Six Sentence Sunday excerpt: Secret Desires

Welcome to the fourth installment of my Six Sentence Sunday. This week’s excerpt is from my erotic romance novella, Secret Desires, published by Black Velvet Seductions. The hero, Jack, has told his girlfriend Morgan he is going to treat her to a day of pampering at the spa for her thirtieth birthday.


“I have another surprise, but you’ll have to wait.”

“What is it?”

He tweaked her nose. “It’s a surprise.”

A lead weight settled in Morgan’s stomach. There were good surprises like a day at the spa, and bad surprises like an engagement ring.


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30 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday excerpt: Secret Desires

  1. Gayle Ramage says:

    Ha, an engagement ring is a bad surprise in my opinion, too! Great six!

  2. Dawne Prochilo says:

    Great Six – I hate surprises too, especially ones you DON’T want…sigh

  3. Tigris Eden says:

    I could so see him tweaking her nose…. I love surprises! I would have been squealing like a stuffed pig 😀

  4. Sarah Grimm says:

    ‘Bad surprises like engagement rings.’ Interesting six!

  5. Jessica says:

    Great six. Poor Morgan.

  6. MJones says:

    Hmmmm. An engagement ring a bad surprise? There’s got to be a a story behind that.

  7. Marie Dees says:

    Her views on good and bad surprises really has me intrigued. Though I have to agree — a spa day is always a good surprise

  8. Gem Sivad says:

    Oh, very nice. Great inner thoughts putting a different spin on his ‘surprise’.

  9. Intriguing thought that an engagement ring would be a bad surprise. I just hope he doesn’t offer it in all sincerity just to be smacked down with rejection.

  10. Uh-oh, sounds like trouble. Great six!

  11. Lindsay says:

    Good tease at the end

  12. jayel kaye says:

    Oh dear. Committment issues?

  13. Ada Hoffmann says:

    Oh my! I’m intrigued by this character and why she thinks engagement rings are a bad surprise.

  14. Sandy N. says:

    Good teaser. I’ve gotta read this to find out why a day at the spa would be preferable to an engagement ring.

  15. This is definitely an attention grabber — makes me wonder what’s going on that she would consider an engagement ring a bad surprise! Nice job. 🙂

  16. Uh-oh. I hope Morgan’s surprise is one she wants!

  17. Lauri J Owen says:

    I’d slap him for tweaking my nose! No wonder she doesn’t want to marry him.

  18. What could be wrong with his proposal? Hmm. Lots we don’t know. Very interesting.

  19. Cate Masters says:

    Wasn’t expecting that last bit! Great twist.

  20. Ha! I’m not sure I’d want a *surprise* engagement ring even from a guy I wanted to marry (I’m a planner like that), so I can relate.

  21. lexcade says:

    Oh wow. I guess that would be a bad thing, huh? 😉 Great six. Amazing how something nice can quickly translate into something you don’t want.

  22. this is only my second Six Sunday, so I’m touring the blogs. This was a great six. Torturous place to stop! lol

  23. gosh, now I need to find out why an engagement ring is a bad surprise. 🙂 Great excerpt and site.

  24. Dee Carney says:

    Aww, too bad she considers the engagement ring a bad surprise.

  25. I like how an engagement ring is a bad surprise.

  26. Liana Brooks says:

    Intriguing. Why is an engagement ring a bad thing?

  27. Laura Kaye says:

    Good twist in her internal thoughts!

  28. Pippa Jay says:

    That last line gives a great insight into her view of the relationship. Nice six. 🙂

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