Sworn to protect his enemy…CYBORG PROTECTOR (Men of Mettle 1)

A duty to protect his sworn enemy…

Ten years ago the president’s teenage daughter, Penelope Isabella Aaron, had leveled false accusations against Brock Mann and derailed his protection officer career. Much has changed in a decade: “PIA” as he code-named her, has grown up. She’s an ambassador about to attend her first Association of Planets conference, and Brock has been transformed into a cyborg.
Now a secret agent with Cyber Operations, he gets called in, not when the going gets tough, but when the going gets impossible. So when he’s assigned to go undercover as Penelope’s husband and ensure she gets safely to the summit, he balks. But honor won’t allow him to shirk his duty, and he agrees to protect the woman he’d sworn to despise.

But if a terrorist bombing and a crash landing on a hostile planet aren’t bad enough, Brock soon discovers his unexpected growing attraction to his protectee makes Operation: PIA his most dangerous assignment yet.

Cyborg Protector (Men of Mettle 1) was originally titled Stranded with the Cyborg.

Available on Amazon, BN, Kobo, GooglePlay and iBooks.

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Alien Mischief is FREE for a limited time

She’s pretending to be a man. Will he see through her disguise in time to prove to her that she’s the right woman for him? Or will a little mischief ruin her second chance for love?

My name is Madison Altman. Don’t think because I’ve disguised myself as a man and have accepted a job that takes me away from Earth that I’m running away from love. That’s not true. I met the love of my life–but he was killed on our wedding day.

Chaperoning crazy women traveling to Dakon to become the mail order brides of aliens is just a way to pay the bills.
Unfortunately, on this latest assignment, the ship returned to Earth without me! Luckily, Enoki came to my rescue. He might be hot, and sexy as hell with his gravelly voice and throbbing horns, but he believes I’m a man, and we’re friends, not lovers. That’s how I want it. That’s how it has to be. As soon Enoki can get me a flight to Earth, I’m leaving this frozen planet for good.

I’m Enoki, leader of Dakon. For the longest time, whispers in the wind told me my Fated mate was coming. Whispers turned to shouts when the recent shipment of females arrived, but none of them were mine. I must accept the Fates were wrong. I’ll never get a mate.

My purpose now is to help the stranded Earth man return to his home planet. Even though Madison is a Terran, we’ve developed a strong bond. I know I’ll miss him, but because we’re friends, I intend to do everything I can to help him leave.

Why do the whispers tell me not to let him go?

Available everywhere! But it’s only FREE for a limited time. Download HERE.

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He takes her hostage, not realizing she’s his mate…Warrior’s Curse

Something rough and sharp, like jagged pebbles, dug into his side, and an insect seemed to be buzzing at his nose. Garat swatted at it, surprised by the effort it took to lift his hand. He pried open his eyelids to a vast blue…sky? He blinked. He flexed stiff fingers then raised a shaky, heavy hand and smoothed it over his cold face. Why was he lying on the ground? What had happened? Mother of the Goddess, he ached.

He rolled his head to the side. An unclad woman lay an arm’s length away, wilted flower petals scattered around her.

He sprang to sitting position. Reena! Her hair had come free, its tangle concealing her face. Her nakedness revealed she wasn’t merely thin; she was wasting away, her body hard angles and jutting bones.

Memories poured forth: following the Sharona to the spring, Honna firing, him leaping forward to thrust Reena out of the way, catching the photon stream. His hand flew to his thigh. Dagger—gone. No, he recalled, he’d lost it to the guards outside the palace. His leather mail was intact and had diffused the blast’s potency. Or maybe he’d survived because two of them had been hit by the same stream.

He scanned the grotto, seeing no sign of their assailant—or of Reena’s clothing. It made no sense she would be undressed in the autumn chill. Goose bumps roughened her arms and legs. A thigh thrown forward shielded her mons but cold had hardened the nipples of her small breasts to pebbles.

Despite her sickly and chilled condition—and the residual buzzing and cramping in his muscles—desire pulsed anew. He yanked his gaze away and checked the sky. According to the sun’s position, they’d lain unconscious for several hours.

Garat hesitated to touch her naked flesh. Her portrait and presence had affected him enough. He fortified himself with a deep breath and shook her shoulder. “Wake up.”

No response.

He shook again. Against her slenderness, his hand appeared huge, hulking, and rough. Despite his resolve to remain unmoved, his thumb drew a swirl over skin as smooth and silky as the fine fabrics worn by royalty. Which she was. He cursed and yanked his hand away.

Why wasn’t she waking? What if she was…

“Reena! Reena!”

No answer.

A long, jagged cut crusted over with dried blood and dirt marred her left wrist. He pressed two fingers to her right arm above her crystal. No pulse. With a shaking hand, he swept the hair from her face and probed her neck. Nothing. His heart rate spiked, and his stomach clenched. Oh Goddess, don’t let her be… Pressing harder against her cold throat, he searched for an artery. Oh please…not again, not again. Was that a flutter? Yes. She was alive. Barely.

Dark lashes formed two perfect crescents against luminous skin. Her overlarge eyes had been wide with terror when the beam hit. Had she realized what was happening? Had her fear been of the EID’s effect and her cousin’s treachery—or had she been afraid of him?

He staggered to his feet. What would cause the queen’s niece to attack her own cousin? From eavesdropping on the conversation, he’d gleaned Reena suffered from a serious ailment, further proven by her emaciation. Honna had given her a drink that had gagged her, and she’d dumped it out. He didn’t see the canteen at first then spotted it underneath a bush. He raised the vessel to his nose and sniffed. His stomach roiled at the smell. No wonder she didn’t want to drink it. His pack lay a short distance away, and he snagged it. He shoved the container inside and extracted his water flask. Kneeling at the basin, he filled the vessel. Once there’d been a bubbling, frothing pool. Now only a trickle. Nothing illustrated the Lahon’s crisis better than this.
Their solution lay a few feet away on cold, rocky ground.

You sought a hostage. Now you have one.

Her cousin had tried to kill her. He would use her.

It provided little salve to his conscience that he couldn’t just leave her lying there injured, ill, and at the mercy of an assailant who might finish the deed.

You cannot afford compassionYour people are counting on youThe Sharona have much and are unwilling to share. And do not forget this one’s blood relative killed your son.

Grasping her twig of an arm, he tugged her to a sitting position; her head lolled forward. One good sign: her crystal was clear, so she wouldn’t cause an uproar by enrapturing multiple males. How she had incited his lust was better left for examination another time.

He removed his mail and pulled off his tunic. After he dressed her in the long shirt, he re-donned his chest guard then slung her slight form over his shoulder. Conscience heavier than his burden, he headed for home.

Warrior’s Curse blurb

A powerful tribe of women warriors lives separate from men, their sworn enemies, until mating fever strikes and they must venture into the wilderness to seek mates.

Sheltered and protected behind palace walls, Princess Reena has never even seen a man. When the mating curse compels her older, wiser cousin to seek a mate, Reena accompanies her, eager for the chance to see a man in the flesh.

Reena learns how dangerous men can be.

Embittered by a terrible wrong a woman committed against him. Garat leaves his encampment to secure the water his people need to survive. When he encounters the queen’s daughter in the wilderness, his need for vengeance consumes him, and he takes Reena hostage. But as her sweetness melts his hatred, Garat begins to suspect there is an evil behind the palace walls that wants Reena dead.

After kidnapping her, can he get his heartmate to believe the people she trusts the most want to kill her? Can he open her eyes to the evil force that threatens their love and her life?

Available everywhere: universal buy link

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Become an extraterrestrial’s mail order bride? Hell, no! For $2 million? Um…still no…ALIEN ATTRACTION

“Absolutely not! Have you lost your mind?” I glared across the desk, incredulous at what had popped out of my agent’s mouth. The woman couldn’t be serious. I’d been forced to perform some crazy stunts in my reality-show career, but this would take the cake.

“The ratings will go supernova,” Chantelle Aubergine said with a straight face.

“I don’t care about the ratings! This is my life we’re talking about.”

“You should care about the ratings—they keep you employed. Without good ratings, there would be no Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures.”

Excellent adventures? What a crock. The reality show should be called Stick It to Sunny or Test How Much We Can Throw at Sunny Before She Loses It. The venture had started out as campy fun, but the stunts and segments had grown wilder and crazier. Now, I dreaded each new season.

“Sky diving, military boot camp, living in the jungle during monsoon season, working on a fishing boat, spending a month in the desert with the scorpions and snakes, I did it.”

Chantelle chuckled. “Military boot camp. Hilarious! You and Stormy were great.”

In the early years, my sister and I had teamed up to do the show, which had been called Sunny and Stormy’s Excellent Adventures. Then Devon had come along and put a halt to her career. To keep viewers engaged, Apogee Productions had upped the ante, demanding longer, weirder adventures.

“I draw the line at marrying a purple, scaly horned alien.”

“They’re not purple or scaly—although they do have horns. Women think they’re sexy.”

“The horns or the aliens?”

“I was referring to their horns, but both, actually.”

“Well, not me.” I shuddered. Dating out of my species did not interest me.

“You don’t understand what a great opportunity this is. The producers managed to get a slot for you. Do you have any idea how hard that is?” Chantelle said. “Since they’ve opened up the Terra-Dakon Exchange Program to all women instead of just convicted felons, women have rushed to enroll. There’s a waiting list a parsec long.”

“Then give someone else my slot. Slim as chances are for finding a husband, I’ll hold out for a human.” With more females than males on Terra, men had gotten picky, and few committed to monogamous long-term relationships anymore.

“I did some negotiating with Apogee on your behalf. I got them to sweeten the deal. You’ll get a bonus.” She grinned, a cat with a mouthful of bird feathers.

She could spin this as doing me a favor, but the truth was Chantelle had put the screws to Apogee because she received 10 percent of everything I earned. Besides, it was an agent’s job to negotiate for her client. But it was all moot. “No amount of money is worth marrying an alien,” I said.

“Technically, it’s not a marriage; it’s not a legal union on Terra.” She paused dramatically. “Apogee will pay you a two-million-dollar bonus on top of your regular salary.”

“Two million?” My jaw dropped. I received fifty K per episode, eight episodes per season. Sure, I earned more than the barista at the corner coffee shop, but a single “episode” took four to six weeks to shoot, and then you had to subtract Chantelle’s percentage and taxes. Plus, I wasn’t just supporting myself. With Devon so ill, Stormy couldn’t work, so I picked up the tab for their expenses and his medical bills. We were getting by, but two million could cushion our lives. I might even get a full night’s sleep without worrying what new disaster the morning would bring.

“One half up front, and the remainder after you return to Earth.”

“Oh, so I get to come back?” I said drily.

Chantelle missed the sarcasm. “Of course. No one expects you to hook up with an alien for life. After a year—”

“A year?”

“The time will go fast.”

“For you,” I snapped.

“After a year, you’ll come home, and I’ll renegotiate your contract with Apogee Productions. The ratings will have gone supernova, you’ll be a big star, and I’ll get you a more lucrative contract.” My agent’s eyes lit up with dollar signs.

My career might pan out the way Chantelle envisioned, but I wasn’t interested. The last time I’d gotten a free lunch, I was in the second grade, and some kid gave me the bologna sandwich he didn’t want. I would pay for any salary increase by having to perform more outlandish stunts, and I shuddered to contemplate what could be worse than hooking up with an extraterrestrial. When my contract expired, this trained monkey planned to run away from the circus. I’d had enough “excellent adventures” to last me a lifetime. I was outta here. Sayonara. Adios amigos.

But two million dollars…

“So, I get a big bonus and potentially a lot more money in the long run. What’s in it for the alien?” Why would he seek a creature from another planet? It had to be just as weird for him.

“A future. Dakon is critically short of women. After an asteroid strike threw the planet into an ice age—”

“The planet is in ice age?” Laughter, and not the funny kind, bubbled up and exited in a snort. Could the situation get any more ridiculous?

“Dakon is starting to recover. They get a good couple of months of sun, now. Anyway, a virus on the asteroid infected and killed most of the women and altered their DNA. Very few females are born anymore.”

“So the alien would expect me to bear his children?” I could not believe this conversation.

“He might, but you’re not responsible for his expectations.”

“Oh, good.” I rolled my eyes. “Because I’d hate to think you had offered me two million dollars to have sex with an alien.”

“You wouldn’t be required to engage in sexual relations because while prostitution is no longer illegal, it is against the law to force someone into it. Apogee abides by the law, and Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures isn’t a sex show.”

Not yet, anyway. I gotta get out of this contract. “Why would he agree to this? He won’t be getting the mate he wants.”

“He won’t realize it until after the show.” She shrugged. “He can try again if he wants to.”

The proposition sounded like a scam. We’d be deceiving, cheating the alien. And that’s if it worked. He might not be human, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. “He’s going to notice the camera crew.”

“There won’t be one. They’ll send a robotic microcam prototype; the Dakonians won’t notice it’s there. This will be the beta test. If the cambot performs to spec, they’ll produce more for other shows.”

“How little are they?”

Chantelle formed a circle with her thumb and index finger.

“That’s still pretty big. They’ll be noticed.”

“You think so?” She jerked her head to a corner of her office.

Son of a production company executive! A winged orb slightly smaller than a Ping-Pong ball hovered close to the ceiling. Its body was a matte, mottled gray. Even searching for it, I’d had a hard time spotting it. I glowered at Chantelle. “I’m being videoed?”

“Prelim for the season.” She nodded. “Your reluctance will be a great episode.”

Sometimes I wondered whose interests she represented, mine or Apogee’s. Actually, the answer was neither. Chantelle served Chantelle. Well, Sunny was going to look out for Sunny. I crossed my arms. “I’ll tell the alien he’s being videoed and is on a show.”

“You’ll void the contract, you won’t receive the bonus, and you’ll be stuck on Dakon until the scheduled ship picks you up.”

I spoke directly to the cambot. “I won’t do it. I won’t sacrifice a year of my life—and it’s not fair to the alien.”

“I understand your reluctance—”

“Do you?” I doubted it.

My agent’s attitude indicated she considered this a good opportunity, but she wasn’t leaving her sister and nephew, freezing her ass off on an alien wasteland, and dating a horned extraterrestrial. “My answer is no.”

Chantelle peered down her surgically perfected nose. For as much plastic surgery as she’d had, you’d have thought she worked in front of the camera. “If you refuse, Apogee will sue for breach of contract.”

“Let them. I don’t have any money.” I acted tough; I hoped Apogee bought my bluff. They might make an example out of me, bankrupt me to deter other cast members who might be considering weaseling out of their contracts. What would happen to Devon? How would we pay for his medical care? If we were flat broke, we might be able to get him on public assistance, but that wouldn’t provide the specialized level of care he needed.

Would Apogee really sue? Was one insignificant cast member like me worth it? I resented how I’d allowed them to coerce me into doing things I didn’t want to do. I’d rolled over so many times, I was dizzy. The time had come to draw the line. Show no fear. I lifted my chin. “I won’t do it.”

“You’ll be blacklisted from every reality show and program for life. You’ll never work in this town again. Think about it before you decide. Call me in the morning.”

Get Alien Attraction as a SINGLE TITLE DOWNLOAD or in the Alien Mate series BOXED SET.

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If you love science fiction romance, you won’t want to miss this boxed set fair on BookFunnel. Many sets are 99 cents or less! Go to the Book Fair.

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FREE alien romance books! Download from BookFunnel

Check out the alien romance book fair on BookFunnel and get dozens of sci-fi romances for free. But hurry! This deal ends on May 31, 2020.

Alien Romance Book Fair

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“You’re Not Ugly To Look At” — Conversations with DH is now a BOOK!

It’s only the first twenty-seven years of marriage that are hard!

You’re Not Ugly to Look At had its beginnings on Facebook as short posts I called “Conversations with DH.” As an author who pretty much spends all day holed up in my office, I needed something to talk about other than my books, and I could only wring so many anecdotes out of the cat. And after she died, I had nothing. So I started posting snippets of conversations with my husband that struck me as amusing. He wished to remain anonymous, so I referred to him as DH (Dear Husband).

People responded to the conversations and suggested I do more with them than just post them on Facebook, so this book was born. I hope you’ll get a laugh from this little glimpse into our marriage, as revealed by our day-to-day conversations.

Conversations with DH will be released in ebook and paperback. The paperback is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The ebook will be released on Monday, April 20. Preorder is available on Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and GooglePlay. The Kindle version will be available on Amazon on April 20.

Paperback buy links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Barnes & Noble

Preorder ebook: Barnes & Noble | Apple | Kobo | GooglePlay

Ebook Universal Buy Link (will include Amazon)

You’re Not Ugly to Look At Blurb

Fact is funnier than fiction when romance author Cara Bristol gives us an inside peek into her own marriage and romance to “DH,” by sharing their private conversations.  With snark and wit (and just a little spousal one-upmanship), they discuss the heavy issues of the day such as what to fix for dinner, the benefits of ice cream as a diet, which one of them got luckier when they got married, whether the president will get laid in White House on Inauguration Day, what they’ll do when they win the lottery, and squirrels.

The author recalls unforgettable moments during their courtship, including how DH asked her to marry him (spoiler alert: it was the least romantic proposal in the history of the world) and the time he almost shot her.

Their conversations are humorous and relatable to anyone who has ever had to live with a mate.

Cover by Sweet ‘n Spicy Designs

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UNDER FYRE (Alien Dragon Shifters 1) on sale for 99¢ @AppleBooks @GooglePlay @Kobobooks #KindleBook #Nook

Line of Fyre (Alien Dragon Shifters) is on sale for only 99¢ for a limited time! Available at all online booksellers.

Betrayed by her people, does she dare trust a dragon?

The alien dragon shapeshifters who discover Earth come in peace—at first. Then, inexplicably, they threaten to attack. In an attempt to show goodwill and appease the dragons, Earth sends a human woman to become a concubine to one of the Draconian king’s sons, Prince K’ev.

K’ev would sooner give up his ability to breathe fire than accept a human, but when he meets Rhianna, sparks fly, and his dragon realizes she’s his mate.

Rhianna falls for the hot-blooded prince, unaware she’s a key link in a desperate scheme to defeat the dragons, a strike that could backfire with devastating consequences. Will she figure out what Earth has planned in time to save her dragon mate? And if she does, will K’ev be able to save her planet from the fire of angry king’s retaliation?

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Get this light, funny BOXED SET for 40% off on KOBO; use promo code MARBOX @Kobobooks

Aliens have come to Earth! They’re hot, they’re horned, and they’re looking for their fated mates. Get Darak, Aton, and Caid in one binge-worthy boxed set.

Darak: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #1

Pastry chef Lexi Sutterman has lived in the shadow of her wealthy, hypercritical family. When her uber-successful little sister nabs a well-heeled fiancé, Lexi joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency, intending to bring a huge, purple, tentacled alien as her plus-one to the wedding.

Darak of planet Dakon isn’t purple or tentacled—he’s just seven feet of horned alien hotness. He recognizes Lexi as his true mate, but realizes convincing her they’re meant to be together forever will be no cakewalk.

Aton: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #2

Attorney Toni Sutterman’s success is on the fast track to success when she joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency, hoping to find her alien mate. When Aton arrives, he proves beyond all doubt to be the man of her dreams: tall, sexy, romantic, and devoted to her.

Aton of planet Dakon didn’t intend to pull a fast one. But when false accusations got him escorted off the spaceship, he broke the law and made his own way to Earth.

When Toni’s rival discovers the truth and threatens to administer some rough justice, will she be willing to become Aton’s partner in crime to save their future…or will she play by the book?

Caid: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #3

Matchmaker Jessie Hancock has a perfect record helping others find true love through the Intergalactic Dating Agency until Caid arrives. When none of the dates she sets up meet with his approval, her boss gives her an ultimatum—find Caid a match or else!.

The instant Caid from planet Dakon lays eyes on Jessie, he knows she’s his mate. He plays along with her attempts to match him with someone else while doing his best to charm her. Now time is running out, and if he can’t up his game, he’ll lose her forever.

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Release Day! Line of Fyre is available NOW

Line of Fyre (Alien Dragon Shifters 2) has been released and is available at all online booksellers! Scroll down to find out about the prize giveaway!

Universal Buy Link

You know things are bad on Earth when you’re the president’s daughter and becoming a concubine to an alien dragon shifter seems like your best option…

Helena Marshfield made a big mistake. But making it right puts her life in danger. She’s forced to flee and become the concubine of the Draconian prince. She never expects to be attracted to the “dragon man,” and has no intention of making the relationship real.

Prince T’mar has no wish to consort with a human. Unfortunately, his father, the king, decrees he must accept her, his dragon mistakes her for their mate, and worse, the flame-haired female stirs his desires. Still, he intends to deposit her at the palace and fly away.

But when powers on Earth draw them back into the line of fire, will their unexpected, unwanted burning attraction be the one thing that can save them?

Line of Fyre is a standalone read in the Alien Dragon Shifters series. The first book was Under Fyre.

A dragon of a giveaway!

I’m celebrating the release of LINE OF FYRE (Alien Dragon Shifters 2) with a prize drawing of sterling silver dragon charm, a crocheted “grumpy” baby dragon, and a $25 Amazon gift card. To enter the drawing, share, comment, and like the contest post on my Facebook Author page. Be sure to like and follow the page itself!

Go to CARA BRISTOL ROMANCE on Facebook to enter the drawing. You have until midnight, March 30, 2020 to enter the drawing. Please read the rules:

The prize includes a crocheted baby dragon, a sterling silver (925) dragon charm, and a $25 Amazon gift card. The package does NOT include the book pictured in the photo.

To enter the contest, share, comment and like the Facebook contest post. Please do all three.

The contest ends on March 30, 2020. A winner will be chosen at random by April 1, 2020 and will be notified by tagging and private message on Facebook. In the event the winner does not respond within three day (by April 4, 2020), the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.

Every attempt will be made to ship the prize promptly; however, there is a pandemic occurring, and in the event that mail service is disrupted, the item will be shipped at the first opportunity. The crocheted dragon and the charm will be mailed. The Amazon gift card will emailed.

Thank you for entering and good luck!

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