How I got started writing erotic romance (and spanking stories)


I kind of blame Lora Leigh.

For those of you who may not know the name, Lora Leigh is a well-known and very prolific erotic romance writer. I got my introduction to Lora Leigh a few years ago when I read “Forbidden Pleasure,” a novel in her “Bound Hearts” series featuring women involved in ménage a trois relationships. 

At the time that I read “Forbidden Pleasure,” I’d written fiction for years and had written a few sex scenes in novels, but I hadn’t yet focused on erotic romance. The idea wasn’t even in my head.

“Forbidden Pleasure” wasn’t the first erotic romance I’d read, but it was among the first and among the better written ones. However, it was, to my recollection, the first one I’d read that included spanking in a sex scene. The spanking didn’t play a particularly big role, more like a cameo appearance, but I remember my reaction.

“Whoa. That’s interesting.”

I knew there were real life people who were into spanking, but most of the sex scenes I’d read in romances were of the vanilla variety. “Forbidden Pleasure” opened my eyes to the possibilities, among them how much more dominant it made the male hero appear and how much more feminine it made the heroine appear.

Fast forward to 2009.

I’ve always enjoyed romances that featured powerful, dominant heroes and heroines who are irresistibly drawn to them. Out of the blue, I got an idea for an erotic romance involving a successful woman who goes off to a job interview and is so bowled over by her would-be boss that she’d do anything to please him—going against everything she believes about herself.

Thus, my novella, “Intimate Submission” was born.

I think it might have been the Lora Leigh influence that made me write a smorgasbord of acts into the sex scenes, including the use of sex toys, anal sex and…(drum roll, please) spanking.

Although I started writing Intimate Submission initially for amusement, as it progressed, I started to think it was salable. Once it was finished, I began looking for publishers who published erotic romance. I ran across a call for submissions at Black Velvet Seductions. Editor Laurie Sanders was seeking novellas for a “Spanked Wives” anthology.

Was “Intimate Submission” a perfect fit, or what?

Or what. She didn’t like the ending, but thought my novella had potential and offered me the chance to rewrite it.

I did, and she then accepted it for publication. It was published in October 2009.

 The purpose of the spanking in “Intimate Submission” is primarily erotic, but I wanted to try my hand at writing about disciplinary spanking as well as tackle writing a ménage scene. Thus, “Secret Desires” was born. In “Secret Desires,” a punishment spanking opens the lines of communication between the heroine and her fiancé allowing them to take their relationship to a new level.

Just as Black Velvet Seductions published “Secret Desires” in July 2010, I got an idea for a story about domestic discipline as a lifestyle. The story ran through my head like a freight train. It would not go away, and it pulled me away from everything else I was working on. Thus, “Spanking Melania,” was born. Although the first draft is completed, the novella is still a work in progress. I’m shooting for the end of September to submit it to Black Velvet Seductions in the hope that it, too, will be published.

In writing it, I realized I was making a lot of assumptions about how spankees and spankers think and feel, so I backtracked and started to do some research into the habits of real life spankophiles.  I’ve had more  “Whoa, that’s interesting moments.” During the course of my research, I’ve learned that adult spanking ranges from Christian Domestic Discipline all the way over to porn with a lot of stops in between.

Most important to me, is that while I learned some new things, I discovered that I was correct in my assumptions about the emotions, thoughts and behaviors of the husband and wife characters in “Spanking Melania.”

And that’s how it all began.

As for my next story…I have a sequel in mind in for Spanking Melania, although I also have two previous works-in-progress that Melania drew me away from…so we’ll see.

If you’d like to read an excerpt from “Intimate Submission” or “Secret Desires,” click on the links below.

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