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Reality show star reportedly to marry an extraterrestrial…

Sunny Weathers, star of the hit reality show, “Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures” announced today she will travel to planet Dakon to become an alien’s mate. “It is absolutely not a publicity stunt,” Weathers said. “I’m doing this to find true … Continue reading

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From mail order brides to criminals to reality shows, the inspiration behind the Alien Mate series

How can you not laugh at the idea of women becoming mail order brides to aliens? The trope itself is preposterous and silly, so in writing Alien Mate, I made it out to be light and humorous. Why would a … Continue reading

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Elsa Jade puts the kissing in sci-fi! Alpha Star on Backlist to the Future #SFR #IntergalacticDatingAgency

By Elsa Jade I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy. My mom read to me from The Lord of the Rings before I could read for myself, and she let me buy Frank Herbert’s Dune as a reward for … Continue reading

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