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Alien Castaways Series by Cara Bristol
Alien Castaways

After their planet is destroyed, six alien castaways find refuge and love in a small town on planet Earth.

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Alien Mate Series

Human women of the future travel to a primitive planet to meet their fated alien mates.

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Dakonian Series by Cara Bristol
Dakonian Series

Aliens join a dating service and come to Earth in search of their fated mates. This series is a spinoff of Alien Mate. Same aliens, different planetary setting.

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Alien Dragon Shifters by Cara Bristol
Alien Dragon Shifters

To appease the alien dragon shifters threatening to attack, Earth sends women to become the mates of the dragon princes.

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Nonfiction Books by Cara Bristol

For writers and fans. A sex scene thesaurus and a humorous memoir of conversations.

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All Books by Cara Bristol
All My Books

See all my science fiction romances about hot aliens, sexy cyborgs, otherworldly mates, and the sassy women who love them.

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