That one moment you’ve all been waiting for…from Claimed by the Cyborg #8Sunday

Happy New Year!

I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the start of the New Year with the scene you’ve been waiting for. March and Julietta have to meet, right?

If you’re just tuning in, cyborg March has gone to planet Xenia to deliver a spaceship to the emperor and to search for his lost love, a woman from his past. The planet is preparing for a major event: the emperor’s daughter is about to bonded to her future consort, a man she has never seen. March doesn’t know that his Jules is Princess Julietta. He has become friends with Naimo, her future consort, who invites him to the pre-bonding ceremony banquet. Enter Julietta with younger sister Marji….

Marji squealed. “Oh great Xenia, there he is! Your future consort! He is supernova!”

“Where?” Stomach clenching, Julietta swept her gaze along the length of the banquet table in search of a man in a royal huber tunic with a chest sash bearing his tribe’s crest.

“Near the far end…” Marji’s voice faded away.

Xenia stopped its rotation around its star as the past slammed into the present. Her gaze locked onto a pair of eyes as blue as the Terran sky. Her heart stopped beating.

I’d love to show you what happens next, but there’s that pesky little 10-sentence rule. Tune in next week….

Claimed by the Cyborg Description

March Fellows assumed he had all the time in the galaxy to pursue a relationship with Jules, an alien exchange student from Xenia, until she vanished without a trace. After years of searching, he finds his lost love on the eve of her arranged marriage.

The daughter of the Xenian emperor, Julietta never meant to fall in love with a Terran man while visiting Earth. Leaving to fulfill her responsibilities on her home planet opened up a hole in her heart that could never be filled. When March, now a cyborg, unexpectedly shows up just before she is to be bonded, she struggles to find the courage to turn him away a second time and follow through with her duty. Before she can act, the lovers are thrust into a political conspiracy that threatens the Xenian empire and their lives.

Claimed by the Cyborg will be released January 10, 2017, my first book of the New Year! Don’t miss the release OR the really fun contest I’ll be having for a $25 Amazon gift card. Subscribe to my newsletter.

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18 Responses to That one moment you’ve all been waiting for…from Claimed by the Cyborg #8Sunday

  1. Laurel Lasky says:

    Great excerpt! Happy New Year! ❤

  2. Poor Juliettea! But, I hope Marji gets the consort.

  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    You are a super tease! I love her younger sister’s dialoge/slang. Great way to build your world. Excellent snippet, too. I kind of got that elevator/telescoping effect you see in movies when she sees him. 🙂 Love those moments.

  4. And here it comes. Heart beating fast, I await next weeks finale. And to you, a Happy Healthy New Year.
    Yes, I was an actor for many years and then I lost my lovely voice toward the end of a play just Off Broadway. Someone said write a book. I didn’t know how and a new career began.

  5. Sue Barr says:

    Great snippet, that darn pesky ten sentence thing….. Happy New Year.

  6. Botanist says:

    Uh-oh! So the rivals are actually friends? Nice way to tangle things up!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Very perceptive of you! They actually just met, but they did become friends. Julietta’s consort invited March to the banquet.

  7. Oh, yeah. Use the 10-sentence rule as an excuse for keeping us hanging. Great sentence: “Xenia stopped its rotation around its star as the past slammed into the present.”

  8. Wow, quite the moment! And the next moment will be exciting too! Well done excerpt, best wishes for a Happy New Year 🙂

  9. Clearly this is NOT their first meeting.

  10. Damned pesky rule! 🙂 What a tease. You really capture this moment well, Cara!

    Happy new year. Much happiness and success in 2017!

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