Melania finds out she’s not the only spanked wife…

I’m baaack! It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Six Sentence Sunday, but I’m settled after a move halfway across the US and I’m returning to my regular schedule. I’m continuing with Jared and Melania’s story, Unexpected Consequences.

To recap: Melania disobeyed  her new husand Jared, and when he confronted her, she attempted to lie her way out of it. He told her he was going to spank her. That’s where we left off a month ago.  He does indeed spank her, and very shortly thereafter, their dinner guests from the Rod and Cane Society arrive! Still in a state of shock, Melania lets it slip that her husband disciplined her. This is the reaction from one of the women:

“Oh Mel, that’s what it was. A spanking. Welcome to the club.” She released her and giggled. “That first one always rocks you a little. But it’s one of the ones you remember fondly forever.”

Hope you’ve been enjoying Unexpected Consequences. Soon, I’ll switch to Reckless in Moonlight, a cougar romance to be released by Loose Id on January 10.

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25 Responses to Melania finds out she’s not the only spanked wife…

  1. Alix says:

    Welcome back! and with great dialogue. Fantastic six.

  2. Zee Monodee says:

    Hey Cara

    Missed you on SSS – glad to have you back! Good to know the move went well (hopefully!)

    Loved the six, as usual! Can’t wait for more from these 2 🙂 xoxo

  3. Ranae Rose says:

    I remember this part in the book – where she’s so worked up and the other wives giggle at her and tell her it’s normal. lol

  4. Those were six good (if surprisingly short) sentences, thanks for sharing. I’m not sure that’s a club I’d want to spend any time around, though.

    I missed the list deadline for this week, but I did get six sentences up!

  5. Dakota Trace says:

    Great six, Cara. Glad to see you finally got settled in your new place. Moving is always such a pain.


  6. Gem Sivad says:

    I’m tingling a little myself, remembering that scene from the book. *BG* Great six from a fantastic story!

  7. JoAnn Ross says:

    Congratulations on surviving the move! Having built a house while living 3,000 miles away, then driving three rescued dogs across ten states cross country in nine days to beat the moving van this year, I totally relate.

    Super six, but I do think new hubby might have some explaining to do. Lol.

  8. Siobhan Muir says:

    I agree with JoAnn. If she’s this rocked, he needs to explain a little better. Great six, Cara. 🙂

  9. I think the husband might have had some explaining to do BEFORE the wedding… Poor gal. Very nicely written.

  10. Hey Cara, glad you got moved, and congrats on your contract with Decadent.

    Yep, hubby has some explainin’ to do!

  11. I’m sure she will always remember it. 🙂 So intriguing!

  12. lexcade says:

    Just bought it. These snippets intrigue me way too much. Good to have you back, Cara!

  13. Linda says:

    Ooh, he’d remember that spank for a long time after as well ’cause I’d nail him one.

  14. OK, I *love* this culture. So hot! Great six, Cara. Can’t wait for our break to be over so I can get more of Melanie and Jared!

  15. Ana Hart says:

    It’s great to have you back! I love all your snippets from this story and as a girl who does like to be spanked, I can say you always do recall the first with fond memories 😉

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I really appreciated your nice comment 🙂

  16. sue says:

    Hi Cara – so it’s after a big dinner and I’m a bit slow – rod and cane club? then saw “spanking” then clued in – loved this – and I shall return!

  17. Karysa Faire says:

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your snippets. Hope that the move went well.

    I can’t wait to read this story–I want to understand why someone would ever fondly remember their first spanking. 🙂

  18. Heather Boyd says:

    Wow. Looks like she’s in with the right crowd to help her find her way. Great six!!

  19. jayel kaye says:

    a little tingle that lasts. ah!

  20. Welcome back, and what a great six to come back with!

    Glad you’re settled after your move 🙂

    Have a great holiday season!

  21. Gemma Parkes says:

    Good to have you back Cara, great six! Happy holidays!

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