Domestic discipline: making a private practice public

Domestic discipline is practiced privately and in secret. But what if it wasn’t?

What if couples were able to openly practice DD within a closed society because everyone did the same?

That’s the setting I created in my domestic discipline novella, Unexpected Consequences. Naïve Melania marries Jared Traynor who belongs to the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain discipline in the home.

The patriarchal Rod and Cane Society is composed of uber-dominant, alpha males to whom honor, duty and leadership are deeply engrained. The men take their roles as husbands very seriously; they are leaders first, disciplinarians second.

I’ve spoken a lot about Jared and Melania, but until now, haven’t said much about the Rod and Cane Society itself. Here’s a few “facts” about the organization:

  • Rod and Cane is a secret organization in which members must sign confidentiality statements before joining; violation of that confidentiality can result in official disciplinary action. Prospective members must be sponsored by an active member and are “vetted” before approval.
  • Only men have full membership benefits in the organization; women belong to its ancillary offshoot, the Wives’ Auxiliary. Most members are married, but not all.
  • The Society was founded 70 years ago and is headquartered in a former governor’s residence, located on a quiet, residential street.
  • Although men and women intermingle within the mansion, a few rooms are reserved for the men, and women are not permitted.
  • Women are allowed in the “disciplinary chamber,” but generally want avoid going there (*wink*). This room is not on the Wives’ Auxiliary new member tour!
  • Rod and Cane invented and patented its own version of a spanking bench. When Jared married Melania, the Society gave him one as a wedding present.
  • Although the organization focuses on disciplinary spanking, it does recognize and appreciate the eroticism of the act. With the mansion there is a lot of artwork depicting women being spanked.
  • Although the wives consent and submit to their husband’s discipline, outside of the home and the Society, they operate at independent women of the world and hold responsible, even high profile positions of authority.
  • I introduce Rod and Cane from the women’s point of view in Unexpected Consequences. In the next book, False Pretenses (which has been submitted to, but not yet accepted by my publisher), I show it from the men’s point of view.

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