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The Doctor’s Daughter learns that telling tall tales leads to a #spanking…

Spotlight on the Doctor’s Daughter by Patricia Green Verity tends to tell tall tales, despite her name. Everyone knows she’s prone to exaggeration, and no one seems to mind. No one except the mysterious man who winds up wounded and … Continue reading

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Get #spanking romances on #iTunes, #iBooks…new!

Now you can get the Rod and Cane Society spanking romance series and other standalone spanking romances on iTunes! Until recently, they were only listed on Amazon, BN & ARe. The Rod and Cane Society is a series of standalone … Continue reading

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She’s pretty sure her ass is none of his business…Domestic Discipline, #spanking

From Wife on the Lam, one of two stories in Domestic Discipline: Janelle thinks her husband forgot their anniversary (he’d planned to surprise her). Angry, she flies off for a luxury resort vacation by herself. Unfortunately, she’s being stalked at … Continue reading

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Conversations with DH: the language of love…secret words my husband and I share…

During our marriage, my husband and I have developed our own way of communicating. We have a lingo or terminology to describe certain things. I thought I’d share some of our phrases: Y2K-OK – stocking up. Some people had feared the … Continue reading

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Stripping away defenses and getting to the truth…Domestic Discipline

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! Domestic Discipline releases on Tuesday For Saturday Spankings, enjoy this teaser from Domestic Discipline Cadence shifted her gaze between the ladder-back chair he had placed in the middle of the room and the table next to it. … Continue reading

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Domestic Discipline: Consequences for disobedience #SatSpanks #spanking

“Do you think you should be able to pick and choose which rules you should follow?” Sometimes, yeah, she did. “No,” she replied. “Don’t you think there should be consequences for disobedience?” In general, yes. Did she wish she could … Continue reading

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From DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE: Not the homecoming she expected #spanking #romance

Here’s another short excerpt from Domestic Discipline for Saturday Spankings. Domestic Discipline will be published in September. Her lip quivered. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. But she would. She did every time. Her clothing puddled around her ankles, she shuffled to … Continue reading

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From Domestic Discipline: Lying to her HoH can lead to only one thing…a #spanking #SatSpanks

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Saturday Spankings, but I’m here to introduce an upcoming book: Domestic Discipline — two spanking romances in one volume. One story, Rahm’s Way, features a hot military man; the other, Wife on … Continue reading

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Destiny’s Chance Release Day #Giveaway! Enter to win an $15 Amazon gift card #PNR

Visit a participating blog celebrating the release of Destiny’s Chance and  to enter to win a $15 Amazon gift card. The more blogs you visit, the more entries you receive! Destiny’s Chance is an erotic paranormal romance. not paranormal like … Continue reading

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Rod and Cane 6, Irresistible Attractions, a Golden Flogger finalist for best #BDSM book of the year

Irresistible Attractions, Rod and Cane Society 6, is a Golden Flogger Award finalist for Best BDSM book of the year. It was among 201 books nominated by BDSM Writer’s Con. There are now 38 finalists, comprising nine categories. Wow! I’m … Continue reading

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