Jamie and Reese discuss spanking, marriage

Today I’m pleased to have two very special guests to discuss spanking and its effect on marriage. I’m sitting down with Reese and Jamie Nichols, one of the young couples featured in Spanked! an anthology published by Black Velvet Seductions. Reese and Jamie’s story is told in “Intimate Submission.”

CB: Welcome, Jamie, Reese. I’m pleased you came today and I want to thank you in advance for your candor. Please have a seat and make yourselves at home.

Reese: Thank you.

Jamie: Thank you for having us.

CB: The subject today is spanking. My understanding is that there are two basic reasons for practicing spanking…for discipline/punishment and for eroticism. Which camp do you two fall into?

Reese: Primarily the latter, for eroticism. [He places a hand on his wife’s knee]. I spank Jamie as part of sexual foreplay, but within that context, it also reinforces her natural submissiveness.

CB: You’ve never spanked her as punishment?

Reese: Once. She pushed me beyond the limits of my patience. I wouldn’t hesitate to spank her again if she needed it.

CB: Jamie, you’re blushing.

Jamie: I know all the intimate details of our lives are spelled out in Spanked! but it’s still a little embarrassing to talk about.

CB: Prior to meeting Reese, had you ever been spanked?

Jamie: Never. [Shakes her head vigorously]. I never imagined I would want to be spanked. But from the moment I met Reese, I couldn’t wait to feel his hands on me. [She glances at her husband]. We had such an overwhelming attraction to each other, it was impossible to resist. It was big problem for me.

CB: The spanking was a problem?

Jamie: No. I love being spanked. The intensity of my feelings was the problem. It scared me, what I was willing to do. I’d always thought of myself as an independent, stand-on-my-own-two-feet kind of woman, but suddenly like flipping a light switch, I was willing to do anything to please him. [She shifts in her chair].

CB: So how did you handle it?

Jamie: Not well. I pretty much drew an arbitrary line in the sand and vowed not to cross it. I ended up hurting us both, but I was desperate to protect myself.

Reese: [Nodding] It was a difficult time. I kept hitting a brick wall with Jamie and didn’t understand why.

CB: So what happened?

Reese: Well, that’s what “Intimate Submission” in Spanked! is about.

CB: So you won’t discuss it?

Reese: Not today.

CB: Okay then…new topic. You’ve mentioned a couple of times about Jamie being submissive. Does that mean, Reese, that you’re a Dom?

Reese: I have a dominant personality, yes. But I don’t get into the Dominant/submissive club lifestyle.

CB: So you haven’t claimed Jamie with a collar?

Reese: Not with a collar, no.

CB: [Raises eyebrows] But in other ways?

[Jamie glances at Reese. She crosses and uncrosses her legs, and shifts again in her chair as if she can’t find a comfortable position. Looking away, she nods.]

CB: For instance?

Reese: I make certain requests of her to ensure that her thoughts are focused on me.

CB: What kind of requests?

Reese [His eyes narrow]: You’re very persistent. A disciplinary spanking would probably do you some good.

CB [Laughs—nervously]: That’s been said more than once. So, what kind of request?

Jamie [blushing]: Well, for instance, Reese prefers it that I don’t wear panties and that I wear skirts rather than pants. He likes me to be accessible to him.

CB: You’re not wearing panties now?

Jamie: No. [She shifts again].

CB: Excuse me, I can’t help noticing you don’t seem to be comfortable. Would you like a different chair?

Jamie [Turns bright red]: The chair is fine.

Reese: If you read “Intimate Submission” in Spanked! you’ll get an idea why she’s squirming so much.

CB: Well, you spanked her, right?

Reese: [A secretive expression on his face]: You’ll have to read the book.

Coming soon…an interview with two new characters from Spanked! Spanked! is available in PRINT, Kindle, and mutiple electronic formats.  Currently, this week, it’s on sale at Fictionwise. 

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 Spanked! on Black Velvet Seductions Website


 Spanked! on Fictionwise


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