10 Secrets about the Alien Castaways #scifiromance #amreading #IntergalacticDatingAgency

  1. The castaways are six alien refugees, “’Topians,” who fled their planet as it was being destroyed, and came to Earth. The Castaway is the name of their ship.
  2. The ‘Topians were genetically engineered by an alien master race called the Xeno Consortium, who stole DNA from across the galaxy to create new lifeforms.
  3. Eons ago, the Xenos came to Earth, collected DNA, and tinkered with the human genome while they were here.
  4. Each Alien Castaway book is titled after the hero and reflects a trait or characteristic about him. CHAMELEON is a shapeshifter, WINGMAN can fly, PSY reads minds, SHADOW can change from solid to vapor; INFERNO manipulates fire; and TIGRE is part saber-toothed tiger.
  5. Alien Castaways is a brotherhood story, a la The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward, only they’re aliens, not vampires. Each ‘Topian is a different race: Chameleon is a Xeno (yes, his people are the enemy), Wingman is an Avian, Psy is a Verital (from the Latin veritas, which means truth), Inferno is a Luciferan, and Tigre is a Vaporian.
  6. Because of their genetic programming, ‘Topians must find a “genmate,” a female who carries the same genetic marker. For Shadow, it’s especially critical. Due to Xeno malicious trickery, if Vaporians don’t bond with genmates, they’ll die.
  7. The series is set in Argent, Idaho, a fictitious small town (Pop: 500). If you’re familiar with “North Idaho” as the locals call it (as opposed to northern Idaho), Argent is sandwiched between Coeur ‘d Alene and Sandpoint, roughly where Athol is. Argent is named after the Latin word for silver. Silver mining used to be a big industry in North Idaho.
  8. The author (me!) lived in Coeur ‘d Alene for nine years.
  9. Alien Castaways is part of the Intergalactic Dating Agency, a multi-author project of science fiction romances in which aliens come to Earth to meet their humans mates. Each author writes her own series under the IDA umbrella. Those are the unifying factors of the IDA books: Alien hero/human heroine, story set on Earth.
  10. The first four books of the Alien Castaways series have been released, Shadow just last week, Inferno is on preorder for a June 25 release, and Tigre will be published in August. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone.


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