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Writing and the magic of hard work

I’m often asked how I come up with my story ideas and what my writing process is. Honestly, I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me. I’ve written 24 erotic romances now, and while a few knit together effortlessly, most of … Continue reading

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10 good practices for every author

Set goals. Know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to do it. What do you really want to accomplish with your writing? Do you want to quit your day job? Become a best-seller? Achieve critical … Continue reading

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Still trying to work out working from home…

When I had a corporate job, my schedule was cut-and-dried. I spent Monday through Friday, 9-10 hours a day at the office, and I crammed personal errands, recreation and “living” into weekends and two to four weeks of vacation. But … Continue reading

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My thoughts about the writing process on IndieSciFi&Fantasy @IndieSFFBooks

How do I write? Where do I write? When did I start? What did I learn from writing sci-fi romance? Indie Sci-fi & Fantasy interviewed me about that and more. Interview here

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#Writetip: Don’t look now…some thoughts on dialogue tags

Characters look at each other way too much. Why? Because authors use look (and its cousin, gaze) as a dialogue tag to indicate who is speaking to whom, to avoid repeating he said and she said. Rule of thumb: Don’t … Continue reading

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#Writetip: dos and dont’s of using backstory…

The backstory is the event(s) or life moment(s) occurring before the actual story begins that shaped your characters and made them who they are: the abusive childhood, the painful divorce, fighting in the war, etc. Often this information needs to be conveyed to the reader … Continue reading

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Where/how do you get your story ideas?

People often ask authors, where do you get your ideas? Occasionally,  I’ll hear a news report or somebody will say something that will trigger an idea. But usually an idea, a “what if” will materialize out of the ether while … Continue reading

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On the Golden Rule and authors supporting authors…

The Golden Rule goes something like this: do undo others as you would have them do unto you. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Most of the authors I know do this. Some, not so much. They’re … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal…A Sexual and Spanking Thesaurus for authors…

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that the “spanking thesaurus” has disappeared from my blog. That’s because I have turned it into a book! I’ve expanded it to include a full range of sexual synonyms, plus more spanking categories … Continue reading

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Three super handy, specialized thesauruses for writers…

My seventh grade English teacher introduced the class to the thesaurus, and I ‘ve been using one ever since when I get stuck for a word. My go-to reference book is The Synonym Finder by J. I. Rodale because of the … Continue reading

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