10 things I notice while people watching…

Sometimes I think it’s worth going to the airport just to watch people.  Because people from all parts of world and all walks of life converge at the same place,  going to the airport is a little like going to the zoo. You see some strange creatures.

Having just returned from a family vacation, I had a chance to do some people-watching. And with airport downtime I had a plenty of time to analyze what draws my attention when I’m people-watching. It varies by their gender.

Would you wear shoes like this to trek through the airport? Many women do.

Would you wear shoes like this to trek through the airport? Many women do.

In descending order, 5 things I notice about women:

  1. Shoes
  2. Hair
  3. Their luggage
  4. Kids or no – If a woman has a child with her, he/she will catch my attention
  5. Handbag/purse

In descending order, 5 things I notice about men:

  1. Height
  2. Stride – how they walk, carry themselves
  3. Shoes
  4. Overall attire, i.e. business, casual, sloppy
  5. Weight

What do you notice about people?

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14 Responses to 10 things I notice while people watching…

  1. Women are about the same. Men, I check out if they’re hot! 🙂 My eye is always caught by a hottie!! You need to come to Amsterdam if you want to do people watching!

    By the way, how does a Blogger person follow your blog? You’re on WP I believe but I see no way to either get on a mailing list or just have it show up on my list? If you know, e-mail me, will you?? I just try to remember to get over here and read.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Right now, Natasha, there is no way to follow my blog. It’s something I have to add. I need a widget or something.

      I’ve actually been to Amsterdam. I’ve been to the Anne Frank house and to the red light district. Now that’s a place to people watch!

      • Talk to Penelope Hasler. She walked me through it on my blog and she’s amazing.

        I’m taking Renee to the Red Light District when they come over in a few weeks and my kids have been there (by accident). Really, it’s all over – hard to avoid!! I will never forget my 9 year old’s face when she realized the lady’s were not fully clothed in the windows. They were very sweet to her.

    • Casey McKay says:

      Natasha you can add the blogs you want to follow through blogger. I figured it out on my. Email me if you can’t figure it out!

  2. hair and eyes are my thing. I realized that when I thought about my Master and my previous dom to start writing articles for a blog tour :D. Often clothes will follow quickly, men I tend to notice hand size lol. Interesting that you notice differently by gender, Cara, although that would bring another thing I notice up- gender and gender presentation.

  3. Blondie says:

    My husband is the people watcher in our relationship. I am the most unobservant person there is. I can’t think of what I check out with women first. I would guess their behavior/mood would cause me to give a second look at the rest of her. With a man, I would say size, build, confidence, wedding ring, butt and if with children, how he treats them. I think that I like your list better but then I am just so caught up in my own little bubble that I just don’t always see the rest of the person

    • Cara Bristol says:

      You know, most of the time I am so focused on what I’m doing, I don’t notice either. But when I have downtime, like sitting at the airport, that’s when I tend to pay attention to people.

  4. I tend to make up stories for people while I’m watching them. Sometimes I catch snatches of a conversation and make up a scenario that fits the scene. I think I focus more on impressions left by people rather than physical looks. And dialogue. I focus a lot on dialogue and dialects, but I think it’s the drama major in me who’s responsible for that. Most people politely turn away during a couple’s argument, but I home in on it, inconspicuously, of course. Honest.

  5. Casey McKay says:

    I notice shoes first too! Why is that? And then I look at hair. Almost always I will check out people’s butts. Just me? Curse of the trade maybe?
    I try not to, but I do it anyway.

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