Subbed out another Rod and Cane domestic discipline book…

I sent another domestic discipline story into the world yesterday and submitted False Pretenses to my editor at Loose Id. And now…I wait to hear if it will be accepted.

False Pretenses is a spin-off of Unexpected Consequences

False Pretenses is a “spin-off,” from Unexpected Consequences, my erotic romance about the naïve bride who marries a man not fully understanding she will be spanked if she disobeys. One of the secondary characters in Unexpected Consequences has a story to tell, in fact, he or she isn’t who he or she claims to be, but has infiltrated the Rod and Cane Society to expose it. Rod and Cane is a secret organization composed of dominant, alpha men who spank their wives to maintain discipline in the home. I introduced readers to the Rod and Cane Society in Unexpected Consequences, and I reveal more of the inner workings of the Society in False Pretenses.

In a recent 4-star Amazon review of Unexpected Consequences, a reader said she would liked to have seen a scene in the book involving the Rod and Cane “disciplinary” chamber. High five! I’d hoped to seed readers’ curiosity about that room, and many other things because I envision Rod and Cane becoming a series about the different characters in the organization. (BTW, I plan to blog more about Rod and Cane organization on either Monday or Wednesday ). But anyway…False Pretenses does include a spanking scene in the disciplinary chamber of the Rod and Cane mansion. At least it does in the unedited version – it’s possible my editor/publisher may not go with the scene.

I won’t to say which character of Unexpected Consequences stars in False Pretenses because I’m planning a promotion in which readers of Unexpected Consequences can guess who is featured in the next book and thereby enter to win a copy of False Pretenses. At least, that’s my plan right now. First, the book has to be accepted.

I’m taking the weekend off from writing and Monday plan to start writing another erotic romance that’s been knocking around in my brain.

For a free read of the first chapter the first Rod and Cane story, Unexpected Consequences click here.

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