An interview with a husband who spanks his wife…

I’d like to introduce Jared Traynor, the hero of my new Loose Id release, Unexpected Consequences, an erotic domestic discipline story. When needed, Jared disciplines his wife Melania by spanking her. I wanted to talk to Jared about the Rod and Cane Society, an organization to which he belongs. Jared is a tough interview; it’s hard to get him to admit to anything.

Cara: Jared, thank you for being here. I have to admit that until I met you and your wife, Melania, I had never heard of the Rod and Cane Society.

Jared: First of all, thank you for having me. It’s not surprising that you haven’t heard of Rod and Cane because the organization keeps a low profile.

Cara: Does that mean it’s secret organization?

Jared: We prefer the term confidential.

Cara: But you can say that you and Melania are both members, correct?

Jared [shakes head]: No. I am member — a governing board member actually – but Melania is not a member. Rod and Cane is a fraternal organization, so only men can join. Women, however, may join Rod and Cane’s Wives Auxiliary. Melania is a member of that.

Cara: That seems sexist.

Jared: It’s a reflection of the philosophy of the membership that men are the heads of household and that our wives defer to our judgment and leadership.

Cara:  I’ve heard rumors that Rod and Cane Society members are men who spank their wives to maintain domestic discipline in the home. Is that true?  And is it true that rod and cane refer to spanking implements?

Jared [Frowns}: I’m not at liberty to answer those kinds of questions.

Cara: Not at liberty? What does that mean?

Jared: Members sign confidentiality agreements not to discuss Rod and Cane with outsiders.

Cara: Do you spank your wife?

Jared: No comment.

Cara: But you are the head of household.

Jared: Yes. I consult with Melania, but in matters of ultimate import or when there are disagreements, I make the final decision. She has agreed to this; she signed a ‘contract of consent’ before we married.

Cara: You mean a pre-nup.

Jared: No, a contract of consent.

Cara: What’s the difference?

Jared: A prenup defines what happens when a marriage dissolves. A contract of consent defines how the marriage will be. It determines our roles.

Cara: And Melania agreed to obey you?

Jared: Yes.

Cara: What happens if she disobeys you?

Jared: That’s where discipline is involved.

Cara: Domestic discipline? Spanking?

Jared [pauses]: No comment.


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  1. He’s a bit cagey, ain’t he? Hee.

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