Happy dance: Signed with Decadent for ‘ A Scent of Longing’

Yesterday I mailed off a signed contract with Decadent Publishing for A Scent of Longing, a paranormal erotic romance I wrote specifically for the publisher’s 1 Night Stand series.

Here’s a blurb of what I had submitted to Decadent:

The last time she trusted a vampire, twenty-eight-year-old Lily Dansen was turned into one. A graphic artist working from home, Lily is becoming reclusive, shying away from human and vamp contact. A concerned friend signs her up with 1 Night Stand in hopes an evening of passion with a sexy hunk will draw Lily out of her shell. Lily reluctantly agrees, but is adamant about one thing: no vamps.

A 376-year-old Half Breed, Luc Fortier walks in both the human and vampire worlds, but has no place in either. He has abandoned hope of ever meeting his prophesied mate and vows after he bedazzles Madame Evangeline’s latest client, he’s calling it quits with 1 Night Stand. He can’t continue to satisfy the fantasies of young ladies while his go unfulfilled.

Neither Luc nor Lily have high expectations for their date, but they haven’t counted on Madame Eve’s superior matchmaking skills.

After reading several books in the 1 Night Stand series, I wanted to write one. The stories are short, approximately 10K words, and involve clients of an online matching service called 1 Night Stand, run by a Frenchwoman. The clients hook up ostensibly for a sole night of passion, but of course, in the series, it always leads to more.

Although the title may change, I drew the name of the romance from the fact that the sense of smell features prominently in the story. A Scent of Longing is erotic, but it’s also my most “romantic” story to date. I personally think it’s quite poignant, as well.

A Scent of Longing will be my fifth published romance. Loose Id, which published Unexpected Consequences, will release Reckless in Moonlight January 10, 2012. Intimate Submission and Secret Desires were published by Black Velvet Seductions. The latter two works also are anthologized in BVS’s Spanked! 

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