Enter to win WICKED GOOD CUPCAKES in the Dakonian Code Word Prize Giveaway

41.95 Value

3 Winners

To celebrate the release of my new science fiction romantic comedies, Darak, Aton, and Caid, I’m giving away three cupcake packages from Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, Wicked Good Cupcakes are ready-to-eat cupcakes in jars (two cupcakes per jar). The three winners will each receive a 4-pack (so 8 cupcakes total) in the flavors of their choice!

To enter the drawing, just select the correct three code words. Each code word is related to one of the Dakonian Alien Mail Order Bride books. Don’t know the code words? You can find them by nosing around my website (carabristol.com), my Facebook page, or my Instagram page. Or, you can try to guess!

Please note: because cupcakes can only be shipped within the US, non-US residents will receive a commensurate Amazon gift card instead of cupcakes.

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