An interview with KJ Van Houten, an SFR reader with a geek side #ReadersParlor

Reader’s Parlor is a weekly feature in which I interview readers! Today’s guest is Kim “KJ” Van Houten, an SF/SFR reader and big audio book listener.

Cara: What do you like to read?

KJ: I have a variety of reading interests, mostly SF and SFR, but some fantasy, historical romances, and a few contemporary romantic suspense.  I prefer long books and series where each book is a different main character or couple, but an occasional series with the same may catch my interest. I love cyborgs, space pirates, scientists, and military heroes and heroines. If they have a strong geek side, I’m hooked. I don’t care about steam level in a book – I read the gamut from sweet to erotic – I just require a good plot and some character development along with any steamy scenes.  I rarely read non-fiction, but if I do, it’s usually related to futurism, psychology, or archaeology.

Cara: Why do you read? What do you enjoy most about reading?

KJ: I read for escapism. I love the feeling of getting sucked into a new world and forgetting about reality for a while. It gives me a chance to go to a new place and even be a new person. I’m very introverted so  reading gives me a chance to at least mentally do things I wouldn’t normally do. A good book sparks my imagination and I’m usually continuing the story in my mind for hours after the book ends. A good HEA renews my faith in the world and in the power of love.

Cara: What do you love to see in a story? What are your pet peeves?

KJ: I love to see a good romance and a good adventure. I want the villain to meet his or her fate in a satisfying way. I want to see a character arc as well as a good plot. I want a long book with lots of detail, but not to the extent of describing every daily action or every blade of grass. I love to see a strong hero show vulnerability and a geeky side. Nothing melts my heart quite as fast as a military/mercenary/pirate type showing some geekiness and a weakness for puppies, or something similar.

My biggest pet peeve is when an author has pages and pages of sex but little plot holding those pages together. I want a reason for a relationship beyond lust, and I want it to makes sense that these came together. I dislike whiney heroes or heroines unless they get over that really fast. Tropes I try to avoid include millionaires/billionaires, abduction, and slavery (with a few exceptions).

What’s on your TBR list right now?

KJ: Definitely too long of a list! And it changes every week, darn that Veronica Scott and her weekly new releases posts! So top 5 most likely to read soon (Note: any new release by Veronica Scott, Anna Hackett, Jess Anastasi, or Cara Bristol will move to the top of my TBR list immediately):

  • The Mercenary by Petra Landon
  • Beloved Enemy by Hywela Lyn
  • Specters in the Storm by Pauline Baird Jones
  • The Space Colonel’s Woman by Jay Shaw
  • The Rogue Prince by Lindsay Buroker

Cara: Aw! Thanks for the mention! When you’re not reading, what do you like to do?

KJ: When not reading, I’m usually lurking on Facebook, where I’m in a number of author or book-related fan groups. I also enjoy watching TV shows and movies, usually action or SF-related. I’m a huge fan of the Marvel movies and series, as well as Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Expanse, and Lord of the Rings. (So many others to list!) I doI try to catch up on the backlog of writing SFR book reviews for Whiskey With My Book blog ( Writing freeverse poetry is another hobby and I have some posted online at, although it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything new.

Cara: If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be and why?

KJ:I think this answer would change daily. Today Gandalf from Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings was the first to pop into my head. I’d love to listen to his stories and watch his fireworks.

Quick five:

Ebook, print or audiobook: Ebook AND audibook

Your favorite place to read: Recliner

Number of books you read in a year: 200+ (half are audiobooks)

A favorite childhood book: A Wrinkle in Time

Favorite beverage while reading: Diet Coke

KJ Van Houten bio

I’m 51, married with one ‘I refuse to believe she’s an adult’ daughter, and an ever-by-my-side furry canine. I work from home as a freelance graphic designer, despite having a B.A in Psychology with a minor in Cultural Anthropology and an M.S. in Studies of the Future – which I consider more as ‘lifestyle’ degrees than geared to a career in my case. My job is not really that glamourous, so I make it more interesting by listening to audiobooks. I grew up in rural Texas, then lived in both Austin and Houston before moving to Southern California 23 years ago to be with the man I married. I’ve always been a ‘space-case’ with my head more in the stars that grounded in reality. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, and SF has always been my favourite genre until I discovered SFR! Same with movies and TV shows – if it’s SF, I’m usually watching it, or it’s in the queue.

See Kim on Facebook


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Cover Reveal! Alien Mate 2: Alien Attraction

Cover by Sweet ‘n Spicy Designs

How insane is it to marry an alien as a publicity stunt?

I’m Sunny Weathers. You probably recognize me from my reality show, Sunny Weathers Excellent Adventures. I’ve had to perform a lot of crazy stunts in my career but this one takes the cake! The producers are sending me to another planet to become an alien’s mail order bride. I’m not allowed to tell anybody it’s a put-on, and as soon my contract is up, I’ll be leaving planet Dakon.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t counted on my attraction to Mr. Tall, “Darq” and Handsome…

I’m Darq. The moment I laid eyes on the female with pretty mud-colored hair and sunny smile, I knew she was mine. Competition for females is fierce, and I was determined to claim a mate from the latest shipment from Earth so I broke the rules. If anyone finds out, my own brother would banish me to the icy wilderness, and I’d lose my mate. I will do anything to keep her…

Alien Attraction is a light, funny “mail order bride” science fiction romance. It’s book 2 of the Alien Mate series. Preorder: March 23. Release: May 15.

Did you miss Alien Mate 1?

I’m Starr Elizabeth Conner. Earth’s government falsely convicted me of a crime, packed me on a ship with other female felons, and sent us to Dakon, a primitive, frozen wasteland of a planet. Why? Earth needs minerals, and Dakon is desperate for females.

But I’m no barbarian’s ‘mail order bride,’ even if he is super tall, muscular, and the chief of his tribe. He doesn’t want a BBW blonde, either–it’s written all over his chiseled face. He’ll be truly angry if he ever learns what my ‘crime’ was.

I am Torg. I have waited 34 rotations for a mate of my own. With this shipment, I was sure to get a fine, sturdy mate who’ll bear me many daughters. Instead, I receive a small, curvy, pale-haired female who looks at me with anger and fear.

It is only when we ‘kiss’ that I believe things may work out between us. But I’m hearing rumors that Starr and her shipmates are law-breakers. To survive, Dakonians must obey all laws … or be exiled into the frozen wasteland. Just when I have found her, will I have to send my mate to die?

Get Alien Mate from your favorite online bookseller.

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Free book of the month! Get Forsaking Gray by K.L. Krieg #SteamyCalendarGirls

Want a free book?

Join Steamy Calendar Girls now and enjoy your stay in a place where some of the hottest authors in romance have joined forces to bring you books, giveaways and exclusive content all year long! From bad boy bikers to billionaires to sci-fi hotties, if you love Steamy Romance, you’re in the right place! Sign up now and in February receive a copy of Forsaking Gray by K.L. Kreig! m/join/


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#SFR Author AR DeClerck shares the beauty of her office #AuthorsInSpace

By AR DeClerck

When I first started this writing gig, I was writing at night on an old 2000 HP Compaq desktop in my bedroom. That meant, I had to turn everything off when my husband wanted to get to sleep. As time went on, I decided I needed a laptop, for a more comfortable writing spot on my couch. That way, hubs could play his Xbox in the bedroom and we’d be out of each other’s hair. But, again, as time moved on I realized I needed a “real” desk to do my “real” work at. I was missing space to spread out my papers, organize my materials and keep track of my writing schedule. So I removed the small non-functioning desk from our living room corner and decided to carve out a space for myself over there.

I LOVE swap sites. I looked everywhere for a new desk that had the dimensions and style that I wanted, and everything was so expensive! As I was working on a budget I started trolling Let Go! and Facebook martketplace. Lo and behold, I found THE DESK! Exactly the one I wanted, but at a quarter of the price. So once I brought the desk in and set it up just the way I wanted I finally felt like I had a “professional” space to do my author work in. No more noodling in front of the TV while pretending to write! I have my bright pink HP laptop, space to spread out, and a comfy chair. I have a corkboard to keep my calendar and organizational things, and a cup full of pens. (What writer doesn’t LOVE pens?!) I wanted an area that was chic, functional, and that looked nice in my living room when other people happened by. With my headphones on, music blaring, I can dive into writing. It’s helped me feel like a professional writer, and it helps my family know that when Mom’s at the desk, don’t mess with her!










Author Bio:

AR DeClerck is a wife, mother, healthcare professional and avid reader. She lives in Northwestern Illinois along the Mighty Mississippi with her family, two spoiled dogs and a wily cat. She writes adventure romance, and the one thing you can always expect from her stories is that her characters will go through hell to be together.

Website  | FacebookTwitter/@ARDeClerck Pinterest

InstagramAmazon Author Page | email:

Bound to You by AR DeClerk

Jackson Baine had a gift and he wasn’t afraid to sell it to the highest bidder. His new job with Ferrell Terraforming would net him and his crew enough currency to retire to any planet in any galaxy they chose. He wasn’t so excited about his new corporate liaison. She was exactly the kind of distraction he did not need on a mission.

Lia Bernardi needed Jacks and his crew to clear V-097 of the remains of the long-dead civilization, so she could prove to her stoic father and overbearing boss that she was capable of running her own terraforming mission. Jacks was just a means to an end. Right?

At the far edge of the December Quadrant, Jacks and Lia will discover that the dead are never really gone, and the past never forgets.

Bound to You is only 99 cents! Get it here.


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Busy mom Amanda Cunningham still finds time to read (a lot!) #ReadersParlor

Welcome to Reader’s Parlor, a weekly feature, in which readers take the stage! My guest today is Amanda Cunningham, a busy single mom from Canada who still finds time to read.

Cara: What do you like to read?

Amanda: I used to really limit what I’d read but I’ve found that as I push those limits I find some really great reads, so now I’m willing to give anything a try and I read a bit of everything. I’m always drawn to sci-fi, fantasy and romance the most; everything from sweet Christian to taboo erotica, contemporary to paranormal. I’m not huge on time travel or historical, but I’ve found some in those genres that I really enjoy so I really try not to say I don’t like anything. As for length, I’ve been equally drawn in to short stories, novellas, novels, and epics so again I try not to limit myself that way; my length preference all depends on my mood at that moment.

Cara: Why do you read? What do you enjoy most about reading?

Amanda: Mainly I read because I enjoy it, I love the level of detail there is in a book. Authors have amazing imaginations and are able to paint a world so realistic that I can see it in my head. I read for the escape and adventure; through books I’ve been to so many different countries, planets, and times that I otherwise couldn’t. They can teach you something, about yourself or the world, that you can take with you in reality. I just love getting lost in a different world with different people, seeing them navigate through their world and go through their own struggles. Plus books are easily portable, especially with e-readers, I’m able to bring them with me anywhere I go so I can pick it up and read a page or two whenever I get a chance.

Cara: What do you love to see in a story? What are your pet peeves?

Amanda: I love unique worlds that are created so well you can feel them, it adds believability and a realistic touch. Characters that grow and develop throughout the story, who are flawed, and witty or sarcastic always make for an enjoyable read. I love a story that is able to transport me to another place and keep me there.

One of my biggest pet peeves is inconsistency, it drive me absolutely nuts. I’ve seen hair or eyes change colour, someone walk into a room they were already in, and the time of year change. I also can’t stand when they overly describe every single item in a room or tell you what they’re thinking just for them to actually say that exact same thing, why did I need to read it twice? There’s a few word choices that tend to annoy me, the biggest one is boobies – I really can’t take it seriously.

Cara: How do pick the books you read? What influences your decision to read a book? Where do you find out about new books?

I get a lot of information through social media, I’ve found it’s one of the best ways to discover new authors. A lot of my recommendations come from suggestions from authors and other readers via Facebook groups, Twitter, and emails. Covers honestly catch my eye right away, I’ve been known to buy books based on the cover alone – I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. If someone who enjoys similar books to me makes a recommendation, I’ll definitely go check it out. I like Amazon’s recommendations and the ‘customers also bought’ sections. A good blurb can really pull me in and make me need to buy it.

Cara: What’s on your TBR list right now:?

Amanda: I have over 3,521 to read on my Kindle alone, then there’s paperbacks, audio, and the ones I’ve yet to read. My TBR does not have an end. I read ARCs for many authors so what I’ll actually be reading next heavily depends on that, I keep a calendar for ARCs and lists for the rest.

My next 5 likely are:

  1. Breaking The Myth: A Collection of Unusual Myth Retellings by Laura Greenwood,‎ Skye MacKinnon,‎ Roz Marshall,‎ Arizona Tape,‎ K.C. Carter,‎ Bea Paige,‎ Gina Wynn,‎ Amanda J Evans,‎ and Alison Ingleby
  2. Noah by Christopher Harlan
  3. Peep Show by Isabella Starling
  4. Vegas Baby by Ember Raine Winters
  5. Queen Takes Queen by Joely Sue Burkhart

Cara: When you’re not reading, what do you like to do?

Amanda: When I’m not reading, I like spending the time with my son, board games and Lego are a couple of our favourite things. We like to go camping in the summer and to parks. I really enjoy baking, board games, and movies. My mom and I have board game nights together quite regularly.

Quick five

Ebook, print or audiobook: all three

Your favorite place to read: a cozy chair

Number of books you read in a year: 200

A favorite childhood book: Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine

A favorite romance trope: Enemies to lovers/single parent/fake engagement

Amanda Cunningham bio

I am 30 years old and a single mom to one 6 year old boy who keeps me busy. He’s really getting into reading, we recently started reading Harry Potter together, which I’ve surprisingly never read before so it’s new and fun for both of us. We live in Alberta Canada, I actually just live a couple minutes away from where I grew up. I have 2 cats, Luke and Lorelai, but I’m always itching for more. Luke has really taken to my son and enjoys pestering him all day while Lorelai loves to cuddle with me while I read. I enjoy shopping and have a lipstick addiction, I can never have enough. I’m extremely close to my family, my grandpa is the other big reader in the family and he probably reads more than I do. I’m still relatively new to posting on social media, especially Instagram, but I love interacting with friends, fellow readers, and authors on Facebook.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Goodreads


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#AuthorsInSpace: Liza O’Connor’s office is a comfy, cozy writing cave

Liza’s main writing cave.

By Liza O’Connor

Welcome to Liza O’Connor’s real writing cave.

It has lights, heat, air-conditioning, a ceiling fan, a plush recliner with a heating pad and a pillow. I also have an electric blanket as well. I confiscated (with her permission) my neighbor’s very tall desk.  It holds my two PCs and some reference books. One PC holds Audible and David, my robot. Both Audible and David can read me books aloud, so I don’t have to worsen my eyesight more than necessary. David has more specific needs than Audible. He can only read PDFs and word docs. I use him to locate missing & wrong words, echoes, misspellings, and other disasters in my books.  He’s not perfect, and he is certainly not a replacement for an editor, but he has his uses, both before and after an editor has gone through my story.

The least watched TV in the world.

My main PC is google centric. Every page I commonly use while writing comes up automatically when I start the computer. The PC is always trying to get me to add new stuff, but I refuse.  22 pages open at the same time is just about all the PC and I can deal with.

I also have a third computer, but that one is in my original office. The desktop computer is in charge of making book covers.  This rooms is half the size of my current writing den. The room is basically my desk, my pc, a shredder, two bookshelves and a day bed. But you get a great view of my solarium, presently crowded with plants that begged me not to let them die in the cold.

I like to be weird, so my walls in my current writing room are green. I’ve a sofa for my therapist bear (Sometimes I need a hug) and another longer sofa where sometimes I detox after work and watch TV. It has the softest throw blanket that has ever existed. I love to pet that blanket.

That’s probably more than you ever wished to know—am I right? I have a tendency to share too much.

Liza’s book cover room

A daybed for napping

About Liza O’Connor

A view into Liza’s solarium for inspiration.

Liza O’Connor lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.

Liza O’Connor’s book range from funny to serious, from historical to contemporary to Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Presently she has 39 books, with number 40, a sci-fi soap opera, Destination: Titan arriving on Feb 8, 2018.

For more information about  LIZA O’CONNOR,   investigate these sites:

Liza’s Blog and Website   The Multiverses of Liza O’Connor

Facebook   Twitter  Google +

Check out Liza’s Many Books

Destination: Titan

With Earth destined for a new ice-age, seven scientists and twenty-two brilliant teenagers are gathered in a compound deep within a mountain. There they struggle to come together as a group and complete the projects needed for their survival in the inhospitable environment of Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. However, certain factions on Earth have no intention of letting Project Einstein succeed. Keeping the group alive and productive is the hardest task Colonel Lancaster and his soldiers have ever had, but they are determined to succeed no matter how well the saboteurs have planned. The continuation of the human race depends upon it.

Coming Feb 8, 2018

Buy link




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Enter to win a paranormal/fantasy book package #FreebieFriday

It’s Freebie Friday folks! This month I’m giving away three ebooks to three lucky winners! The prizes are: Destiny’s Chance, Goddess’s Curse, and Longing. All you need to do to enter is answer an easy question. No signups are required. (But you can get extra entries for following me on BookBub).

The contest ends on Sunday night (Jan. 28), and winners will be announced on Jan. 30.

Good luck!

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#ReadersParlor: Books, cats & the 1960s get Meredith Gurr’s attention

This is Reader’s Parlor where readers get 15 minutes of fame! Every Thursday, I interview a reader about his/her likes, dislikes, hobbies & interests. Want to know what a reader wants? This is the place to find out! Today’s guest is Meredith “Merry” Gurr. I like Merry. She likes science fiction romance, cats, and squirrels (my favorites!). Give her a big welcome.

Cara: What do you like to read?

Merry: I used to read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, and later discovered urban fantasy and paranormal romance, leading finally to my current passion for science fiction romance. My favorite SFR tropes are cyborgs, space pirates (with hearts of gold) and prison planet escapes with wrongfully convicted heroes. I’m also partial to tortured or damaged protagonists. I prefer longer books but have enjoyed a good few novellas and short stories. The perfect SFR for me is sizzling or steamy with a good balance of science fiction and romance elements and a generous dollop of space-opera excitement.

Cara: Why do you read? What do you enjoy most about reading?

Merry: When I was young, reading was a life saver that provided happy moments to counter a not-so-happy reality. My passion for books and reading continues to provide otherwise-lacking strength in my life. I love getting to know characters and traveling with them through a story, which I find much safer and more comfortable than meeting people in real life.

Cara: What do you love to see in a story? What are your pet peeves?

Merry: I love intricate world building, relatable characters and swashbuckling action…and awesome spaceships or space stations and amazing, advanced technology. I’m not a fan of insta love or sex and lengthy passages where little or nothing happens.

Cara: What’s on your TBR list right now?

Merry: Prompted by the imminent release of the latest book, I’ve just started reading The Apprentice series by E.G. Manetti, beginning with Book 1, The Cartel.

Others at the top of my TBR mountain include:

  • Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire series
  • Jess Anastasi’s Valiant Knox and Atrophy series
  • C.E. Kilgore’s Corwent Central Agent Files series
  • Ruby Lionsdrake’s Mandrake Company series

Yeah, I know, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Cara: When you’re not reading, what do you like to do?

Merry: Books form a central focus for all of my interests! I spend a lot of time surfing the ‘net searching for photos to add to my Pinterest boards. I can often be found on a Facebook group dedicated to the 1960s where members share a cornucopia of Sixties memories.

I’m planning on reading the instruction manual for my digital camera to learn how to use it properly. I’ll then wander around and attempt to take some decent photos to share on Facebook and Instagram.

Cara: If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be and why?

Merry: Jilly Coppercorn in Charles de Lint’s urban fantasy, Onion Girl (and other stories). Jilly has escaped from the damage of a traumatic childhood using her magical talent and creativity as an artist, and that courageous achievement has made her a wonderful person, with whom I’d love to share a close friendship.

Quick five

Ebook, print or audiobook: E-book fiction, print non-fiction

Your favorite place to read: My balcony

Number of books you read in a year:  Umm…another New Year’s resolution!

A favorite childhood book: Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising series

Favorite beverage while reading: Tea

Merry’s bio

Hi, my name is Meredith (Merry for short) and I have lived in Perth, Western Australia for many years. I was born in Adelaide, South Australia, which I visited back in 2014 after a very long absence. I’m a cat person so, while in Adelaide, I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely cat lady, who has 5 cats, 4 Somalis and 1 Abyssinian; they’re all gorgeous and very friendly. My position as a Senior Technical Assistant was made redundant in 2014 after 10 years with the same company. I recently decided to semi-retire, but I’m still hoping to pick up some temporary or contract work over the next few years until I’m able to retire full-time. I used to have two cats, but I now live vicariously via social media and YouTube to enjoy the company other people’s feline fur babies!

Before I joined Facebook, I spent a lot of time on Twitter with a marvelous bunch of like-minded people, but infrequently do so now. I’m also on Instagram, but have yet to post any photos. One of my New Year’s resolutions!

 I love all-things New York City, 1920s/30s and Art Deco architecture, cats, owls and squirrels. My favourite decade is the Sixties (I’m a nostalgia nut!), and I like to read science fiction, science fiction romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and dystopian fiction. I’m blissfully single and live alone in the inner western suburbs of Perth, where many a marvelous old house can be found and from where one can enjoy a roughly 40-minute walk through Kings Park before reaching the city centre.

FacebookPinterest Twitter

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Cover reveal! Rescued by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 5.5) #SFR

Preorder: Feb. 9

Release Date: March 12

A cyborg with haunted past, a woman with a clouded future…

Battered and broken, hostage and sole survivor Solia waits for death at the hands of vicious predatory aliens when Cy-Ops agent Guy Roarke disobeys orders, charges in, and rescues her. A former medic, he initiates emergency medical procedures before rushing her to Cybermed, in hopes of saving her wing so she can fly again. He’s taken with the delicate, brave Faria, but his best intentions result in unfortunate consequences that place her in greater jeopardy. Can he overcome the guilt of past mistakes in time to save her life? 

Rescued by the Cyborg is a 25K novella previously published in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2. It is being re-released as a single title.  Rescued is the 7th Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance to be released, but it will be labeled book 5.5 because it is a prequel to book 6, Hunted by the Cyborg. Rescued by the Cyborg heroine Solia  is a secondary character in Hunted. All the Cy-Ops books are standalones; you can read then in any order.

Hunted by the Cyborg

Billionaire Carter Aymes, director of Cyber Operations, a covert cyborg force, devotes his wealth and time to saving lives, rescuing hostages and other victims from desperate situations. His ultimate mission is to hunt down and eliminate Lamani, the alien terrorist mastermind, before he conquers the galaxy.

When Carter hires Beth O’Shea, a vulnerable yet courageous woman with connections to his past, their attraction is immediate and strong, but he knows getting involved with her is a bad idea. He’s her boss, and he has way too many classified projects to risk letting someone get close.

Rejected by the progenitors who cloned her, Beth is determined to live a normal human life, beginning by getting an ordinary job with a security firm. But, from the start, she questions the extraordinary secrecy surrounding the organization. She can’t help but wonder about the tall, muscled, larger-than-life director who gave her a chance when she desperately needed one. Could he ever be romantically interested in a woman like her, in a clone?

When Beth is attacked, they both realize how short and tenuous life is, and their mutual attraction becomes too powerful to resist.

As their relationship heats up, so does the urgency to capture Lamani before he can unleash a stealth weapon at a critical planetary Summit meeting. With time running out, Carter discovers that stopping Lamani may require sacrificing Beth’s life.

Will Carter be able to rescue her, or will his new love be the one person he can’t save?

Get Hunted from your favorite online bookstore.


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Win a $100 gift card PLUS 11 SFR/Fantasy novels #giveaway #WinTreasureChest

I’ve teamed up with 10 bestselling authors to give away a huge collection of fantasy novels plus a total of $100 Amazon Gift Cards to three lucky winners!

You can win my novel Alien Mate plus books from authors like Sabine Priestley (Twice Tetheredand Anne Kane (Her Cyborg Lover).

Enter the giveaway by clicking here:

 Contest ends January 27, 2018.

Good luck!

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