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An updated Naughty Words for Nice Writers thesaurus available now

800 MORE synonyms than the first edition A dozen new categories/sections Amazon Buy Link Two years ago, I published the first edition of Naughty Words for Nice Writers. The sex scene thesaurus developed out of my need for functional, usable synonyms. … Continue reading

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Tools of the trade: 10 items in this writer’s toolkit

Like most authors, I write on a computer, but my laptop isn’t my only writing tool. I thought I’d share some other necessities. My desk. I have a big L-shaped mission style desk that gives me room to spread out. … Continue reading

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How much science do you want in your science fiction romance? #ScifiRom

In a science fiction romance group on Facebook someone posted a complaint that most science fiction romance is fantasy, not science, which I took to mean that the “science” violated laws of physics. She gave the example of space travelers … Continue reading

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2016 in review: a year of successes and some trial and error

My annual year-in-review post is always enlightening for me. It allows me to keep a history of what I’ve done (I often refer to past year’s reviews) and to evaluate what occurred. When I lay it all out there, I … Continue reading

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Quick keystrokes to save your life (and manuscript) in Word documents

You’re typing along and you accidentally hit the wrong key, causing something to go terribly wrong in your manuscript. Stop. Don’t touch anything. Back away from the computer. Emergency step No. 1: Now, take a deep breath and hit Control … Continue reading

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What kind of writer/author are you?

Writing is like any other profession: the people involved approach it with varying degrees of commitment. There are “careerists” and “hobbyists.”  One important definition: a writer is  anyone who writes, but often refers to someone who is”pre-published” while an author is a … Continue reading

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Things they don’t tell you about being an author…#writetip

I’ve been writing for more than twenty-five years and have been published since 2009 (twenty-seven or so titles). I had 15 books published by four  epublishers before going Indie in 2014. As an indie, I’ve published another dozen or so … Continue reading

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9 tips for writing book reviews fast! #BookReviews #BookBlog

Writing a review doesn’t have to be time consuming, and a review doesn’t have to be an epic tome to be effective (in fact, shorter reviews are probably more likely to be read). Sure, some bloggers and reviewers write comprehensive … Continue reading

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Beyond Reach: Don’t get rid of your drafts (they may help you in the future)

By Jessica E. Subject In the past year, I have re-released several titles which were originally published by a digital publishing company. Most of them only needed a few minor changes—like the publisher listed and the cover—before I was able … Continue reading

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My experience at Penned Con, a St. Louis writer/reader conference

Over the weekend I attended Penned Con, an author/writer conference in St. Louis, Missouri, which raises money for Action for Autism.  As with most conferences of this type, the event included seminars, a book fair, keynote speakers, and a couple of … Continue reading

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