On Leap Year, Freebie Fridays and spanked husbands…

As folklore has it, on February 29, Leap Day, women may propose marriage to men. The concept of a role reversal that occurs once every four years, led me to consider other kinds of role reversals. For instance…what if every four years a disciplined wife got to spank her husband? That’s the idea behind Charity’s Revenge, a free erotic read I’ll be posting on my blog February 29 in celebration of Leap Day.

And every Friday during the entire month of March I’ll post a new free read.

That’s six reads in all, each one different, each one a complete short story (not a chapter of a longer work).

Please note that these stories contain explicit sexual material and are for adults only.

The schedule is as follows:

  • February 29, Charity’s Revenge. A spanked wife discovers turning the tables on her husband is more fun than turning the other cheek
  • March 2, Fantasy Lite. If you could make your sexual fantasy come true, would you? Should you?
  • March 9, Misty’s Limits. A traffic violator comes up against the strong arm of the law.
  • March 17, Call Me Desiree. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it, and this woman plans to keep it.
  • March 23, Maid for Gray. Will a young maid finally learn what’s hidden in her employer’s playroom?
  • March 30, Mightier than the Sword. An ice princess discovers she can’t hold out against new technology.

Please join me for Leap Day and “Freebie Fridays.” I’d love to hear your comments about the stories.

Also, next week, on February 27 & 28, I’ll be interviewing Ellora’s Cave author Karla Doyle who wrote a very funny and sexy cougar romance called Game Plan. Karla give away a free digital copy to one lucky person who posts a comment.


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