Favorite Lines: From Pleasure Island by Kellie Kamryn

Favorite Lines is a series in which I quote snippets I particularly liked from books I’m reading. This passage is from Pleasure Island by Kellie Kamryn. The heroine, a busy divorced mom, checks into an island resort for a little R & R, not realizing it’s a sex club where guests are able to fullfill their fantasies. This excerpt is from a conversation between the heroine and the man who was assigned to be her guide.

What else can I so for you Chelsea? His erection pulsed against her pussy, and dman, if she wasn’t tempted to just let him in. But did he really think she’d jump into bed with him because of what he’s done to her? She wasn’t that easy. And it was his job to see to her needs, not the other way around….

“Would you make me dinner?”

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2 Responses to Favorite Lines: From Pleasure Island by Kellie Kamryn

  1. Aww…that’s awesome you quoted my book! I wanted my heroine not to give too easily, and make him work a little. Thanks Cara!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      The line made me chuckle. I was going to put a picture of your book, but I posted this during the week when I was having technical difficulties and Internet Explorer wouldn’t let me post photos or update anything. The

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