Happy dance: Great news from Loose Id!

I danced through the last week. Exactly one week ago I awakened to a happy email: Publisher Loose Id accepted my erotic romance novella Unexpected Consequences for publication!

Unexpected Consequences is domestic discipline story about a woman whose husband belongs to secret organization of men who spank their wives. The novella has gone through several title changes (Spanking Melania, then Loving Melania, now Unexpected Consequences). It’s a love story centered around a domestic discipline marriage.

Now that the contract has been signed and mailed, I’ll be going through the editing/revision process.

In the meantime, I’m still writing erotic short stories for Red Lipstick Journals, an online magazine. In fact, RLJ is running one of my stories today–Mightier than the Sword. Like many of my erotic short stories, this one has a twist at the end. I’ve seeded the story with clues, though. Do you think you can figure out the end before the end (*wink*)? Click here.

On Wednesday, May 4, I’ll be blogging at Romance Writers Behaving Badly. The topic is how to tell if Mr. Right is really Mr. Wrong.

My two previously published novellas, Secret Desires and Intimate Submission are available through Black Velvet Seductions as individual ebook downloads. Both stories are in the BVS anthology, Spanked!, available through BVS and most major online book retailers (Amazon, Fictionwise, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks, etc.).

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  1. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you!

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