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Social media bookmarks….you might want to bookmark…

During some bookmark housecleaning the other day, I found some blogs about social media that provided a lot of good information (which is why I’d bookmarked them!) and thought I’d share: A Social Media Checklist by Laura Kaye – this … Continue reading

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More to promoting fellow authors than being nice…

An author who had put out a call for reviews of her book proceeded to tell me that she didn’t review other authors’ books. Though she didn’t explain why, I assume she’s afraid of giving a bad review to an … Continue reading

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Pinterest…the latest (and greatest) social media craze…

If you haven’t been on Pinterest, you’re probably lucky. It’s a time vortex. You logon and the next thing you know, hours have disappeared. If you HAVE been on Pinterest you know how much fun it is. For the uninitiated, … Continue reading

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Surefire ways to make me leave your blog

A friend of mine used to play a recording of a dentist’s drill on the outgoing message of her answering machine. My friend laughed as she told me how many people would hang up without leaving a message because they … Continue reading

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Social networking & marketing…it’s about being social

Years ago after I decided to change careers from journalism to public relations, I ran into “Lori,” a teacher acquaintance while shopping in the greeting card section of Target. She was excited to see me because she had some information … Continue reading

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