Eva Caye combines office & library into one authorly space #AuthorsInSpace

By Eva Caye

I’ve been blessed to move this past year from a 1000 ft2 home to a whopping 2,280 ft2, and my writing space has changed as a result!  In our previous century-old, tiny shotgun farmhouse, all I had was an ancient overstuffed armchair and a cushion on my lap for my computer.  And, when we first moved into this house, I still worked that way, but on a couch with a lazy Susan-type bookcase I could keep convenient stuff on.

Now that we’ve been here for some time and have bought more furniture for the house, I would like to present to you….

*Tah daaaaah!* My new library and writing spot!

This was its first iteration:  I got four new bookcases off eBay for a little over half of what they usually go for, but we’ve only put three together so far.  Nevertheless, they hold about half of our hardbound books, a ton of craft books that are mostly paperbacks about the size of a magazine (on left), and a dozen other crafty things because I haven’t put together my craft room yet.

And then, I saw a cherry conference table on the NextDoor app… for FREE.  Yes.  Why was it free?  Because it was so friggin’ heavy, even AFTER hubby and I took it apart, that we barely got the pieces in the door!  And that’s why it was free; most people look at huge pieces of furniture like that and don’t realize they do come apart, usually just with a Phillips screwdriver.

(I used to have an enormous desk I got for $5 at an auction that had to have belonged to a banker.  It had drawers that didn’t even make it to the back of the desk by a foot, and secretary boards you could pull out, convenient for kids taking notes, and hubby would take it apart and put it back together every time I changed schools.)

Isn’t that conference table gorgeous?!  Not only was it free, the two rolling office chairs were free from my dad’s old office.  The green chairs (only one in view) are stadium-type chairs that can hook together in a row and otherwise stack for convenient storage, and they were about $17 each.  And the standing lamp is an antique I got from an auction that I paid $11 for.  What can I say?  I’m big on auctions, and bargains, and scouring the internet for free items!

As you can see, there are three computers on the table, corresponding to the three bookcases at this point:  the one on the left is for design (craft bookcase on left); the one in the middle is for real-life thingies like learning foreign languages (nonfiction bookcase on right); the computer on the right is for writing fiction (bookcase in the center of sci fi & fantasy hardbound books).

In the foreground are some of the crafty things I do – the long blue pillow I just made so I can give bobbin lace a try, and the books on the right are for my tatting.  Can you see the white ball of DMC Cebelia thread and the center of the doily I’m making by the upper edge of the book?  The blue bag and the white Tupperware container hold all kinds of tatting needles and crochet hooks.  And, naturally, there are several notepads out, some spiral bound and some just plain notepads.

The doggie under the table is Señorita Margarita La Bonita, who has to be in the same room as the Mommy or she starts barking.  She hates it when I even go to the bathroom, because when I shut the door, I apparently don’t exist anymore, even when I still talk to her!  She’s my writing partner and best bud, although she sheds a lot.

My other favorite thing about the library is the bookcase we got for CDs, DVDs, and paperback books.  We’ve lined up our love seat and another antique standing lamp before it, but here it is, stuffed to the gills and with books stacked high on top.

In the first photo of the library, you can see where I had lined up the 232 paperbacks I got recently when a local used bookstore went out of business and had boxes of books for $5 (I bought eight, lol!).  Those are on that media bookcase, but we actually have about ten boxes of books out in our shed that we’ve read and re-read and stashed out there.  In truth, our former house was so small and crowded, although we’ve stored a lot of stuff out there, we actually built the shed just for storing extra books!

I’m a happy camper, now.  I have room for all my work and my crafts and most of my books, and I’m much more productive now than when I was stuck with a laptop on a pillow in my lap, with barely room on the windowsill for a glass of tea.  Once we get that fourth bookcase put together, a lot of what is now on the table can fill in the spaces with the remaining hardbounds we have yet to unpack, and my work space will then be perfect!

Eva Caye’s bio:

It took a health crisis for Eva to turn to her favorite hobby, writing, to find meaning and inspiration once more.  She’s studied everything from homesteading skills such as gardening and building rocket stoves and solar ovens, specifically for one of the prequels she’s working on for the To Be Sinclair series, Undying Dawn, when Kyan Sinclair lands on his new planet.

The To Be Sinclair series began with the question, “What will the most important ruling family in the history of the galaxy be like?”  And the first two novels, Dignity and Majesty, answered the question, “What can a lady scientist who is given all the money, opportunity, and support she needs achieve on her own?”  The other eleven books in the series are about Empress Felice and Emperor Victor Sinclair’s children and grandchildren, whereas the two prequels Eva is working on take place a few hundred years before the main series.

Civility by Eva Caye

Publicly announced to the entire galaxy, Galactic Assembly Representative Princess Elizabeth Sinclair has been assigned the task to go to the interdicted Attican Empire in person to renegotiate their reparations treaty with the Sinclair Demesnes.  Her niece, Captain Princess Alea Sinclair, is tasked to be Elizabeth’s ‘lady-in-waiting’, a diplomatic word for ‘bodyguard’. Behind the scenes, the unusual nature of this mission holds no sway over Elizabeth’s newly developed menopausal symptoms, and the Emperor has commanded Alea not to talk about her cruel and demanding commanding officer, Commodore Lord Kieran Renois, to anyone…!

 Their stated mission isn’t the only one, however.  While exploring a new planet, the Atticans have come across an intelligent alien species they name the Chalate.  As Elizabeth falls for the formerly scorned Kieran Renois under the hypnotic influence of the chalates, Alea and her two new Attican friends strive desperately to understand the aliens, who act like simple pets.

 How can Alea figure out the intent of the chalates, especially if they’re influencing Elizabeth, the most brilliant social analyst and diplomat of the Sinclair Demesnes, and especially if she has to renegotiate this trillion-dollar treaty?

 This is the final volume of the To Be Sinclair series.  This novel contains sexual situations.”

Amazon|Smashwords|iTunesBarnes & Noble|Kobo


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Enter to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card ~ #FreebieFriday April 27-29 #giveaway

It’s Freebie Friday!!! The fourth Friday of every month I host a prize drawing. This month the prize is a $20 Amazon gift card. There’s no signup required. Just answer a simple question, and bingo, you’re entered.

If you’d like to garner some extra entries to increase the odds of winning, you can follow me on Facebook and/or BookBub or subscribe to my newsletter. But you don’t have to.

Just be sure you enter the drawing by 6 p.m. Sunday, April 29, ’cause that’s the deadline. The winner will be announced on April 30. Ready? Go!

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Naming romance novel characters: S is for irony

Girls just wanna have fun. Or this author does anyway. There is humor in most of my romances, but I’m writing the Alien Mate series specifically to be funny. The trope –Earth women becoming the ‘mail order’ brides of aliens–is amusing to begin with. So why not just make it more so?

The character names reflect the humor. In the first book, Alien Mate, the heroine is named Starr. I picked her name because the story is a science fiction romance, and what’s more scifi than a star? When Starr gets pregnant, the hero wants to name their baby “Starlet” for little star.

In Alien Attraction, book 2, the heroine is named Sunny Weathers. She’s a reality-TV show star who gets sent to a planet stuck in the middle of an ice age. See the irony? Of course, with that name, she has mishaps with inclement weather on Dakon.

Sunny’s sister is Stormy Weathers. A secondary character in Alien Attraction, she’s the heroine of book 3, Alien Intention, which I’m writing now. Also ironic, Sunny has a tempestuous personality while Stormy is the calm, easy-going one.

Three books into the series,  I have Starr, Sunny, and Stormy. Conventional advice says authors should avoid giving characters names beginning with the same letter to avoid confusing readers. But these names are so perfect for the story, and now that I have three S names, I’m kind of on a roll. I’m trusting my readers will fall in love with the characters and be able to keep them separate.

I don’t know what the heroine of book 4 will be named, but she’s going to have an S name, too.

* * * *

Alien Mate is available now. Alien Attraction can be preordered for the May 15 release, and Alien Intention will be released this summer.



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The winner of the $20 gift card in the Alien Attraction Celebrity Name drawing is….

Selected by random drawing, the winner of the Alien Attraction Celebrity Name Game contest is Brandi! She had met Al Pacino and Sofia Loren.

Thank you everyone who played along and shared the names of celebrities you’ve met in real life. I loved reading the stories about the encounters occurred. There was quite an amazing list of famous people: actors, musicians, athletes, big name authors, politicians, even presidents of the United States!

If you’d like to read who people had met, click here.

My next prize drawing will be the regular monthly Freebie Friday Drawing, April 27. I’ll be giving away another $20 Amazon gift card.

Entering that contest is very simple: just answer a super easy question. Freebie Friday is held on the fourth Friday of every month, and I always announce it in my  reader newsletter, which you can subscribe to here–and get a free cyborg romance, Married to the Cyborg.

Remember: Alien Attraction can be preordered from online booksellers now. It will be released on May 15.

How insane is it to marry an alien as a publicity stunt?

I’m Sunny Weathers. You probably recognize me from my reality show, Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures. I’ve had to perform a lot of crazy stunts in my career, but this one takes the cake! The producers are sending me to another planet to become an alien’s mail-order bride. I’m not allowed to tell anybody it’s a put-on, and as soon my contract is up, I’ll be leaving planet Dakon. Unfortunately, I hadn’t counted on my attraction to Mr. Tall, “Darq,” and Handsome…

I’m Darq. The moment I laid eyes on the female with pretty mud-colored hair and a sunny smile, I knew she was mine. Competition for females is fierce, and I was determined to claim a mate from the latest shipment from Earth, so I broke the rules. If anyone finds out, my own brother will banish me to the icy wilderness, and I’ll lose my mate. I will do anything to keep her…


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Have you met somebody famous? Tell me who & enter to win a $20 Amazon card!

What famous person have you met?

Drop a name & enter to win a $20 gift card!

In Alien Attraction, heroine Sunny Weathers is a reality show star. She’s Kardashian-famous. Her producers send her to another planet to become alien’s mail order bride. She’s supposed to keep a low profile and convince people marrying an alien is for real, and not a gimmick for the show, but she gets recognized right away…

“Great meteor fireballs. Sunny Weathers!” a woman squealed.

The winged cambot zipped out of sight as a brunette bounded into the lounge. “It is you, right? Sunny Weathers from Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures? I love your show. I never miss an episode. It’s you, right? Tell me it’s you.”

“It’s me,” I said.


“Really,” I said. “It’s nice to meet you…”

“Gretchen. Gretchen Frankel.” She widened her eyes. “Are you filming now? Is this an episode for the show?” She swept her gaze around the lounge.

I scanned it, too. I had no idea where the cambot had flown off to, but I didn’t doubt it was recording everything. I smiled at Gretchen. “No, marrying an alien is for real.”

She frowned. “But all the shows are real, right? I mean, it’s a reality show.”

The naiveté of the viewing public never ceased to surprise me. The only “real” aspect was that instead of employing professional actors, they filmed “ordinary” people who worked without a written script. That didn’t mean the show wasn’t staged. We were coached. Producers overdramatized small disagreements to make them appear much more serious. Scenes were reshot if there wasn’t enough conflict or angst, comments in confessionals were often taken out of context, and don’t get me started on the frankenbiting.

“I meant I’m on hiatus. I love being on the show, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of time for a love life. I figured this is my best chance for a relationship. I’m doing this for me.” Apogee didn’t want any hint my intentions were disingenuous, so I’d been instructed to say I was between seasons.

“How will it work in the long term? If you’re on Dakon, and your job is back on Earth…” Gretchen was a little sharper than her earlier comment had led me to assume.

Let the producers mull that over. Hey, I didn’t say it—she did.

Alien Attraction blurb

How insane is it to marry an alien as a publicity stunt?

I’m Sunny Weathers. You probably recognize me from my reality show, Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures. I’ve had to perform a lot of crazy stunts in my career, but this one takes the cake! The producers are sending me to another planet to become an alien’s mail-order bride. I’m not allowed to tell anybody it’s a put-on, and as soon my contract is up, I’ll be leaving planet Dakon. Unfortunately, I hadn’t counted on my attraction to Mr. Tall, “Darq,” and Handsome…

I’m Darq. The moment I laid eyes on the female with pretty mud-colored hair and a sunny smile, I knew she was mine. Competition for females is fierce, and I was determined to claim a mate from the latest shipment from Earth, so I broke the rules. If anyone finds out, my own brother will banish me to the icy wilderness, and I’ll lose my mate. I will do anything to keep her…

Release date: May 15. Reserve your copy now. Preorder from your favorite bookseller here.

♥ ♥ ♥

Enter the Alien Attraction Celebrity Name Game!

For a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card, tell me the name of a celebrity or famous person you’ve met. If you haven’t met anybody, you can still enter by telling me who you’d like to meet.

The “famous” person can be an entertainer, a politician, a notable business person, anyone with a recognizable name. For contest purposes, “meet” is defined as someone you have seen in person and actually spoken to. Be sure to leave your email address, either in the sign-in box, or  with your comment. You won’t be added to any list. I just need a way to contact you if you win!

The contest is open until Wednesday, April 18, 6 p.m CST.  The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 19.

BTW, I’ve met Julianne and Derek Hough of Dancing with the Stars.


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JC Hay shapes fog into a private writing space #AuthorsInSpace #SFR

By JC Hay

When I moved early this year, one of the things I most looked forward to was an actual office. No more hiding away in the corner and pretending to ignore the spouse watching television. No more being concerned that my keyboard was too loud, or generally being self conscious about working in plain view. And while it took some time to get the room set up to my liking, now that I have it, I love it. It has given me a perfect escape where I can craft gritty cyberpunk romances and sweeping space opera romances in equal measure, typically with a drink close at hand. A space that reflects my own oddity back at me and feels like home.

In perfect view of my monitor, so I can’t miss it, is a print of one of my favorite Carl Sagan quotes. One of my heroes, his quote reminds me that there is nothing more important than love; it gives meaning and reason to the whole universe. Just above it is a gift from my beloved spouse – a caligraphic print of Arwen’s speech to Aragorn (Ae ú-esteliach nad : estelio han ; Estelio ammen “If you trust nothing else, trust this. Trust in us.”)

My reference shelves are in easy reach, and guarded by Tiny Edgar Allen Poe and his ally, Tiny Knithulhu. Knithulhu was a gift from one of my dearest friends, a writer and knitter and oft-times co-conspirator. The fish on the shelf below was a wedding gift from a family friend – it came with the cryptic inscription “We think it’s a planter.” In the years since, we’ve never figured out what role it’s supposed to play, so it’s currently the home for a dapper little mouse I knit last holiday season.


And that’s the grand tour – unfortunately, I’m under a tight deadline, so I’m going to have to shoo you out now. The absinthe is louching, and my lovely clicky keyboard wants me to come make noisy music again. Thanks for coming by!

JC Hay Bio

SFR Galaxy Award Winner JC Hay writes romantic science fiction and cyberpunk where the relationships matter as much as the tech. After all, the coolest gadgets in the world are useless without someone to share them.

In addition to Romance Writers of America, he is also a proud member of the SFR Brigade (for Science Fiction Romance), the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance chapter, and RWA’s Published Author Network.

Newsletter Sign-Up (get a free copy of Hearts and Minds!)Website| Amazon author page

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Dubai Double Cross

Elise is looking for an exit. Too many years as a top-talent thief in the digital shadows have whittled away her patience and her humanity. She’s not looking for complications, but with one more job, she’ll finally have enough money to leave the life for good.

Na’im does what he must to survive. Whether it’s selling his body to the corporate glitterati, or going on the run when things get bad – but even a survivor can be caught off guard, and his boss’s murder has left him with no one to trust but a thief with her own agenda.

Together, they’re on the run trying to figure out who framed them both and stay one step ahead of the murderer who’s close behind. Trust is a rare commodity for accidental lovers, but in a dark future where everything can be upgraded and emotions can be programmed, sometimes all that can keep you human is your heart.

 AmazoniBooks| Kobo|Barnes & Noble

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“No one expects you to hook up with an alien for life. After a year—”

“Oh, so I get to come back?” I said drily.

Chantelle missed the sarcasm. “Of course. No one expects you to hook up with an alien for life. After a year—”

“A year?”

“The time will go fast.”

“For you,” I snapped.

“After a year, you’ll come home, and I’ll renegotiate your contract with Apogee Productions. The ratings will have gone supernova, you’ll be a big star, and I’ll get you a more lucrative contract.” My agent’s eyes lit up with dollar signs.

My career might pan out the way Chantelle envisioned, but I wasn’t interested. The last time I’d gotten a free lunch, I was in the second grade, and some kid gave me the bologna sandwich he didn’t want. I would pay for any salary increase by having to perform more outlandish stunts, and I shuddered to contemplate what could be worse than hooking up with an extraterrestrial. When my contract expired, this trained monkey planned to run away from the circus. I’d had enough “excellent adventures” to last me a lifetime. I was outta here. Sayonara. Adios amigos.

Coming May 15! Reserve your copy of Alien Attraction now. Preorder at these booksellers: Amazon, BN, Kobo, iBooks, GooglePlay. 

Alien Attraction is a standalone read in the Alien Mate series. Check out the first book, Alien Mate.


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Author Cailin Briste uses her office for writing and jewelry making #AuthorsInSpace #SFR

By Cailin Briste

I am messy. There’s just no getting around it. I actually cleaned up for the photos that accompany this article. My desk reflects my creative process. It’s actually a two-person desk created by my husband from Ikea parts so that we could sit side by side. That changed when he decided to buy a projector TV to use as his computer screen. He lounges on the bed with his laptop, watching men shooting guns and retrofitting their RVs.

Never leave a space empty near me. I will ooze into it until it is completely covered with my stuff. In this case my jewelry making supplies, which take up more than half of my total desk. (I should note this is my working area. I have bins full of neatly stored beads and findings.) The author portion of my desk is confined to some shelf space for my Chicago Manual of Style and other useful books plus my gigantic touch screen computer. I have Fuchs Dystrophy, so that 27-inch screen comes in handy in the morning, my preferred writing time, when my eyes are too foggy to see clearly. Even then I keep my Word view at 125%.

When my eyes clear and I’ve written my word count for the day, I play with ideas for what to make with the beads to the right of my computer. Currently there are four strands laying out, some gorgeous citrine rondelles, keshi pearls, hessonite garnet, and egg shell chalcedony. The pearls will be earrings. Then it’s time for author business, working on promos, creating covers or ads for my books, Facebooking, and whatever else is on my to do list.

If you eliminated the jewelry mess, I could get by with a much smaller desk. That’s what the future holds. We’re taking early retirement and buying a fifth wheel to live in full time, touring the country, visiting friends, and keeping up with our far-flung family. I figure there are two good incentives not to make a mess of our RV. Every part of the vehicle will be used for something, so I won’t be able to repurpose it for my own clutter. And I won’t be able to leave things lying around, because when we drive off everything will go sliding onto the floor. That’s my theory. We’ll see how it turns out.

Cailin Briste Bio:

Cailin Briste writes science fiction suspense romance. Her first series is set in the Tallavan sector of the Federation where the men of Tallav are the marshals that provide protection and justice to the planets in this far off the beaten path are of space. While fighting crime, they also must come to terms with matriarchal system of their home planet, Tallav. Tricky because each is heavily involved in the BDSM lifestyle. Book one is her Dom, book two is her male submissive, and book three due out in July 2018 is her sadist.

Her second series, A Thief in Love Suspense Romance series, began with a cat burglar who puts together a team to steal priceless art and antiquities from other thieves. Sebastian is a Robin Hood character whose Maid Marion is his equal on the rooftops of their futuristic city. The second in the series is the love story of two others on his team, Cade and Bassinae. Once again the team are breaking into someone’s home to take back something that rightfully belongs to someone else, but this time they are also trying to stop a murder.

More books in each series are coming as is a new series about a pair of dragon shifters hatched from the same egg and the man they love, bounty hunter Brody Simmons.

Website | Blog | Street Team| Twitter| Facebook| Google+| Pinterest|

Goodreads | BookBub| Amazon author page| Newsletter

How to Steal the Pharaoh’s Jewels blurb

Cade’s fantasy is to seduce his best friend if he isn’t murdered first.

His comfortable routine as a member of Sebastian St. Croix’s cat burglar team is shattered the day he’s pinned in a crushed car. In a moment of clarity, before everything goes dark, he realizes he’s in love with his best friend, a woman who has sworn off intimate relationships for life.

It’s taken Bassinae years to overcome a past filled with physical abuse and embrace the truth that she is a powerful, capable woman in her own right. Tamping down a case of nerves, she’s ready to take on a larger role as a thief in Sebastian’s next caper. If only Cade would stop acting like a lovelorn idiot. She needs her best friend’s support to help steal the Pharaoh’s jewels.

Set in the distant future, this sci-fi suspense romance has action and adventure as well as a sizzling romance.

Release date: April 23

Universal Buy and Pre-order Link: https://books2read.com/pharaohs-jewels

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Reality show star reportedly to marry an extraterrestrial…

Sunny Weathers, star of the hit reality show, “Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures” announced today she will travel to planet Dakon to become an alien’s mate.

“It is absolutely not a publicity stunt,” Weathers said. “I’m doing this to find true love. Who wouldn’t want to ‘marry’ a tall, dark alien with horns?”

Weathers will be among the second group of women to travel across the galaxy to planet Dakon through the Terra-Dakon Goodwill Exchange Program, in which Earth receives Illuvian ore for females. After it was discovered last year that Earth’s government was exiling female felons to Dakon, the “Rocks for Brides” program was temporarily halted.

Since the program was reinstated last month, women have been clamoring to sign up, and there is now a waiting list.

“This is the chance of a lifetime,” said Weathers who was twice nominated for a ‘Nettie Award for her stunts in the reality show. “I’m a little nervous that Dakon is suffering from an ice age after it was hit by an asteroid, but I plan on taking lots of warm clothes with me. Besides,” she said, with a wink, “I’ll have a hot alien to keep me warm.”

Weathers’ experience on Dakon will air on her show, “Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures.” Broadcast dates are TBD. Also, USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol will chronicle the adventure in her latest book, Alien Attraction to be released May 15. Readers can reserve their copy now. Preorder is available on all vendor sites.

* * *

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

B & N | iTunes | GooglePlay | Kobo

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Preorder Abaddon Rising by P.L. Parker, Star Brides series

By P.L. Parker

 Abaddon Rising, the third novel in my Star Brides Series, is now available for pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Release date is April 20, 2018. The Chalice and Breeder Slave are now available at reduced prices.  If you like sci-fi romances, this series might be the one for you and it’s a good time to get your copies.


One of a million statistics in the intergalactic war, Jocelyn St. Germaine is captured, sold as a slave and then forced to fight in the Deg’Nara gladiator games.  She’s slated to lose when Kanaan, the most feared warrior of all, claims her as his own. With his help, Joss’s chances of survival increase, but is it enough?

Kanaan filled his lungs and roared, head thrown back as he issued the challenge. “She belongs to me! I claim her!”

From behind him, he caught the female’s startled gasp.


Kanaan perched on a high ledge watching the drama below. The female crouched against the slave gate glaring at the horde of leering male slaves as they crept forward. She wouldn’t last the night. None of the females did in here. She’d be torn limb from limb but not before she was forced to endure the bestial attentions of the dominant members of the pens. Too bad really! He admired the female. She was feisty, skilled, a born killer, but a female all the same.

He found it odd that her handler put her in here. She’d proven herself with every match, winning each round and advancing up the ladder. Usually an asset was treated with a little more respect, especially a female no less who’d won every bout. The crowds seemed to side with her during combat and he knew for a fact she’d made Master Luidoc’s pockets a little heavier. Didn’t make any sense that she’d be thrown in here!

He scrubbed a hand across his jaw considering. The female interested him for more than just her fighting skills. She was different, her species unknown to him. In many ways she reminded him of the Arkogian females. The body type was similar and they were known for jutting mammary glands but her delicate build and graceful movements decried that lineage. Arkogians were block-shaped and coarse, even more so than Deg’Nara females. Perhaps she’s a hybrid! Lot of us around these days, he admitted ruefully.

She’d drawn his attention from the first time he’d seen her fight in the pits. Slender and elegant, she looked more dancer than warrior. She was controlled, seeming bored even but that façade swiftly melted away when her opponent entered the ring. The only time he witnessed her control slip was when the female, Anashe he remembered, fell.

A few more paces and the mob would be on her and then it would be over. He drew a deep breath and exhaled. He stood up, gauging the distance to the ground and then dropped landing in front of the female.

He was within inches of the frontrunners of the mob, so close he could taste their reek. He spat, clearing his mouth of the vile aroma.

“Back off,” he growled, snapping his teeth. “Or it’ll be the last step you’ll ever take!”

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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