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An interview with Jessica Subject on sci-fi romance, zombies and It Took a Zombie Apocalypse

Jessica Subject was one of the first authors I got to know through social media, and one of the first sci-fi romance authors I read. I’ve hosted her on my blog many times, but I’ve never interviewed her! Can you … Continue reading

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Backlist to the Future: Cerelia’s Choice by D.A. Hill #ScifiRom #SFR #TBT #B2F

Backlist to the Future is a weekly Thursday feature highlighting science fiction romances from authors’ backlists. To be notified of future Backlist to the Future posts, you can subscribe to this blog (top of the sidebar). If you’d like to … Continue reading

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Coming on Thursdays: a look back at science fiction romance…#SFR #ScifiRom #TBT

On social media there is such a thing as Throwback Thursday (#TBT), in which people post old photos of themselves. I got to thinking, why isn’t there a TBT for books? Why not do a feature about backlisted books? New … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Spotlight on Scavenger Falters by Liza O’Connor

By Liza O’Connor Spark’s blank check Carte Blanche…the term was first used in 1793. According to Webster the definition depends upon if you say it in French or English.  Blank check means a signed check with the amount left unspecified. … Continue reading

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GRAY CHRISTMAS: You’re never too old for some holiday naughtiness!

Christmas 2016 has come and  gone, but you really should check out this holiday romance by Lisabet Sarai…Gray Christmas! Gray Christmas by Lisabet Sarai Book Description Widowed author Emma Granger has reconciled herself to spending Christmas Eve in snowy Boston, with a … Continue reading

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Veronica Scott brings back favorite characters in Star Survivor #ScifiRom #SFR

Cara’s note: My guest today is Veronica Scott, author of the Sectors sci-fi romance series. She has a new one out, Star Survivor, a spin-off from Wreck of the Nebula Dream. What I like most about her books are her … Continue reading

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Spotlight: Abbie Adams’s & Maggie Ryan’s DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH (Red Petticoat Saloon)

By Abbie Adams Dear Readers, Wow! Hasn’t this been exciting? I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a fan of old westerns and more than half in love with dusty old cowboys—and the sterner, the better. John Wayne … Continue reading

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From the Pain Season: Alexandra “Zan” O’Gara Lays Some Wisdom on the Rooks

By Libby Doyle, author of the Covalent Series AGENT TRAINING QUESTIONNAIRE This goal of this document is to help agent trainees gain insight into the Bureau’s culture, and to learn how experienced agents have achieved success on the job. From: … Continue reading

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Author Susan Grant shares a reader’s story about her dog Banzai #PetsInSpace #ScifiRom

By Susan Grant What’s in a Name? I love dogs and cats, and I feature them in many of my books. In real life, both rescue pets and show pets have brought joy to my life. So it was very … Continue reading

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Liza O’Connor flies into the headwind with Scavenger’s Mission #ScifiRom

How does Alisha fly into a headwind? To fly into a headwind is clearly impossible. A Ryder must go WITH the wind not against it.  So how did Alisha ever even conceive an upwind maneuver? When she was a debutante … Continue reading

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