What sex and real estate have in common…

A friend shared with me that her brother had sex with his wife in a bed—in the master suite of a model home as potential homebuyers were entering the front door. Another friend who hosted a wedding at her beach house discovered a couple going at it in her kitchen pantry.

So what do sex and real estate have in common? Location, location, location.

In the vast majority of erotic romances I’ve read, sex still occurs in the privacy of one’s bedroom with an occasional shower scene or isolated mountain cabin thrown in for variation.

But having sex in a public or unusual place adds a certain spice to a romance sex scene. Add the potential danger of getting caught and the thrill increases. I thought about the books I’ve read and from my memory banks pulled these more unusual venues:

  • A library
  • Store dressing room
  • An open field
  • Atop a motorcycle (people were moving, bike wasn’t)
  • A swimming pool
  • A conference room (once during a video conference!)

True to form, in most of my erotic romances, the deed occurs in the bedroom, however, I have written sexual scenes in these locations:

  • An isolated country road
  • The janitor’s closet in nursing home
  • Atop the kitchen sink in front of an open garden window
  • Parking garage
  • An executive’s office (on the desk, of course).

I don’t read a lot of romantic suspense in which the heroine and hero are on the run and I wonder if perhaps there are more unusual locations in those novels. I’m curious. What’s the most unusual location for sex that you’ve run across either in a novel or real life?

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5 Responses to What sex and real estate have in common…

  1. Amelia James says:

    In real life: a doctor’s office after hours. In a book: on a swingset in a public park. (That’s one of my stories.)

    • Cara Bristol says:

      A swing set in a park sounds like fun! When you mentioned the doctor’s office, it reminded me that another friend of mine had had sex in her hospital bed with another patient!

  2. Amy Romine says:

    Gotta love it, Cara. great post, but it makes me feel so boring! LOL!

  3. Blak Rayne says:

    In real life, out in the open, in a public park and it was snowing (yes we got naked) LOL
    Also the back seat of a car and the policeman shone a flashlight in my face. I was quite crazy in my youth.
    I’ve had my characters do it in a house they were looking to purchase (they got caught), another time while they were at war, in a field, in an elevator and in the back parking lot of a warehouse. Do those locations count? Everything I’ve read from other authors so far has been pretty tame.

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