Freebie Friday: Call Me Desiree, a free erotic short…

Welcome to Freebie Friday, where every Friday during March I present a free erotic short read. There’s a saying that if don’t use it, you’ll lose it, and the woman in this story does everything possible to keep it.

Call Me Desiree

By Cara Bristol

A quickening in the pace at the New Life Center signaled to Desiree the shift had changed, and she crept along the wall to employee reception where she could fade into the bustle of activity and wait for Josh.

Joshua Hartwell. Lordy, lordy, she her ticker picked up a beat. Good for the soul that man.

Right on time he strolled through the door as if he was happy to work there. His positive attitude had caught her attention from the start. Okay, truthfully it had taken her a while to notice his attitude because his muscle and brawn had distracted her. Josh personified sin from the top of his curly-haired head to the bottom of his rubber-soled shoes. His brown eyes twinkled devilishly when he smiled, a toe-curling, pussy-dampening flash of white.

His job as an aide demanded heavy lifting, which he accomplished with ease. The smooth flex of his ropy biceps fascinated Desiree, as did his forearms, covered with silky, masculine hair. She liked his hands, too. Oh yeah. She liked his hands. She’d heard the snickered old wives’ tale about the correlation between hands and other parts of the male anatomy and figured it was true in Josh’s case. He wouldn’t be anything less than perfect.

His cock would be as he was. Large, capable. Strong, but gentle if needed. If she had her way, they’d sneak off to the janitor’s closet down the hall for a little afternoon delight. It had been too long since she’d touched a man, longer since she’d grasped a cock in her hands, taken one in her mouth. She excelled at fellatio. Both of her husbands had said so. Shouted it in fact. Too bad their oral skills had fallen short. Josh, however, would be good. Very good.

“You’re not supposed to be here, Dorothy,” snapped a grating voice. Desiree wasn’t sure what she disliked more, the nails-down-a-blackboard tone or the odious name Juliet Hindman insisted on calling her. Desiree considered pretending deafness or feigning stupidity, but Juliet was a persistent bitch and ignoring her would lead to trouble.

Juliet had the hots for Josh. Desiree caught the way she mooned over him like a sick cow when he wasn’t looking, or stumbled when he came near so she could bump into him, and he’d have to steady her. What a cheap-ass trick. Juliet jumped around as steady as a she-goat. She didn’t fool Josh either; Desiree could read his awareness in the amused quirk of his sexy lips. Oh to have those lips glide over her skin, follow the tingling trail marked by his hands. He would start at her neck, Desiree decided. He wouldn’t ignore that key erogenous zone like so many men did. She shivered. From her neck he’d kiss his way to her breasts, gently sucking on her nipples, before trailing lower to her—

“I said you’re not supposed to be here.” Juliet’s shrill voice attracted the attention of several people, including Josh. He caught Desiree’s gaze and winked. Pleasure enveloped her in a blanket of warmth, while an angry heat made her want to stab Juliet in the heart.

“I was headed to the rec room,” Desiree lied in a low voice to force Juliet to lean in to hear. A stupid little power ploy, but it thrilled her nonetheless. The small victories counted these days.

“The rec room is in the opposite direction. Don’t you know that by now?”

“Yes, MA’AM,” Desiree shouted with vicious delight. Still single on the cusp of thirty, Juliet hated being ma’amed.

“Hi, Jules, what’s up?” The rumbling voice of the man with the starring role in Desiree’s daydreams stroked over her like a lover’s caress.

In an instant, Nurse Ratched vanished. “Hello! Did you have a good weekend, Josh?” The sour she-goat purred like a kitten.

“Great. Shot a few hoops, watched the game on TV. Can’t complain.” Desiree wished she could have watched Josh dribble across the basketball court, all precision-controlled male power and force. She pictured his long legs bared by a pair of gym shorts, his pecs outlined by a sweat-soaked T-shirt, his flexing biceps displayed with every jump shot. She pressed a hand to her fluttering heart and kept it there by sheer willpower. She would attract too much attention if she strayed lower.

“How are you, Desiree?” He ducked his head and turned his luscious brown gaze on her.

The goat-kitten bared its teeth. “Her name is Dorothy.”

“How are you, Dorothy?” Coming from him, the ugly name didn’t sound so terrible.

“Marvelous.” Desiree smiled and straightened her shoulders. My, he stood tall.

“Dorothy was headed to the rec room. Could you see that she gets there, please?”

“Will do.” Josh nodded.

“She wants in your pants, you know,” Desiree said after Juliet charged off to torment one of the staff. She was an equal opportunity bitch.

Josh chuckled. “I don’t know about that.”

“She’d do you in an instant. They all would.” Including me. Especially me.

“Dorothy!” The odious name slipped from his lips and he shifted with discomfort. “Please.”

Desiree tittered. “Do I shock you, Joshie?”

“I think you like shocking people.”

She did. She considered it one of her joys.

“Let’s go to the rec room. We don’t want you to get into trouble.” His hand lightly pressed against her shoulder blade. Heat spread through her skin down to her aching bones. How she wished his hand would drop lower, cup her ass. Eddie, her second husband, had always told her she had a great ass. But Josh’s hand remained on her shoulder, gently guiding her into movement. Reluctantly, Desiree tottered forward. She’d waited all day for this moment and intended to wring the most out of it.

They moved slowly down the center of the corridor, residents and staff flowing around them. Desiree glanced longingly at the janitor’s supply closet. They could duck in easily. No one would notice or care, other than Juliet, and she wasn’t around.

Desiree often sneaked in there to take care of business because she could be sure no one would pop in on her. Which brought to mind a related issue.

The toy she’d purchased online off the aging computer reserved for the residents had been operating on the same set of batteries for a long time. As soon as she could slip away again, she’d give it another good workout. She’d hate to loose juice at a critical juncture.

She peered up at the young man beside her. “Could I ask you for a favor?”

“Depends on what it is.”

“Could you get me some batteries for my radio?”

He shrugged. “Sure. What kind?”

“Double As. Two, please.” She slipped her arm through his. Her bony arthritic fingers curled around his muscled arm. Her other hand fluffed the tendrils of her sparse white hair as she shuffled down the hall, pretending she was sixty years younger and Josh was her beau.


Join me next Friday for Maid for Gray. Will a young maid finally get to see what’s in her employer’s play room?


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6 Responses to Freebie Friday: Call Me Desiree, a free erotic short…

  1. Christina says:

    Ok, I fell for it! I had no idea she was an old(er) woman! LOL

    “His brown eyes twinkled devilishly when he smiled, a toe-curling, pussy-dampening flash of white.” Lovvvvvvvveeee that sentence!!

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my story. This one was a fun one to write. Brings new meaning to the term “cougar.” LOL

  3. Karla Doyle says:

    About halfway through, I started to wonder if she might be a senior. Very cute story, Cara!

  4. Hehe. I loved this the first time I read it, and it stands up to a second read, even knowing the twist. Clever as well as evocative!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank, Vivien. I did a little (quite a bit) of editing on it since I first wrote it. I’m pleased you remember it!

  5. Thianna D says:

    OMG ROFL! Dirty old ladies. LOL

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