight sentence excerpt from Warrior, the third Breeder sci-fi romance.

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Self-publishing…decisions, decision, decisions

My new life chapter one concept for fresh start, new year resoluIf you’re considering going indie, many decisions need to be made. I worried about the process, the how-to, but after releasing my first self-published title (Unexpected Consequences) and preparing for the second (Breeder 3: Warrior), I discovered it wasn’t  the process that was hard, it was all the decisions before that point. Once a course of action is set, the rest is easy-peasy.

Here are some considerations:

  • Do you publish under your author name or a “company” name? Using your
    My first self published book. Cover designed by Syneca Featherstone. Click photo for buy link.

    My first self published book. Cover designed by Syneca Featherstone. Click photo for buy link.

    author name is the simplest way—but self-publishing still carries a bit of stigma and you may want a separate company-sounding name to avoid that. I assume (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that using a company name requires forming an LLC, filling out paperwork, paying a fee, and getting a local business license (more paperwork and fees). I didn’t want to go through all of that, and if anyone asks if I’ve self-published, I’m going to say yes anyway, so I decided to use my own name.

  • ISBN or no ISBN? You don’t need one to self-publish, and they’re expensive.  Amazon assigns your book their ASIN anyway, and other sites have numbers too. However, an ISBN identifies you as the publisher and encodes the book with a lot of other info.  And, as I serendipitously discovered, if one’s book is re-released with a new ISBN and the previous book had an ISBN, the reviews will carry over! You can buy a block of 10 ISBNs from Bowker for $275-$295 (they’re currently on sale). A single IBSN is $125. However, each format requires its own ISBN (so, one for Kindle, one for Nook, one for pdf etc.)
  • Where will you publish? Amazon is the big kahuna. You can easily “get by” with publishing exclusively on Amazon. And there are benefits for doing so. However, you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. So you may want to consider Nook Press, ARe, Smashwords, Sony.  You must decide if you only going to e-publish. Or will you do a Print-on-Demand book or Audio? Foreign translations? But again, you can start simple and as you gain confidence, expand your repertoire.
  • How much do you want to do yourself? You can do as little or as much as you want. There are folks who will “help” you self-publish to the extent that it will almost be like working with a publisher. Or you can do everything yourself. Or any degree in the middle.
  • Finding and hiring an editor. You know those death-defying stunts you see on TV with the fine print says, “don’t try this at home?” Editing should come with a similar disclaimer.  You cannot edit your own manuscript! (And your bestie who was good in English doesn’t count either). You will need a content editor who can identify plot holes, shallow characterizations, POV shifts, pacing problems, etc. and a line/copy editor who will correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. These should be two different people. Ask your author friends for recommendations. Is there a self-published book that you thought was well done? Ask the author who she/he used. Just about every book credits the editor. Google her/him.
  • Finding and hiring a cover artist. Another stunt with a disclaimer. Hire a professional. Again, ask around. Cover artists all have websites. Check out their work. Find an artist who has done covers for books in your genre. You can buy“pre-made” covers, but custom covers are relatively inexpensive. You might pay $40 for a pre-made one, but you can get a custom one for as little as $75-80.  If you’ve worked with a publisher and liked your cover artist, chances are that person freelances. Track him down. (ditto for editors!).
Artist Mina Carter did the cover of Warrior, to be released Oct. 21

Artist Mina Carter did the cover of Warrior, to be released Oct. 21

I’d had 15 books published with four different publishers before I decided to go indie. To my surprise, self-publishing isn’t that much more work at all. When I used a publisher, I still worked with editors and cover artists, and did ALL my own promotion.  A lot of time was wasted waiting for the publisher to act. (Yeah, I know they’re busy with other authors’ books. But when you’re the self-publisher, the only book in the queue is yours). The time I save not waiting more than makes up for the initial legwork.

If you’re considering self-publishing, here are two ‘must read’ books:

The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing by the Indie Voice – everything, literally everything, you ever wanted to know about self-pubbing. A lot of how-to and things to consider. And the author stories are inspirational. I doubt that there is a better book on self-publishing than this one.

Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing – Amazon’s step-by-step free instructions for self-publishing on its site. You can also get this a PDF download. If you’re wondering if you can do-it-yourself, check this out.

Questions?  Other considerations prospective indies should take into account:

♥ ♥ ♥

Coming up this week:

Wednesday, Oct. 1, A spotlight on Sue Lyndon and her first indie book, Maid to Submit

Thursday, Oct. 2, An interview with a vampire of Loose Morals by Darling Adams aka Renee Rose

Friday, Oct. 3, Don’t take it personally–it’s just business. How many times have you heard that? Here’s my take on the business of writing.

Saturday, Oct. 4, Another eight sentence excerpt from Warrior, the third Breeder sci-fi romance.

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Saturday Spankings, #8Sunday: From Warrior…can’t fight the feeling

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]Only a little more than three weeks until the release of Warrior! October 21, 2014! Warrior is the third book in the Breeder series. The most intense one yet. I promise

I would love to reveal some of my favorite parts of the book–but I’m saving those for the book! So, for this week’s Saturday Spankings and Weekend Writing Warriors, I’m sharing this snippet.

Anika is on the run from an arranged breeding. Urazi has tracked her down. It is the dead of winter, and they are bedded down outdoors. They were freezing until Urazi put their sleep mats together, and they’re now cuddled up for warmth (we’re in Urazi’s POV).

She purred like a feleen. “Mm. This is better.”

Surely not.

“I missed you.” She curled her fingertips into his chest, splayed the other hand against his back and rubbed.

He hadn’t missed her. He’d ached for her, hungered for her, yearned for her, feared with near desperation she might have fallen victim to some tragedy.

Warrior blurb

A female fighting for freedom. A male armed with determination. Can they save their people?

As a despotic Qalin marches through Parseon intent on conquering every province, Commander Marlix pledges his sister to another Alpha to protect her. Desperate to decide her own fate, Anika flees and finds refuge with the guerilla resistance movement against Qalin. Marlix’s beta Urazi, a male of lesser status, tracks her intending to bring her home to fulfill her duty. But when love blossoms between them, and provinces fall to Qalin, Anika and Urazi realize home has ceased to exist and they alone are all that stand between the people of Parseon and the end of the world.

Thank you for visiting. Please check out the other authors of the blog hops. 

For Weekend Writing Warriors click on the logo: (goes live on Sunday)

white wewriwa badge

For Saturday Spankings, click on the one of the links:

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The wild week that was: updates and future plans….

Breeder was released from the dungeon

Breeder was released from the dungeon

My head is spinning from the Mad Hatters Wild Ride!

After a week of unfortunate incarceration, Breeder, the first sci-fi romance in the series, was released from the Amazon dungeon on Monday after having been “adult filtered” and disappearing not only from searches, but also my Amazon author page and Author Central dashboard.

Loose Id, Breeder’s publisher, was unable to get the adult tag removed. But I phoned Amazon and got the book untagged. That was Monday. Breeder is available again!

Also on Monday, I sent Warrior (Breeder 3) to Wizards in Publishing for copy editing. I have scheduled

The first Rod and Cane book was re-released

The first Rod and Cane book was re-released

Warrior for a Tuesday, Oct. 21 release. The cover

price will be $4.99.

On Tuesday (Sept, 23)  I published Unexpected Consequences, on Amazon. This is the first book in the Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series. Loose Id released it three years ago, but the rights have reverted back to me and I self-published it. Initially, it will only be available on Amazon because I want to give the borrowing program a try. Unexpected Consequences has a new flirty cover and blurb.

I am still waiting to hear from Loose Id about Rod and Cane 5, which I submitted almost two weeks ago. If they do not offer me a contract–or if their contract is unacceptable to me, I will self-publish it also. I expect to

The third Breeder book is slated for an October 21 release

The third Breeder book is slated for an October 21 release

release it in January 2015. I’ve tried on a lot of different titles (Hasty Exits, Conflict of Interest, Personal

Sacrifices), but finally have settled on….Reasonable Doubts! I will be sharing the blurb soon.

I have begun writing a brand new science fiction romance/fantasy novel/novella. No title yet, but it is about a tribe of Amazon-type women who hunt down the alpha men from an opposing tribe for mating. There will be love, sex, and betrayal. Will it be a series? Who knows? Certainly not me. I never know until I’m almost done writing the book! Expect this one to be released in April 2015.

Coming up next week on my blog I will have:

  • My new life chapter one concept for fresh start, new year resoluAn article on the business of writing
  • Considerations involved in self-publishing
  • A spotlight on Sue Lyndon’s newest book, Maid to Submit.

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Unexpected Consequences Buy Link

Breeder Buy Link

Terran (Breeder 2) Buy Link

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The unexpected release of Unexpected Consequences!

CaraBristol_RandCSociety_UnexpectedConsequences_400x600Unexpectedly…Unexpected Consequences has been released on Amazon. I say unexpected, because I did not intend to release it until next week, but this is my first self-publishing venture and I accidentally clicked “publish” before I’d intended.

Oh well. The first book of the Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series, Unexpected Consequences was previously published in September 2011 by Loose Id. The contract has expired, the rights have reverted back to me, and I have published it myself. BTW, Loose Id’s price on the book was $4.99; I’ve priced it at $3.99.

Initially, it is only going to be available on Amazon so that it can be included in Amazon’s borrowing program.

Three other Rod and Cane books have been published: False Pretenses, Body Politics, and Disciplinary Measures. I hope to release Rod and Cane 5 in January (still not settled on a title).

Unexpected Consequences buy link

Unexpected Consequences Blurb

Newlywed Melania Traynor loves life, shoes, and most of all, her husband Jared – a tall, handsome, protective man with a commanding side. He’s a member of the secret Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who maintain discipline in the home with a loving heart and an open hand. When he tells her he believes in domestic discipline and will spank her if she misbehaves, she enters into their marriage with eyes wide shut confident she’ll never be on the receiving end. But when she disobeys Jared, she discovers that discipline isn’t all talk

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#HopswithHeart Fall into Romance winners announced

fall hop buttonThe winner of the $75 Amazon gift card in the Fall into Romance hop is Yolanda Matias. But that’s not all! I held a drawing for two copies of Breeder, the first book in the Breeders sci-fi romance trilogy, and those winners are: Laurie Gouge and Kyra Tinker!

Hops with Heart will be host a Halloween Hop for paranormal lovers Oct. 30-Nov. 1 and a Winter Warm-up Hop Dec. 19-21.

Currently, I’m participating in the Guilty Indulgence Blogoversary Hop. The grand prize is four bags of SWAG. I’m giving away a $15 Amazon gift card. That one runs until Sept. 27.


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Breeder is back on Amazon! Omra has been released!

CB_Breeder_coverlgWoo hoo!!!! Omra has been released! Breeder is free of the Amazon dungeon and is now searchable on Amazon. It is back on my Amazon Author Page and my Author Central dashboard.

I want to thank all my author friends who were so supportive during my dark moment. Thank you. Thank you!

And though she may never see this, I want to thank “Emily” of Amazon who fixed the situation.

Breeder on Amazon


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An update on Breeder and its Amazon adult tag…

CB_Breeder_coverlgLast Tuesday, Breeder was “adult filtered” on Amazon and disappeared not only from search results, but also my Amazon Author Page and my Amazon Author Central dashboard (where authors can check the status of all their books). I contacted my publisher Loose Id who told me they would look into it.

Yesterday, I received an email from Loose Id telling me that they are unable to get the adult tag removed–nor can they take down the book and resubmit it. This is Loose Id’s response to me:

We’ve tried to argue the point with Amazon, but they maintain their right to list a product as they see fit, or in fact to refuse to sell it at all. They never reveal their reasoning — possibly because they want to avoid any possibility of a discrimination suit, although that is a guess on our part.

After reviewing Amazon’s Terms of Service, we can’t reissue your book with a new title or ISBN. It would be a clear violation of their terms, which would invite them to deny not only your book but our entire catalog. The best we can hope for at this point is to keep Terran in the romance catalog, which should spur people to search for Breeder.

We’ll be making various social media posts that explain how to find books in the Erotica category on Amazon, and we encourage you to do the same. Also, we all need to encourage friends, readers, and fellow authors to shop Loose Id, Barnes & Noble, or ARE instead of Amazon.

As you may know, I am one month away from self-publishing Warrior, the third and final book of  the Breeder series. Having book one disappear off radar is critical. My earning potential has been seriously crippled by this.

I am considering my options. I do have some. They are not ideal. They are not my first choice, but I have some. I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for all your support!

Direct buy link for Breeder on Amazon


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Guilty Indulgence Hop, an excerpt from Warrior (Breeder 3)

banner blogiversary 4 yrsIt’s a year of anniversaries. Guilty Indulgence is celebrating its 4th anniversary. This year I celebrated my 5th authorversary–it was five years ago that I signed my first publishing contract. Since that time, I’ve released 15 books–and I’m getting ready for No. 16. Next month, I’ll release Warrior, the final book in the Breeder science fiction romance trilogy. The tentative release date is October 21.

By filling out the Rafflecopter form you can enter to win some great swag from Guilty Indulgence. By reading an excerpt of Warrior and answering a question, you can enter to win a $15 Amazon gift card from me.


The Breeder series is set on a planet where male domination is so entrenched that the women are relegated to the role of breeding slaves. One woman has decided that she’s not going to take it anymore. In this scene from Warrior, with her planet embroiled in a civil war, Anika flees an arranged breeding and joins a secret militia group:


Breeder 3 to be released Oct. 21

Breeder 3 to be released Oct. 21

Warrior Excerpt

“Hold steady. Grip the stock from below with your left hand. Do not get in the way of the bolt.” Grogan stepped so close, his hardened manhood prodded Anika’s left flank. She gritted her teeth, and considered dropping her trigger finger to reach into her boot for Tara’s knitting needle.

Yes, hold steady now, Grogan.

“Line your target between the crosshairs.”

Target in sight. Anika closed her left eye and peered through the scope with her right at the life-size outline of a male sketched in soot on an unrolled parchment scroll tacked to a tree fifty meters away. Focused on the round smudge center torso.

Grogan pressed his stiffened manhood into the crease of her buttocks. “Squeeze…the trigger.”

Book 1 of the Breeder series

Book 1 of the Breeder series

Anika superimposed her instructor’s likeness onto the faceless target and discharged the bolt. The bow recoiled with a pop and released the arrow. With satisfying thunk it embedded in the tree beneath the target. Lowering her weapon, Anika stepped out of range of the alpha and strode to examine the result.

Right through the heart.

“Fair. For a female,” Grogan judged.

She compared her results—dead center—with Grogan’s. He’d missed the target completely, hitting it outside the outline. Perhaps the weight of his erection had unbalanced his shot.

She marched to the starting line with Grogan dogging her heels, flinging advice as wild as his aim. She shot better than every male of the Resistance, but walked a precarious path, awakening each morn to wonder if this would be the day she would fall prey to her compatriots. To Grogan who had singled her out for special training.

But joining the Guerilla Resistance against Qalin and Artom was preferable to facing what lay outside the camp. Anika shuddered.

Book 2 of the Breeder series

Book 2 of the Breeder series

After leaving Marlix’s abode, she’d roamed the countryside for a week before she straggled into the militia group attempting to defeat Qalin and Artom using guerilla tactics. Their secret weapon?

Breeders. No one would suspect a female of being an armed fighter.

But her instructor saw no reason to abandon the old use for females. Thus far she’d dodged him, but her luck and his patience could not last much longer.

“Many females can hit the target, but few have the strength as you do to cock the bowstring. You are the best female shooter by far,” Grogan conceded, his praise falling short of recognizing her true ability.

“You have trained enough for one day. Let us retire to the camp,” Grogan said. “You may bring me the midday meal.” He peered at the sky. The star of Parseon hovered overhead, its heat barely reaching the atmosphere to edge the temperature over freezing. But the chill provided an excuse to layer on multiple articles of clothing. The inconvenience of removal had saved her on more than one occasion. Still, a clothing barrier offered scant protection. Some males—Grogan—viewed impediments as a challenge.

“I feel as though I need more practice.” She peered at him from beneath downcast lashes and slumped her shoulders in a pretense of self-effacement.  “May I please try one more time?”

Usually the number of people milling around afforded opportunity to avoid or divert him.

But today, the alphas had formed two teams and split up, one group hunting for small game, another sent on reconnaissance. The females had been ordered to forage for whatever they could find to replenish the dwindling food stores. Only she—by Grogan’s command—remained in camp.

She jabbed the crossbow nose down onto the ground and stepped on the metal cocking stirrup.

“You have practiced enough for one day.” Temper edged his voice.

Anika pulled back the bowstring until it locked, extracted a bolt from the quiver and slipped it into the flight groove. Cocked and loaded, the crossbow had to be fired for it was too dangerous to leave a loaded weapon lying about. A bump or a jolt could discharge the projectile. She raised the crossbow to shoulder height, slipped her finger off the metal guard, and caressed the trigger.

“Did you hear what I said?” Grogan’s tone sharpened. “Look at me when I speak to you!”

She snapped a sharp pivot. Through the scope, the crosshairs formed a perfect X on his chest.

His eyes bulged in alarm, and he stumbled over his feet.

Even Grogan could not fail to hit a target at such close range.

“I heard what you said,” Anika replied before turning to the parchment target and pulling the trigger. Th-th-thunk! Her bolt landed next to the previous one. Dead center. Again. She lowered the weapon.

Grogan seized her arm in a bruising grip, and yanked her around to face him.  “Never point a loaded weapon at me! Do you understand?” He shook her.

Anika took stock of her instructor’s reddening complexion, the slight tremor of his body, the decreased bulge in his uniform pants. Satisfaction swelled, but she bowed her head. “I apologize, alpha. When you ordered me to look at you, I had no thought but to obey.”

Stars exploded under the impact of his fist. She would have fallen, except he caught her. He punched her again. That blow did knock her off her feet. She hit the frozen ground hard, and air whooshed from her lungs. Pain radiated from her left cheekbone as if the zygoma had been shattered. Grogan struck out with his foot, but she expected the kick, and rolled so his boot only kissed her ribs. Her crossbow lay several meters away where it had flown out of her grip.

Grogan followed her gaze with a slight motion as if lunge for the weapon. A blur streaked in her periphery seconds before Grogan toppled onto his back, tackled by a large male wearing a dirty uniform. One of Qalin’s guards?

Anika could not see the attacker’s face, only Grogan’s as the larger alpha rained a barrage of merciless blows upon it. Bones crunched. His nose shattered in a spray of blood.

Had the camp been occupied, Grogan’s screams would have brought defenders, but only she remained. Would she be the next victim?

Anika scrambled for her crossbow. The limb on the front had been dented. The scope misaligned. How would she sight it? Fire it? Would her bolt veer off?  In a panic, she required three tries to cock it. She fumbled an arrow into the groove.

Grogan had fallen silent, unmoving. The attack had been too sudden, too vicious to defend.

The assailant rose to his feet.

With trembling hands, Anika lifted the crossbow as the attacker turned.

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Warrior blurb

 female fighting for freedom. A male armed with determination. Can they save their people?

As a despotic Qalin marches through Parseon intent on conquering every province, Commander Marlix pledges his sister to another Alpha to protect her. Desperate to decide her own fate, Anika flees and finds refuge with the guerilla resistance movement against Qalin. Marlix’s beta Urazi, a male of lesser status, tracks her intending to bring her home to fulfill her duty. But when love blossoms between them, and provinces fall to Qalin, Anika and Urazi realize home has ceased to exist and they alone are all that stand between the people of Parseon and the end of the world.

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