Behind the scenes: what you DON’T see in this erotic romance

In a novel, there’s all the stuff that’s readily apparent because of what the author writes, but there are a lot of experiences, research and assumptions that an author uses to create a story that don’t necessarily make it into the manuscript.

I’d like to share some facts and background that influenced me in writing Reckless in Moonlight, as well as some of my favorite parts about the book.

  • Creeks Crossing where Dana and Lon live is a purely fictitious place; however, it is based on the suburbs of southern California where I grew up.
  • Southern California has many neighborhoods of “ramblers,” i.e., one-story homes. So when Dana puts in a pool in the backyard and builds an eight-foot privacy fence – no one can see over it – until her neighbors build a tree house that tops it.
  • As a kid, I always wanted a tree house, but never had one. Perhaps that’s why it made it into one of my stories.
  • Early in the book, Dana looks at Lon and thinks: “From the top of his head, covered by thick amber hair, to his bare tippy toes, his majestic, youthful body inspired her to stand and salute.” I pictured Lon as the “All-American boy-next-door,” and drew inspiration from the song, America the Beautiful : “for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties…”
  • Dana works in public relations for a utility company and must face the media during a heat wave “crisis.” I used to work in PR (but not for a utility). One good “media crisis” throws your entire day into complete turmoil. Everything else you had planned comes screeching to a halt. When Dana arrives home late that Friday after dealing with the media, she is frazzled!
  • A full moon technically lasts only seconds before it begins to wane. However, to the naked eye, it can appear to last for as long as three or four days. That’s why the moon can be full on Friday when Lon and Dana meet, and is still full a couple of days later.
  • I didn’t know when I started Reckless that Dana would forgive her ex husband and his mistress. I didn’t realize it until Dana and Mila showed up at the hospital together. It was one of those situations where the character took charge of the story.
  • My most favorite part of the book is the sex scene in the kitchen. I smiled the entire time I wrote it.
  • My favorite line is when Katie shouts out in a crowded store, “you had sex with the neighbors’ son in the swimming pool!”
  • The original story that I submitted to Loose Id, my publisher, was “sweeter.”  However my publisher told me to “raunch it up.” I changed much of the sexual language, rewrote most of the sex scenes and added the opening fantasy as well as my favorite sex scene, the kitchen one.
  • Part of what inspired me was to create a heroine that “older” readers could identify with. Love is always important, but after you’ve already been married and have raised children, you want different things out a relationship than what someone in her twenties wants.

Reckless in Moonlight – what it’s about

Forty-five-year-old Dana Markus knows a full moon makes people act crazy. It’s why they call the power company with stories about aliens disrupting the earth’s climate. It probably explains why her ex-husband left her for a girl scarcely older than their college-age daughter. It definitely accounts for why she impulsively invited the neighbor’s hunk of a son over for a skinny-dip. And why 28-year-old Lon Corbin accepted.

Lon doesn’t think much of the mass of rock orbiting the earth, but he does think he’s the luckiest man alive when the sexy divorcee he’s admired from afar invites him into her pool. He knows she has reservations about their age difference, but he’s planning to show her in a very physical way how good they could be together if she’ll give him the chance.

But when their simmering private passion boils over into a public relationship, family pressures and schemes threaten to split the couple apart.

The moon brought them together —  but will it save them?

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By the way, my technical difficulties with my blog have now been fixed. It turned out to be a browser issue. Internet Explorer 9 didn’t not like my blog; I’m now using Google Chrome.


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4 Responses to Behind the scenes: what you DON’T see in this erotic romance

  1. Great blog! I also like that your heroine is over 40. Since I’m in that category myself, it’s good to see more characters my age getting some “action!” LOL!

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you Tammy! I do like reading stories featuring older heroines. I’m, ahem, in the over 40 category myself!

  3. Vladimir says:

    It is never too late to love.
    I am knockin’ on the door of that category also.
    Every age has its “fruits” (it’s only that early fruits taste the sweetest) 🙂

  4. sue says:

    so much of what we write is based on our reality and yes characters take on a life of their own and too bad on the author lol just deal with it. We all have our own fav scenes in what we write that makes us smile every time. Yeah I’ve heard ie 9 sucks – I’m still using 8

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