My latest erotic short story: Maid for Gray

I love the ending of Maid for Gray, my latest erotic short story on Red Lipstick Journals. If you’ve read my short stories, you’d be correct to assume there’s a twist.

It’s there, but this time I think the ending is particularly devilish! This story wore several titles before I settled with Maid for Gray. It was important to find a title that described the story, but didn’t give away the ending.

I don’t want to say much more. Without further ado, please check out my latest read on Red Lipstick Journals.

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1 Response to My latest erotic short story: Maid for Gray

  1. pregnantwild says:

    One of the best erotic story I ever read. How I wish I could also write this kind of story. I find it really hard.

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