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My most popular writing blogs of 2016

I blog, therefore, I am. I like blogging. It’s me. As a kid, I kept a diary. I was “opinion editor” of my college newspaper. I wrote a weekly column when I worked as a newspaper reporter. I was born … Continue reading

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Trouble with computers: it’s not me, it’s THEM

For the record, I think computers and the internet are the best things to happen to the world since the invention of the printing press. Having a computer has made it possible for me to be an author. If I … Continue reading

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Is blogging dying? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Is blogging dying out? Are people deserting their blogs for Instagram? For Facebook? In updating my blogroll and scheduling a blog tour f I discovered a lot of inactive blogs. Some blogsI I visited had been removed, others hadn’t been updated … Continue reading

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The big reveal: my redesigned website!

Ta da! My website has been given a makeover. It has a new banner and a new tagline: Romance that’s nice…and naughty. Sweet ‘n Spicy, who has designed many of my book covers, created the new look. The resdesign represents a … Continue reading

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For authors: 10 tips to get the most out of your ‘snippet hop’

A“snippet hop,” is an online event in which authors present short (6-10 sentences) excerpts from their books and visitors go from one blog to the next to read and comment.  I estimate I have visited thousands of snippet blog posts … Continue reading

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Celebration! My 1000th blog. Prize winner announced!

April 16, 2010 I published my first blog on WordPress.com. Today–four years, eight months later–I’m self-hosted on GoDaddy.com, and I publish my 1000th blog. As promised, it’s time to announce the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card (that’s 1000 … Continue reading

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How to resize (scale) a photo in WordPress

When inserting a photo into a blog, WordPress gives the option of thumbnail, medium, or full size. The problem is that medium often appears too small while full size is punch-you-in-the-face large. Recently I discovered that I can scale a photo, adjust … Continue reading

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Enter to win Spanking Bottom Red Wine at #RT14

“Fun, adventurous, provocative or serious…’to each their own’ we say,’” says Spanking Bottom Red Wine. I say it’s a pert, drinkable wine that warms the palate. It’s comes across as a bold and robust at first, but after proper breathing, … Continue reading

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What writing and getting published is really like…

The insanity starts innocuously with an idea, a thought of ‘what if’ or a snippet of a scene, or an imaginary person, or a place real or fictitious. It refuses to go away and knocks around in your head demanding … Continue reading

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LOL 7 – Annual Love Our Lurkers Day…

LOL! We’re not laughing out loud, but we do love our lurkers. This is an annual day started by the spanking blogging community to recognize the silent majority — those people who visit our blogs but don’t leave comments. I’m … Continue reading

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