The Traynors of Unexpected Consequences

Loose Id released Unexpected Consequences, my domestic discipline erotic romance released, September 20 by Loose Id. Here’s a brief look at the two main characters:

Name: Melania Traynor

Age: 23

Occupation: Court reporter

Marital Status: Married (newlywed)

Likes: expensive shoes, baking, entertaining

Dislikes: the beautiful red stilettos she fell in love with and the wooden “valet thingy” in her husband’s den, a gift from the Rod and Cane Society

Her happiest moment: when she married Jared Traynor, her knight in shining armor

How she gets her way: through feminine wiles. It always worked on her father, so why not with her husband?

Her biggest mistake: not reading the fine print of her marriage “contract of consent”

Her unhappiest moment: when Jared discovered she disobeyed a “request” and sneaked behind his back.

Her biggest secret: she has a packed suitcase hidden under the bed


Name: Jared Traynor

Age: 35

Occupation: investment banker

Affiliations: the usual civic organizations and the Rod and Cane Society

Marital Status: married (newlywed)

How he met his wife: at a charity event sponsored by the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain discipline in the home

Likes: indulging his new bride

Dislikes: lying, disobedience

How he reacts to problems: Directly, swiftly, firmly

His biggest disappointment: when his wife spoiled his attempt to surprise her with a pair of red stilettos

The worst thing he could imagine: that his wife would consider leaving him


To read chapter one for free or to purchase Unexpected Consequences ($5.99 US), click here.


 And the winner is….Ranae Rose! Anyone who posted a comment on one of my guest blogs during the month of September was entered to win a copy of Unexpected Consequences. Happy reading, Ranae!

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