Freebie Friday: Can a hot new toy thaw an ice princess?

Every Friday during March, I’ve  presented a free erotic read on my blog. These are complete short stories, not excerpts of longer works. Today’s selection is the final Freebie Friday read.

Mightier than the Sword

By Cara Bristol

“Ms. Covington is here to see you, Mr. Sword,” Melissa’s disembodied voice came over the speaker phone.

David glanced at his wristwatch. Fifteen minutes late. He’d expected as much. He was tempted to instruct his assistant to make Adriana wait twenty minutes, but that would get business off to a bad start. “Thank you, Melissa. Send her in, please.”

David twirled his pen, the heft and weight of it comfortable against the web between his thumb and forefinger. Designed for large hands, the casing was thick enough for a man to grip without his fingers cramping or tiring.

Moments later Adriana Covington breezed in, her bearing so beautifully interwoven with grace and poise David almost always forgave her for her arrogance. She shut the door and eyed him without apology.

David stood and gestured toward the chair in front of his desk. After Adriana settled into her seat, crossing her legs at the ankles, he sat again. Her gaze shifted to his hands and her rosy, bee-stung lips parted, but if she uttered a sound, it was inaudible.

“Could I get you a cup of coffee?” he asked, drinking in the perfection of her complexion, the delicate arch of her brows, the swath of corn silk tamed into a flawless French twist.

Her glacial blue gaze met his. “You can put a computer chip in anything these days. That doesn’t make it a viable consumer product.”

David smothered an amused grin. How like Adriana to jump into business. It didn’t matter they’d known each other for years, that his development company and her marketing firm frequently joined forces for mutual benefit.

“So, you don’t think there’s a market?” He leaned back in his chair and rolled the pen between his palms, watching her face. Nothing about her frosty demeanor hinted she might have a body piercing, but when he imagined her naked, his mental image had her shaved and pierced, rings through her nipples and navel and a vertical barbell through her clitoral hood. Just the thought caused his cock to harden and made him acutely aware of his own piercing.

She waved a slender hand in dismissal. “I don’t see it delivering the fulfillment you promise.”

Ah, she was a chilly one. Adriana wore her reserve like a vest of chain mail, not realizing her mantle challenged every red-blooded man within orbit to attempt to strip it from her to see what lay underneath. Including him.

“I see plenty of opportunity.” He rubbed the pen’s gold casing. It was as smooth as Adriana’s long body would be, stretched out on a sheet of ice blue satin, her skin slick with perspiration, her back arched to a bow. Her body would be his to play, and from her he’d strum the sweetest, carnal sounds.

He moved his thumb over the clicker, extending and retracting the nib.

Adriana uncrossed, then recrossed her ankles. Her swanlike neck moved as she swallowed. “I don’t know why anyone would want—” she broke off to grip the wooden arms of the chair. “How is it different than…than what’s already on the market?” A dewy sheen beaded above her upper lip.

David tilted his head and arched his brows. “Is something wrong, Adriana?”

The ice in her eyes transformed to blue fire and she shot sparks at him. “You son-of—” She gasped.

He retracted and extended the point of the pen. He leaned forward. “You can’t hold out,” he lowered his voice to a coaxing rumble. “Let go. You know you want to.”

Her knuckles blanched on the chair’s arms, and her body stiffened. She clamped her lips together, but she couldn’t muffle the moan that erupted from her throat. “You want me to say you’re right, don’t you?” She averted her face.

He fiddled with the clicker. “I can’t deny that that would give me…enjoyment.” He paused. “But I’m not in this for my pleasure.”

Adriana’s cheeks suffused with pink and her breath came in gasps through her open mouth.

“Surrender, sweetheart.” David gripped the pen.

“Oh God—” Her head lolled back, her body jerked, and she cried out as an orgasm swept through her, ignited by the electrical impulses sent by the X-59 transmitter in his hand to the chip-imbedded barbell stud that rested against her clit.

David rounded the desk and knelt beside his wife. He brushed his lips to the corner of her eyes, the shell of her ear, the edge of her mouth.

“Damn you,” she whispered. “You win. The X-59 might have some …limited…applications.”

He chuckled and lightly kissed her. “You’ve won your share, Mrs. Sword.” He sat back on his haunches “You’ll help me market it?”

“Yes.” She nodded, then narrowed her eyes. But I want you to give me the transmitter.”

“Not a chance.” David laughed. “I developed it with you in mind—for those times when you freeze me out. I might even call the X-59 The Adriana.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she gasped.

He brushed aside a strand of damp hair that had fallen from her twist. “We make a good team, Adriana.”

“We do.” She turned her face into his palm, rubbed her cheek against his hand. “But sometimes you don’t play fair.”


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  1. Karla Doyle says:

    LOL. That was a cute one, Cara. Sexy, too, of course–but cute. Nice! 🙂

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