Two weeks of reckless raunchiness…

For two weeks I’ve been focused on raunchy sex – writing it, that is.

I recently signed a contract with Loose Id for Reckless in Moonlight, a cougar romance, involving a 45-year-old divorcee who gets “involved” with her neighbor’s 28-year-old son. As I originally had envisioned it, it was more of a sensual, tender story about woman finally able to express herself sexually.

But Loose Id wanted it hotter, raunchier. In their words – a “one-handed read.”

Now, if you’ve read Intimate Submission or Secret Desires, my first two erotic romances published by Black Velvet Seductions, you know I don’t have any qualms about writing raunchy romance. Spanking, ménage, the use of sex toys, anal sex – the two books contain a cornucopia of sexual taboos. And while the graphic sex scenes are a bit more conventional in my Loose Id release, Unexpected Consequences (no anal, no ménage), the domestic discipline theme of the story makes it edgy.

But did I want to make Reckless in Moonlight, well, more reckless?

I decided to go for it.

I scrapped and completely rewrote two of four sex scenes, tweaked the other two and added two complete new ones. I allowed my characters to express their wild fantasies instead of just thinking about them. I included a little exhibitionism (well, okay, quite a bit), brought in some sex toys and expanded the characters’ sexual repertoire. I wrote one outrageous sex scene that still makes me smile when I read it. I also coarsened the language throughout the book.

Revising the manuscript was fun – but a lot of work. More work than I originally anticipated. Sex scenes take much longer to write than regular scenes. But the end result was worth it.

It’s hot. It’s raunchy. It’s Reckless in Moonlight.

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2 Responses to Two weeks of reckless raunchiness…

  1. Fun! The thing about your stuff, though, is that I can count on getting a good story in addition to the scorching sex. I will not be intimidated by the raunch: the writing is worth it.

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you, Vivien. Yes, the story is still primary. It’s a romance, first. Erotic, second.

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