Recommended Read: the not-so-chaste Chastity Belt

Down on her luck, Georgia Hearn has no idea how she’ll pay her overdue bills, until a friend asks her to fill in at the Gentleman’s Club. Bound and blindfolded, she “performs” for the crowd, a thrilling experience made even more so when Jonathan Syler, one of the club’s regular patrons, locks her into a chastity belt, thus fulfilling one of her secret fantasies.

It’s all good—until he won’t unlock it. Literally and figuratively locked up, Georgia is about to find out if reality can live up to fantasy.

Chastity Belt just about made my Kindle spontaneously combust. Don’t let the chastity belt fool you—this novella contains hot sex. It’s an edgy, sexy read. The novella starts off with a bang, flows smoothly and the dialog is realistic. I’ve read Shoshanna Evers’ other books (Ginger Snap, Punishing the Art Thief, Hollywood Spank) and this is her best one, yet! It’s available through Ellora’s Cave.

Shoshanna will be guest blogging here on April 26 and will have an excerpt from Chastity Belt.

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