Oh those crazy #Twitter profiles…

I read the Twitter profile of every person who follows me. I’m entertained by what I read–as well as by what I don’t read. For your amusement, I’ve complied a short list of Twitter profiles I’ve encountered recently. I copied and pasted, so the wording and punctuation is exact. My comments are in italics.

awesome human being (and gorgeous, by the way) – You too?

Author of some crazy but seriously sexy shit – Mabel, is that you? This describes most of my author friends.

Baseball, Cigars, High Heels & Pedicures – An eclectic assortment, methinks.

We need to ask more questions and sadly many people believe everything they are told –Sadly, this is true.

Spanking existentialist – Hm, let me think about this for bit.

Driving instructor by day, writer & blogger by night. Reads & writes erotica, paranormal, horror & fantasy. Crazy cat lady, rock chick, & dancer gone to seed. – Nothing worse than a dancer gone to seed. Oh, the horror.

Give me a romance story on my kindle, a soy latte & a cat or 4 in my lap and I’m in heaven. I love cosmetics, pudding, coffee & Pepsi Max. Must have a large lap to accommodate four cats.

Paper airplane! Paper airplanes!

Paper airplane! Paper airplanes!

If all else fails, run all around the room seven times and repeat after me: Paper planes, paper planes! – I’m going to have to try this.

I love reading. More than sleeping. Almost more than chocolate donuts. Say it ain’t so!

Thousands people will follow You after visit this website? Trust me, More details – I’d trust you if you had better punctuation and capitalization.

Trading words for magic beans. –Some days, that’s what it seems like.

Poetic Writer, Writing Professor, Educational Activist, and Retired Ass Model. I’ve worn many hats. Luckily, I look good in hats. #nipoet. Not sure what intrigues me more–ass model or that he/she looks good in hats.

I’m a dude who carelessly fights monsters and spends too much time gazing into the abyss. Just trying to find my way home and fighting evil on the way. All in day’s work.

My First Novel The Insider to be published soon by Minar Publication. [Tweets set to private] – My advice? First, make your tweets public.

i write #erotica for unusual and discerning readers who enjoy otherworldly encounters. also, obsessed with nail polish. –  *Looks at nails* I could use a manicure.

Author.-  Are you rationing letters? Dude, you have 160 characters for your profile, use of some of them!


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7 Responses to Oh those crazy #Twitter profiles…

  1. Casey McKay says:

    Phew! I just had to check my twitter profile to make sure I wasn’t one of these! LOL People are weird.

  2. S.J. Maylee says:

    Thanks for the entertainment this morning, Cara. 🙂

  3. I love my twitter profile description…Mother, Wife, Admin. Assistant, & Author all wrapped into one awesomely fluffy package.

    I’m thinking a career change is in order though. Thoroughly intrigued by the former ass model. I should follow him/her to find out how they got their start 😉

  4. Sue lyndon says:

    If I was a former ass model, I would definitely brag about it.

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