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What makes a book a ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ read?

I’ve been reading a science fiction romance this past week. It is very well written and clever. I’m impressed by the writer’s imagination and execution. As an author, when I read another’s book, I usually think one of two things: … Continue reading

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From hobby to ‘jobby’: 5 ways to turn a love of reading & books into a business

Writers aren’t the only ones who can transform their passion into a career. Readers can turn their love of books into an income stream, too. Here are five business ideas for readers and/or book lovers. While these opportunities won’t make … Continue reading

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Author Susan Grant shares a reader’s story about her dog Banzai #PetsInSpace #ScifiRom

By Susan Grant What’s in a Name? I love dogs and cats, and I feature them in many of my books. In real life, both rescue pets and show pets have brought joy to my life. So it was very … Continue reading

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9 tips for writing book reviews fast! #BookReviews #BookBlog

Writing a review doesn’t have to be time consuming, and a review doesn’t have to be an epic tome to be effective (in fact, shorter reviews are probably more likely to be read). Sure, some bloggers and reviewers write comprehensive … Continue reading

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Please vote! Stranded with the Cyborg, Mated with the Cyborg up for Readers’ Choice

The first two books of the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series, Stranded with the Cyborg and Mated with the Cyborg, have progressed from the nomination round of The Romance Reviews’ (TRR) Readers’ Choice awards to the Voting Round. Both books are in … Continue reading

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How alien can an alien hero be in sci-fi romance? #SFR

If you read sci-fi romance, one of the first things you’ll notice is how much aliens from other planets resemble humans.  Not only do they look like us, when it comes to mating, our DNA is perfectly compatible. Inter-species reproduction is … Continue reading

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Booya! 2015 Reading Challenge completed! 100 books read

I  usually read 60-70 books a year. This year, I challenged myself to read 100—two books per week. On December 4, 2015, I finished reading my 100th book! (Note: As of Dec. 13, I’ve read 102 books). See the complete … Continue reading

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Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card in the Cyborg book tour!

Enter to win $25 in the Stranded with the Cyborg Blog Tour! Click on the logo above and you’ll be taken to Enchantress of Books and a list of participating blogs. Click on a participating blogger.  There are multiple, easy … Continue reading

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What was the author thinking?? IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTIONS Reader’s Guide

Ever read your favorite author and wonder, what was she thinking while she wrote that? Sometimes maybe, what the hell was she thinking? I’ll tell you my thoughts as I wrote IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTIONS,  Rod and Cane 6. But only in a roundabout … Continue reading

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#Romance: the appeal of the young heroine…

When I started reading romances as a teenager (a few decades ago), the heroines were almost always young and virginal, age 18 to 20, maybe 22. If memory serves, I may have read a few where the heroines were 17. … Continue reading

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