Two Lips Reviews gives Spanked! 4 kisses

Spanked! the erotic domestic discipline anthology published by Black Velvet Seductions got a “four kiss” review from Two Lips Reviews. “This is a book I would love to read again,” said the reviewer.

Spanked contains four domestic discipline novellas by three authors, myself, Ric Savage and Starla Kaye. I have two stories in the anthology: Intimate Submission and Secret Desires.

Of Intimate Submission, the review said: I really loved the depth of character and flow of this story…the story is actually the best in this anthology.  I really would have enjoyed seeing this one expanded into a stand alone novel.  I will definitely look for more work by Ms. Bristol in the future.

 Of Secret Desires, the reviewer said: This beautiful story explores a couple’s voyage into mutual self-discovery. At first, Morgan comes off as rather mean and spoiled, but towards the end, I really found myself liking her. Initially, Jack comes off as a rather unappealing doormat…by the end of the story, I was in love with him.  His methods of proving to Morgan that she’d better stop wiping her feet on him are truly and deliciously unique. 

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Two Lips Review

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