Book Review: Caught by Cassandra Carr

When Callie subbed for Jack, his intensity scared her. She loved him and wanted to be more than his submissive of the moment, but he didn’t seem to return her feelings. So she left without a word.

Three years later they meet by chance at a party and instantly are caught up into their former Dominant/submissive roles and games — and old issues. Callie still isn’t sure of Jack’s feelings, and while he thinks he’s communicating by his actions how he feels, the message isn’t coming through. Will Jack and Callie ever be able to work it out?

Caught is not your mama’s romance, or even her erotic romance. The line is fuzzy, but I would classify it as erotica. The sex scenes are numerous, vividly visual – and border on violent – albeit consensually, but of course it is bdsm. Author Cassandra Carr finishes strong with a final bdsm scene that packs a wallop.

Two things stood out for me in this book: the level of detail in the bdsm scenes make them seem very real, and the contrast between the violence of Callie’s sex life and relationship with Jack and her very “normal” every day life. Although this novella is short, the author makes sure that Callie comes across as a real person.

I’d recommend this book as good solid read. If you enjoy bdsm fiction, pick this one up.

Caught on Loose Id

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