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Backlist to the Future: Scavenger Mission’s by Liza O’conner #scifirom #B2F #TBT

Backlist to the Future is a weekly Thursday feature highlighting science fiction romances from authors’ backlists. To be notified of future Backlist to the Future posts, you can subscribe to this blog (top of the sidebar). If you’d like to … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Spotlight on Scavenger Falters by Liza O’Connor

By Liza O’Connor Spark’s blank check Carte Blanche…the term was first used in 1793. According to Webster the definition depends upon if you say it in French or English.  Blank check means a signed check with the amount left unspecified. … Continue reading

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Liza O’Connor flies into the headwind with Scavenger’s Mission #ScifiRom

How does Alisha fly into a headwind? To fly into a headwind is clearly impossible. A Ryder must go WITH the wind not against it.  So how did Alisha ever even conceive an upwind maneuver? When she was a debutante … Continue reading

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New Year’s book parade! A look at the authors who visited

It’s almost New Year’s Day and that means…PARADE!  While parades are traditional for January 1, I have another blog planned for tomorrow, so, I’m holding my parade today. Last June, as part of the SpankA2Z blog challenge, I featured  all the authors who’d … Continue reading

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Liza O’Conner: Surviving Sojourn

The trouble with Spirit Girlfriends… By Liza O’Connor If you read Saving Outbound, you know a tampered person blew up during interrogation, killing Captain Longfellow’s second in command, Cass. Sorry to say, Cass and the Captain’s last words were not … Continue reading

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