Getting published takes luck (and some other stuff, too)…

An author I met years ago said it took three things to get published: luck, perseverance and talent. In that order.

You can write the best book in the world but getting it published depends on getting the right manuscript in front of the right editor (or agent) at the right time. You can study the market, target your submission, send it out frequently and faithfully, but there’s still so much that’s out of your control.

But as the adage goes, the harder you work, the luckier you get. That’s where perseverance comes into play. You have to ignore the odds, pull yourself up after each rejection and keep sending out your manuscript (and keep writing).

When perseverance pays off and you get lucky and you catch the right person’s notice, you have to have something to offer.

That’s talent.

Today I’m sharing my own personal road to publication as a guest on Kaily Hart’s blog. Please drop by, say hello, and check out Kaily’s blog. She has a lot of great info on her blog.

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