Author Interview: Karla Doyle talks about her ‘Game Plan’

I interview all sorts of authors, many of whom write in genres that I don’t, but today I’m pleased to interview Ellora’s Cave author Karla Doyle about her debut release, an erotic cougar romance called Game Plan. I’m reading it now, and it’s funny, sexy story. Karla will be here through February 28, 2012 and will pick one lucky winner to receive a free digital copy of Game Plan. All you have to do is post a comment to the question, how do you  feel about about series/linked books versus stand-alone single titles…any preferences? and leave your email address.

Cara: So, Karla, tell us about your current release.

Karla: First, thank you, Cara, for having me on your awesome blog today. 🙂 Game Plan released February 15th from Ellora’s Cave. It’s a contemporary erotic romance with an Older Woman-Younger Man theme.

Here’s the blurb:

Recently divorced from seventeen years with a snooty, uptight, controlling man, forty-year-old Andie is definitely ready for some casual, sexy fun when a hot, younger man “accidentally” hits her with a baseball. Mason’s interest is clear and he looks like a lot more fun than her overworked vibrator collection, so she goes for it, despite the obvious age gap. The young veterinarian is as easy to be with as he is on the eyes, making him an ideal summer diversion and the perfect man to help her make up for lost time and missed orgasms.

Mason had to meet the sexy woman at the ball diamond. The chemistry between them is instant and completely addictive. Andie is more than beautiful, she’s uninhibited and independent—totally unlike the needy twenty-somethings he’s been dating since his ex-fiancée deceived him five years ago. And yeah, Andie is ten years older than him, big deal. The more they’re together, the more his heart wants her as badly as his cock. Too bad Andie isn’t playing for keeps.

Cara: Who is your favorite character in Game Plan?

Karla: The hero, of course! I’m totally smitten with Mason Lang. Who wouldn’t love a 6’2” hunky veterinarian who makes a baseball uniform look erotic?

Cara: How much are you like your main character? How much are you not like him/her?

Karla: I’m like Andie, the heroine, in a couple of ways. We both studied fashion design and worked in that business. We both love animals. But Andie’s a lot more outgoing than I am, plus, she can walk in heels, and sadly, I cannot.

Cara: What was the inspiration for your current release?

Karla: I got the root idea for this story while walking my dog past a park with multiple baseball diamonds. There were guys taking warm-up throws on the side, near the bleachers. I pictured two people meeting because of an overthrown ball. The rest just fell into place as I wrote.

Cara: What is unique about Game Plan?

Karla: My heroine is a mom. There’s not terribly common in erotic romance.

Cara: What kind of research did you have to do, if any?

Karla: Years ago, I had a friend who was a veterinarian, so I’ve spent many hours hanging around a clinic and watching procedures. Then there’s the fun part of the research…looking through pictures of hot men searching for my hero. I also learned a whole lot about sex toys while writing this book…

Cara: Is it part of a sequel or a series?

Karla: Not currently. Game Plan is a stand-alone, though I do have two books outlined for secondary characters. I love reading linked books, and can’t wait to write Lasha’s story, in particular. Aside from Mason, she’s my favorite part of Game Plan.

Cara: Do you do anything in particular to “get in the mood” to write a sex scene?

Karla: Nope. As long as I’m not cranky or stressed, I’m “in the mood” to write the sexy bits. 🙂

Cara: Who was the first person you told that you were writing erotic romance/erotica novel? What was his/her reaction?

Karla: My long-time best friend. She wasn’t terribly surprised, LOL.

Cara: In general, what inspires your writing?

Karla: I get a lot of inspiration from watching people, wherever I happen to be. I often wonder what’s going through a person’s head, what they have going on in their life, or what they secretly wish for. Most of my story ideas happen that way.

Cara: Please share a happy moment in your writing career other than a sale.

Karla: I have a few, but let’s go with a recent one—the day I got my first “fan email” from a random reader. That was an amazing moment, to know that somebody loved my book enough to take time out of their day and tell me. I printed it and put it on the wall by my desk.

Cara: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about authors?

Karla: This is a great question! The most common misconceptions I’ve encountered (and I’ve heard both of these A LOT) are:

  1. Being published means you make tons of money right away.
  2. Erotic romance authors have done *everything* they write about.

Cara: What keeps you motivated?

Karla: Hmm. A lot of things motivate me to keep writing. First, I have all these characters and stories that I need to get out of my head. Second, I enjoy writing, even when I’m stuck and frustrated and stare at a blinking cursor for hours. And third, I love getting reader feedback on my stories (the positive kind is especially preferred!).

Cara: And now, just for fun… If you were stranded on a desert island what one luxury item would you wish you had?

Karla: My computer. With internet connection, of course! I’m completely addicted to the internet.

Cara: If you weren’t a writer, you would be a…?

Karla: I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but it didn’t happen, my aversion to blood and knives sort of made that impossible. One career I’ve thought about a lot is law enforcement. If I weren’t a writer, I’d love to be a police officer.

Cara: What’s your favorite TV show?

Karla: I watch very little TV, three hours a week at most. My only must-watch shows are Californication (I just love everything about this show, it’s fantastic), The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood.

Cara: What are you reading right now?

Karla: I just started reading Reckless in Moonlight, by Cara Bristol. 🙂 Loving it so far!

Cara: Aw…thank you! 🙂 What do you notice first about the opposite sex?

Karla: Body type. I’m a big fan of men with muscles…nothing ridiculous or fake, I prefer the kind that comefrom hard work, be it physical labor or working out. The gym really is a beautiful place!

Leave a comment to the question, how do you  feel about about series/linked books versus stand-alone single titles…any preferences out there? Don’t forget to leave your email address so you can be contacted if you win a digital copy of Game Plan. Readers who would like more information about Karla can find her here:





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Game Plan Excerpt:

“Ow—what the?” She grabbed her ankle, hissing at the heat spreading above the bone. Everyone around her remained focused on the game. Nobody had noticed her crumple in pain. Not even Scott from across the diamond, even though he’d barely taken his eyes off her for five innings.

She eased onto the bench and rolled her leg sideways. A baseball-sized welt had already formed above her right ankle. The foot she used for sewing. Terrific.

“Hey, are you okay? I yelled over at you.”

“Apparently you need to get a better set of lungs, because I didn’t hear you.” The snarky response left a bitter taste in her mouth. “Sorry, that’s the pain talking, not me. I’m not always a bitch.”

“No worries, I get it. Taking a hit stings. It’s my fault anyway. I shouldn’t have drilled the ball that hard on the sidelines. Here, lemme take a look at that ankle… Damn, it’s rising faster than a twenty-year-old virgin getting a lap dance.”

Andie’s first thought was that the guy needed to shut up, there were kids nearby. Her head snapped up to tell him so and the thought fell away. Kneeling in front of her was what could only be defined as a prime candidate. Full head of light-brown hair with exactly the right amount of messy, incredible blue eyes and lips designed for making out. And since the buttons on his baseball shirt had been neglected, Andie was treated to a view of one spectacular naked chest.

“I take it back, your lungs look fine,” she said, and clapped a hand over her mouth. Major slip of the internal thought process.

The hunk looked up at her, totally amused. “They do, do they?” He scooped her foot into his hands and placed it on his thigh as he examined her ankle.

Strong fingers gently but thoroughly traced over her flesh. Yes, he was merely checking for damage he might’ve caused. It was still the best contact she’d had in forever. Her own hands got the job done, but they didn’t send a thrill through her system. Thank god she’d shaved her legs this morning. Not that he’d notice or care.

Andie’s mind headed for the scenario he’d mentioned. Except she became the dancer, gyrating over the bulge in his lap. And he was no virgin. Uh-uh. In her version of the strip-club seduction, the athletic stud beneath her was a sexual MVP.

“It’s not serious, but it needs to be iced.” The deep richness of his voice yanked her out of the premium-grade fantasy. “You bring any ice packs?”

She swallowed and shook her head. No way could she speak to him again. Not after telling him his chest looked good, and especially not after picturing herself grinding onto his cock. God, her face must be beet red. The way he grinned—he had to know. Oh, but he was pretty. And much younger than her.Too young for her to be picturing naked and sweaty.

“I’ll grab you some ice from my cooler.” He sprinted away. Baseball pants had always been one of her favorite things about the game. On this guy, they were downright erotic.





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35 Responses to Author Interview: Karla Doyle talks about her ‘Game Plan’

  1. Lyra Marlowe says:

    Congratulations on your new release! This looks like a great book — and just the thing to get me in the mood for baseball season. Good luckl!

  2. Grace Bradley says:

    What a great interview! I learned a few things about Karla I didn’t already know 🙂 It was such a pleasure to work with her on this book, and I’m so pleased with all the positive response she’s gotten for “Game Plan”. It truly is a wonderful story. Hot, sexy and fun. And the hero is to die for… Congratulations on your first release, Karla, and I look forward to working on many more books together.

    • Karla Doyle says:

      Thank you, Grace! I feel blessed to have landed you as my amazing editor. Working with you was a wonderful experience…I can’t wait to do it again and again, for many years to come. 🙂

  3. Hi Karla! This is on my TBR list, along with tons of other books from fellow Fallen Angels. 😉 I don’t prefer a series over a standalone, necessarily. I read both. But if I love the characters and the world a series is very appealing to me. As far as being a writer goes, I prefer writing in series because I get attached to the characters and the world that I created.

    Congratulations on your first release, and may there be many more!

    • Karla Doyle says:

      Thank you, Cassandra!
      I really wanted to start on Lasha’s book (she’s my heroine’s best friend, and one heck of an interesting character) as soon as I finished Game Plan. But, I had other, unrelated, characters nagging me to write their story, so that’s what I’m working on now. I need more hours in the day…don’t we all? 😉

  4. Evanne says:

    What a wonderful debut book! Congratulations, Karla!

  5. Sounds like your characters are down-to-earth, which I like. Sometimes it’s nice to settle down with people who aren’t bigger than life. I like both standalones and series. the only time I don’t like series is when they’re ultra connected and it takes so long to get them all read (or released) that I forget the plots of the early books. That happened to me with Gabaldon’s Outlander series. 🙁 Maybe someday I’ll reread the first four mammoth eight pound books so I can read that fifth, sixth, and seventh, but I doubt it. There are so many great new books to discover.

    • Karla Doyle says:

      Hi, Kate 🙂
      I totally agree with you about series books. I love linked books for the sense of community and the opportunity to know secondary characters I enjoyed in other stories, but I prefer it each book can stand on its own. Odd are, once I find a series I enjoy, I’ll read them all back-to-back, but I don’t want to be forced to read them that way just to know what’s going on.
      I’ve read all but the most recent of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Awesome books, but I don’t think they’d be (or even understandable) out of order. And thank goodness for digital books, because even in paperback, those suckers are doorstoppers!

  6. Brandi Evans says:

    Great interview, chica! I now have another reason to look forward to baseball season, LOL. Oh and BTW, Game Plan is currently on its way to my Kindle. 😀 Happy Sales!

  7. Ooh 2 of my favorite things – younger men and baseball! Wishing you tons of success Karla!

  8. Riley Murphy says:

    Great interview! And heck, yeah, erotic romance authors do everything they write about! Way! It’s in the code. 🙂 I know you’ll have many, many sales! Congrats!


  9. Cari Quinn says:

    Three words: Buy. This. Book! I predict great things are ahead for Ms. Doyle’s career. 🙂 Can you tell I read Game Plan and loved it? LOL

    I love both stand alones and series books, though I have to admit I’m curious which other character from Game Plan other than Lasha you plan to write about. I’d love to read more about Logan and Katie (hint, hint!) Katie was awesome. 🙂

    • Karla Doyle says:

      Hi, Cari 🙂
      I’m so glad you loved Game Plan! Yup, you called it. Lasha is first because I so enjoyed writing her. She’s a hoot. But Logan & Katie’s story is also on my to-be-written list…

  10. Dawn says:

    Great interview and the book looks great and if Cari Quinn recommends it I have to have it!! I love her. Now about books… I love a great stand alone book but I do tend to read more series books then anything else. With a series book I know well I hope that I will find out about everyone 🙂

  11. syd says:

    Stand alone books… new to reading books on my smart phone.

  12. syd says:

    Stand alone books… new to reading with smart phone.

  13. Great interview, Karla. I can’t wait to read this book! Congrats on all the positive feedback.

    I love linked books because I get to visit my old friends. 😉
    I love a series because the anticipation is delicious.

    • Karla Doyle says:

      Thanks, I hope you enjoy Game Plan!

      The trouble with anticipation in series books is my lack of patience. LOL. But I love linked books where secondary characters from one story take center stage in another.

  14. Hi Karla!
    Congrats on the great interview and your release with Game Plan!

  15. Lynne Silver says:

    Love this premise. An odler woman, younger guy always gets me going, and Mason sounds hot! Can’t wait to read this.

  16. Kaily Hart says:

    Karla, congrats on the interview and the release! The excerpt was fabulous :). I love linked books as well. And guys in those snug baseball pants!

  17. Serena Bell says:

    Great interview! I was lucky enough to get an early chance to read GAME PLAN–loved it, and highly recommend! And I’m definitely eagerly awaiting Karla’s next work. (I *will* be harassing her if it’s slow in coming. :-))

  18. Tina Christopher says:

    Congratulations, Karla. Game Plan looks like a fabulous book and as I have a long flight ahead of me in the not too distant future I will add it to my TBR.

    And well done on the interview. I saw no deers;).


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