A tale of two Caras and other revelations by Google…

One way to learn what you’ve been doing is to Google yourself. Periodically, I do that, to see what’s “out there.” Among my recent discoveries were:

  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews had reviewed my first novella, Intimate Submission and given it 4 stars.
  • I got a mention in the RWA Report for Intimate Submission as a first sale (I’d missed it even though I’d been watching for it)
  • I learned that Spanked! is now also available on Barnes & Noble’s ereader.com. That’s in addition to Amazon, Fictionwise and the Black Velvet Seductions website.

But I also discovered some interesting things that have nothing to do with me. For instance, there’s apparently a very posh shoe store in Bristol, England called Cara Shoes. If I’m ever in that part of the world, I’ll have to check it out.

And…there’s another Cara Bristol who lives clear across the country from me Nyack, NY who was appointed to the Nyack Housing Authority in August 2010. I can’t help but wonder if the mayor’s staff Googled her name prior to the appointment and if they questioned her, asking if she was THE Cara Bristol who was writing erotic romances and stories about spanking.

I wonder if she caught any grief for it, if there was any confusion that impacted her career and public service.

Her appointment to a government agency certainly has had negligible impact on my writing career.

Have you discovered anything interesting when Googling your name?

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1 Response to A tale of two Caras and other revelations by Google…

  1. Starla Kaye says:

    I periodically check my Starla Kaye name in Google, too. With today’s check I found 3 new places that are selling downloads of some of my best sellers, places I have no connection with and I don’t think my publisher does either. I’ve let her know. You might want to watch these places as well: http://www.smashwords.com, http://www.filestube.com, and http://ebooksx.com.

    Starla Kaye

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