An interview with spanked wife Melania Traynor…

Today my special guest is none other than Melania Traynor, the heroine in Unexpected Consequences, my erotic romance recently released by Loose Id. It’s the story of a modern newlywed couple struggling to find their way in a domestic discipline marriage. Jared, as the head of household, rules his roost with an open hand, spanking his wife when he feels she isn’t living up to her commitments.

Cara: Thank you for coming today, Melania.

Melania: Thank you having me.

Cara [Enviously eyeing Melania’s slingbacks]: I love your shoes, by the way.

Melania: Thank you. Jared bought me these. Don’t tell him I said so, but I think he bought me these to make up for what happened with the red platform pumps I fell in love with.

Cara: What happened with the red platform pumps?

Melania [shifts uncomfortably]: Well, you know. He wanted to buy them and surprise me, so he told me I couldn’t have them, but I sneaked back to the store and bought them behind his back.

Cara: Mad, was he?

Melania: To say the least. But then he calmed down.

Cara: Oh good.

Melania: And that’s when he spanked me.

Cara [shocked]: He spanked you for buying a pair of shoes?

Melania [shakes her head]: No, for disobeying him and lying about it.

Cara [aghast]: You’re kidding.

Melania: [shakes her head vigorously]: No. Before you judge Jared, I should mention that technically I consented to being spanked – I just didn’t realize how real it would be. [Tears well up in her eyes] Frankly, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I love Jared and I know he loves me, but I’m not sure I can spend my entire married life like this.

Cara: Did you have any idea before you got married he would spank you?

Melania: I did. I mean I should have. Jared brought it up on several occasions, but I guess I didn’t think it would happen. It’s kind of like wearing a life vest – you wear one, but you don’t expect to fall in the water. [Melania shrugs]. I was naïve and so preoccupied with planning our fairytale wedding that I didn’t pay too enough attention. Just the fact that Jared belongs to the Rod and Cane Society should have been clue enough.

Cara: Rod and Cane Society? What’s that?

Melania [Biting her lip]: It’s a men’s organization. But I’m not allowed to say what it’s about. The organization has rules about confidentiality. If I told, Jared probably would spank me.

Cara: Melania are you really okay with all of this?

Melania: I’m still trying to work things out in my own head. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned anything about the spanking. You won’t tell anyone, will you?

Cara: Well, it might be a little late for secrecy. You do kind of spill the beans in Unexpected Consequences.

Melania: I guess I needed to clear up some things so people will understand why a career woman living in the 21st century would want a traditional marriage and would consent to being a spanked wife.


Unexpected Consequences is available in ebook through Loose Id and Amazon. To read a blurb and chapter one for free, click on the Loose Id link, and then on the excerpt button.


Monday I interview Melania’s husband Jared.

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