A spanked wife turns the tables during Leap Year…

A spanked wife finally gets even with her husband on February 29. A free erotic read. Note: this material is adults only.

Charity’s Revenge

By Cara Bristol

“Did you pick up my suit at the cleaners?” Alex furrowed his brow as he eyed the perfectly spaced suits in the closet.

“No, I forgot. I’m sorry.” The slightest tic flickered in Charity Wynd’s cheek, but met her husband’s gaze boldly. She knew better than to suggest he wear another one. Alex liked everything just so, and if he had decided he wanted that particular charcoal gray pinstripe, nothing else would do, even if he had two others that were nearly identical.

Alex’s mouth thinned as he glanced at her. “You know I have a meeting today.”

Despite the fact that it was the twenty-ninth, she squirmed. When she messed up, Alex’s stare instantly made her quake. It wasn’t the look, per se, but what followed. However, today she had a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Charity took a relieved breath. “I’ll pick it up tonight. I promise.”

“Tonight will be too late.” With a controlled jerk, he removed a dark gray suit from its wooden hanger and sighed, part exasperation, part resignation. Charity resumed putting on her makeup. Crisis averted. Today was the twenty-ninth.

She stroked the mascara wand over her lashes and stifled a giggle. It wouldn’t do to look smug, but she was so anticipating this evening. She’d waited four years for this moment. Four years of doing things his way. Four years of toeing the line. But tonight? Tonight the world shifted on its axis.

Revenge tasted like butterscotch in her mouth, rich and sweet.

Charity had taken a calculated risk yesterday. She had planned to pick up Alex’s suit, but ended up at an impromptu lunch with the girls. One of her friends had mentioned a grand opening sale at the new boutique and she just had to check it out after work. When she emerged an hour and half later, the dry cleaner’s had closed for the day.

She said nothing about the suit, hoping Alex wouldn’t remember until this morning when she’d be home free – which is what happened.

Unless he discovered her latest purchases. He’d told her she was spending too much money, and she had agreed to curtail her shopping. She was doing fine until yesterday when she blew her budget by three hundred dollars. Fortunately, she’d taken precautions by removing the tags, hanging the garments immediately, and disposing of the telltale shopping bags in the neighbor’s trash. She had so many clothes, Alex wouldn’t know what was new and what wasn’t. She was wearing one of her new blouses now, and he hadn’t even noticed.

When the credit card bill came, she would claim she’d borrowed from her allowance for that month. If that didn’t pacify him, she’d plead the twenty-ninth. She loved it when a plan came together. Especially when it was thrown together at the last minute.

“You’ll be home on time, right?” She peered up at him from her vanity in the bathroom. He’d donned a crisp white shirt and a substitute charcoal suit. Alex was a hospital administrator, and with talk of the facility adding a new wing, he had frequent meetings with the board of directors that tended to drag on.

“I promise.” He fumbled with his gray and red tie. “I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” He twisted his mouth mockingly. “Go easy on me, will you? I’m delicate.”

Charity snorted. As delicate as a linebacker. His suits required special tailoring to accommodate the breadth of his shoulders. His arms were strong enough to lift her with ease, and she was a tall girl who enjoyed her food a bit too much, so she was no lightweight.

But not only was he strong of build, Alex was strong of character, as well. Disciplined, some would say. While she continued to snooze, he rose at four a.m. to work out for an hour before work. He ate the same whole grain breakfast cereal every day and allowed himself only one cup of coffee. He never drank too much, didn’t smoke, and paid their bills before they were due. Her husband was stickler for punctuality, commitment, and dependability.

Which was precisely why she got into so much trouble. Charity was more free-spirited, although she eventually followed through with what she said she would do.


She gave a last swipe with the wand. The light eyelashes that accompanied her red hair and fair skin were now fashionably dark and framed her round blue eyes. Foundation hid the worst of her freckles. She checked herself in the mirror, flipped a wayward lock of hair over her shoulder and rose to take pity on her husband. The one thing he wasn’t good at was tying his tie. He’d made three attempts already and it still wasn’t right.

“Let me.” She brushed aside his fingers.

He lifted his chin. “Thank you.” He frowned. “Is that a new outfit?”

She rolled her eyes dramatically, resisting the urge to touch the muscle that twitched in her face. “This old thing? Hardly.” The outfit wasn’t new, only the blouse was. The slacks she had on and the jacket she planned to wear were at least a month old.

This close, she could feel the warmth from his body, see a shaving nick on his jaw, and smell the scent of soap and man. She loved the way he smelled. Pheromones, science would explain it. Instant turn on, she called it.  Even this small contact with him was causing her clit to take notice.

If she had her way, she’d rip off his tie and the rest of his clothes and ride him a like wild pony. She’d be late to work, but her boss at the medical supply company was used to it. She was frequently tardy, but she was the best bookkeeper and payroll clerk they’d ever had, so he tolerated it.

Alex never would. He’d no more arrive late to work than he’d fly to the moon on a jet-propelled scooter.

Deftly her fingers knotted his tie and tightened it around his neck. She lowered his collar and tucked everything into place. “There. Perfect.” She patted his chest.

“Thank you,” he said, and planted a liplock on her. He moved his lips moved sensuously against her mouth, his tongue dancing with hers in a teasing tango. She relaxed into his kiss with a little moan. The only thing better than his smell was his kiss. Well, not the only thing. Alex was good at nearly everything, his bedroom skills no exception.

She pressed her hips against his and discovered he was rock hard. Her stomach fluttered and a sizzle of energy made her wet. Maybe…

But after the lingering kiss, he released her. He smacked her ass sharp and hard. “See you, tonight, Sweet Cheeks.” He adjusted himself and left for work.

Charity watched him go with a smile on her face. Oh, how she’d waited for this day.


“How do you want me?” Alex slung his suit jacket over the armless upholstered bedroom chair, slipped off his loosened tie and draped it on top. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled to his elbows, two buttons undone.

Charity nibbled a fingernail as if considering the question. She had the answer eons ago, having envisioned this scenario hundred of times. “Why don’t you bend over the bed?” Alex was too large to assume the position she usually took, much as it would have pleased her.

She stuck out her hand. “Key.”

He dropped the single key held on a simple ring into her palm.

Charity moved to the ornate cherry armoire and unlocked it. Alex kept the cabinet secured ever since he discovered some of its contents—her least favorite—were disappearing. Of course, locking the cabinet wasn’t the only action he’d taken to prevent loss. She owed him for that.

Charity pulled open the armoire doors with glee.

“Pants up or down?” Alex asked.

She shot a glance over her shoulder. “What do you think?”

His mouth twitched with humor. So did Charity’s. He wouldn’t be laughing for long.

She returned her attention to the cabinet and examined Alex’s private arsenal. He had four paddles. Two leather, two wooden, one of the latter drilled through with holes. It stung like hell and was reserved for her more serious offenses.

Occasionally he spanked her with the leather strop hanging on the inside of the door. The sound of it snapping against her skin was bad enough, but the sting…Charity pursed her lips as she considered her options. She’d planned to use one of the leather paddles, but the strop…she might have to rethink her choice.

Alex had a couple of leather floggers, too, but those were used more for play than punishment.

She lingered at the cabinet, touching the objects, so he would have to wait and wonder which implement would be used, the way she had to. She fingered a hated anal plug. It felt more flexible and supple in her hands than it did when it was wedged in her ass. She eyed the tubes of lube and the small canister of organic powdered ginger that Alex purchased from the health food co-op.

The time she deliberately omitted recording her ATM withdrawals because she didn’t want Alex to know how much she was spending and several checks bounced, she discovered how potent organic powdered ginger was. Alex had mixed a pinch with the lube and applied it to a plug.

By the time he finished spanking her, her ass had burned inside and out.

She owned him for that, too.

Charity glanced at her husband, bent over their king bed in accordance with her instructions, and then at the plug. No sense pushing her luck. She set it back on the shelf.

In the end, though she seriously considered the strop, she decided to stick with her original plan and opted for the leather paddle Alex used most frequently.

During the first two years of their marriage, they had fought constantly over what Alex called her ‘unbridled excesses’ until one day he sat her down and delivered an ultimatum: she would agree to domestic discipline—to be spanked when and how he saw fit—or he would divorce her.

She agreed to domestic discipline, but with one negotiated caveat: that on February twenty-ninth, she would spank him.

This was their first leap year since their negotiated marital accord had been enacted on her backside.

Picking up Alex’s favorite leather-covered paddle, she moved to the bed. Her husband’s feet were on the floor, his body braced on his forearms on the mattress. His trousers were folded on the chair. So typical. He was neat down to the last stroke. She giggled at her private pun.

He glanced at her, his eyes alighting on the paddle. “Good choice,” he said. She thought she detected a smirk and mentally tacked on a swat for bad behavior.

“Your shorts, too.” She flipped up the tail of his white shirt and yanked his briefs below his buttocks. He always spanked her bare-assed.

God, he had a sexy rear end. Muscled and tight. It would be even sexier when it was clenched and reddened.

She smoothed her hand over his cheeks, rubbing and squeezing, smacking sharply with her palm to bring the faintest of flushes to his skin. She was pale and colored easily and quickly. Her husband’s olive skin wouldn’t redden nearly as well.

She’d just have to work harder.

Charity raised the paddle and brought it down in the center of his sit spot. He flinched slightly, but took it well. Too well for her satisfaction.

She slapped his other cheek.

Then several more on each side.

His skin was starting to redden. Nice, she thought, pausing to examine her handiwork.

“Is your arm tired already or are you just admiring the view?” Alex said in an amused voice. “I know you can’t be finished.”

“Not by a long shot, mister.” She walloped him with the paddle and thought she heard a muffled “oomph.”

Charity smiled, remembering spankings past. She got one after she dented the car. She struck Alex’s ass twice for that. She had been talking on her cell phone when she grazed the light pole outside their driveway. She didn’t want Alex to yell, so she told him she’d been the victim of a parking lot hit-and-run. He bought her story until he noticed the red paint on the light standard.

The ginger-spiced spanking for the ATM withdrawals netted him four swats. He was getting quite red. By this time when he spanked her, Alex usually had to anchor her thrashing legs with one of his, and subdue her flailing wrists, but he bore his spanking stoically.

That was worth a swat. She smacked him.

And what about the time she got in trouble for coming home late after a girls’ night out?  She’d told Alex she’d be in by ten, but she was having so much fun it wasn’t until two a.m. that she caught a taxi and staggered home, feeling no pain.

The same couldn’t be said for the next day when he helped her retrieve her car and then followed up with another gingered spanking.

She whaled on his ass with the paddle. She’d show him what it was like to be so sore it hurt to sit. Too bad he didn’t have a marathon board meeting.

For every spanking she could remember, she gave him at least two swats in return. She was breathing fast by the time she tossed the paddle on the bed in triumph. Charity anchored her hands on her hips and surveyed her husband. “You look good in red,” she said.

“You think so, do you?” Alex sat up with hardly a wince. Damn, he was tough. “Are you finished now?” he asked.

“I’m good.” She folded her arms.

“Good.” He nodded. His dark eyes regarded her. “Now, is there something you should tell me?”

That serious tone usually spelled trouble. But she had a free pass today. “Like what?” She met his gaze brazenly.

“Like maybe you didn’t just forget the dry cleaning. Or that you disregarded the budget and bought three hundred twenty-two dollars and twelve cents worth of clothes.”

Charity’s jaw dropped.

Alex chuckled. “You should know before you lie to me anymore that you have a tell, Sweet Cheeks.” He brushed her face with a fingertip. “You get a little tic.”

“You can see that?” Charity rubbed her face where the muscle always twitched when she lied. She’d always thought it was something she felt on the inside. She hadn’t realized it was visible. “But how did you know about the clothes?”

“I knew this morning you were lying about something so I checked our accounts this afternoon. I know what you bought, where you bought it and what time.”

Alex picked up his favorite paddle and patted his lap.

Charity’s heart hammered. “It-It’s the twenty-ninth!”

“So?” He arched his eyebrows.

“You can’t spank me. I get to spank you! It’s my turn.”

Alex laughed. “The deal was you got to spank me. There was never any mention of you not getting spanked. Drop your pants, Sweet Cheeks.”

Charity thought back. He was right. He’d never said anything about her getting a free ride. She’d just assumed. She stared at his smug expression. But he knew, damnit. He’d known all along what she’d thought and he let her believe it. He’d tricked her!

She stomped her foot. “That’s not fair!”

He waited, saying nothing.

Resistance was futile, Charity knew. She lowered her slacks and panties and wiggled into place over Alex’s lap.

The paddle stung her ass in a biting kiss.

As Alex spanked her, Charity filed away the memory for the next February 29.


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  1. Jackie says:

    I spank my husband regularly. My older sister has seen him spanked because she came in unexpectedly one evening. He was over my knees with a very red rear ending. She came in and asked what are you doing. Spanking. She turned to leave and I said you’ve seen it, stay if you wish. She stayed. He was squirming and asking me to stop. Instead, I held him over my knees and let her whack away on his rear. That got me excited. I told him to move his leg so he’d be exposed to us. He didn’t and she gave him 3-4 more good spanks and he opened his legs. I then inserted my finger into him. He squirmed and was humiliated. Then he got corner time.

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