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A ‘creative’ writing office for author Sue Lyndon #AuthorsInSpace #ScifiRom

By Sue Lyndon My home office is for more than writing, as you can see from the scrapbooking area to the right and the sewing desk to the left. I do all sorts of creative things in my office, although … Continue reading

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Authors v. artists, books v. art…similarities & notable differences

Art and writing….are they alike? This past Friday I attended the “First Friday Art Walk” in Springfield, Missouri, a monthly event in which local galleries hold an open house and feature the works of local artists. You can drink wine, … Continue reading

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Funny food stories…some humor for a Monday

What do you blog about when you have nothing to blog about? Food! I thought I’d share a few funny stories involving food. The tamale tale My sister-in-law, a respiratory therapist, had worked in Saudia Arabia, where she met and … Continue reading

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What you need to know about the August 21 Solar Eclipse #SolarEclipse2017

On August 21, a total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina in a 70-mile wide swath, turning daylight to twilight.  The Great American Total Solar Eclipse will move through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, … Continue reading

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On Passengers the movie, infinity and mortality…#PassengersMovie

We are finite beings in an infinite universe. I watched the movie PASSENGERS recently, and it impressed upon me my own mortality. In the movie, 5,000 passengers and 250 crew members are on a massive space ship headed for a … Continue reading

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#RIP my favorite shirt, I’ll always love you…

You never get tired of your favorite clothing. No matter how worn they become, you still love them (not like the other clothes in your closet). I had a sky blue silk dress that I loved.  I felt so good … Continue reading

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Where did the year go? My plans for the rest of 2017…

Can you believe half the year is gone ? When 2017 rolled around and I looked ahead at the books that needed to be written, published, and promoted, I didn’t know how I would accomplish it all. I filled up … Continue reading

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From the Pet Peeve file: pretending hindsight is foresight…

Have you noticed that some people will try to pass off your hindsight as their foresight? When you present them with the results of an action, they claim to have predicted the outcome all along. If you tried something that … Continue reading

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The numbers game: weird author behavior–checking the stats…

As an author, I like to know how I’m doing, if my books are selling, if readers like them, if my promotional efforts are paying off. Fortunately, authors, particularly indies, have a lot of data at their fingertips. I “check … Continue reading

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What’s on my bucket list….

I got together with a group of friends recently, and we shared 10 items on our bucket list. I thought I’d share my items with you. These in are no particular order. 1. See Paris. It’s a beautiful city. I’ve … Continue reading

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