Night Owl Reviews names Spanked! a “Top Pick”

I’ve been doing a happy dance since yesterday when I learned that Night Owl Reviews gave Spanked! a great review and named it a “top pick.”

The reviewer called it, “A sensationally spicy combination of tales that extol the rewards of submitting to dominance and discipline both mentally and physically.  The titillating descriptions of the rewards of trusting one’s partner completely and receiving carnally stimulating corporal punishment make this a sinfully hot read that will whet one’s appetite for a partner to share the excitement.”

Two of the four stories in Spanked! are mine: Intimate Submission and Secret Desires. As an author, I strive to put out my best work. I’ve been published before, but the stories in Spanked! represent my first published erotic romances/spanking stories. It’s nice to know that somebody else thinks it’s as hot a read as I intended it to be.

Night Owl Review of Spanked!

Spanked! is available in both electronic and paperback formats, from Amazon and Black Velvet Seductions, on Fictionwise, and for the Barnes & Noble ereader.

My November 26 post gives an excerpt of Intimate Submission; October 22 gives an excerpt of Secret Desires.

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