Spanked! available on Amazon Kindle!

Spanked! an anthology of domestic discipline stories published by Black Velvet Seductions, is now available on Amazon Kindle. It will be released in soft cover PRINT format as well as other e-book formats through various retailers within the next couple of weeks.

Spanked! contains four domestic discipline stories written by three different authors: myself (Cara Bristol), Richard Savage and Starla Kaye.

Secret Desires by Cara Bristol

Jack Hudson loves his sassy, sexy fiancée Morgan Moran. What he doesn’t like is that she keeps him waiting…and waiting. He’s fed up and decides the next time she’s late he’s going to spank her.

Intimate Submission by Cara Bristol

When Jamie Douglass meets Reese Nichols she’s totally bowled over by his magnetic dominating presence. She can’t fight the desires of her heart and body but she vows not to surrender everything. However, Reese will accept nothing less than her complete submission.

In the Driving Seat by Richard Savage

To her husband’s continual frustration, Barbara overspends. When she drops $1,500 on a pair of shoes, he gives her an ultimatum: go home to Daddy or consent to a spanking.

Trusting Her by Starla Kaye

When Katie Caldwell needs an attitude readjustment, her rancher husband Sam spanks her. Now that Sam has been feeling grumpy and out-of-sorts, he decides that perhaps he needs an attitude readjustment.

Spanked! offers a great variety of spanking stories told from different viewpoints with varying degrees of eroticism. I would give Trusting Her a PG rating, In the Driving Seat an R rating and Secret Desires and Intimate Submission an X.

Besides the Kindle anthology, the individual stories are currently available as PDFs through Black Velvet Seductions.

As other formats become available, I’ll post announcements on my blog, so please check back. Also, the official launch of Spanked! will be October 20. There will be a Cyber Launch Party on on October 23.

Here’s the link to Spanked! on Amazon:

Here’s the link to BVS where the individual stories are available:

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