Hop aboard for a tour with Cara Bristol…

Hello, and welcome to Cara Bristol Tours. I’m Cara and I’ll be your guide today. If this is your first time to carabristol.com, I think you’ll find lots of interesting stuff. If you’ve been here before, please join the tour; you might be surprised.

Now, grab your mouse, please take a seat, and get ready for the ride. You won’t need earphones, and there will be plenty of potty breaks. Our time together is brief, so I’m going to hit only some highlights you might miss if you never leave the home page.  Got your mouse ready? Hang on, ‘cause here we go…

Category topics

First, take a look at the CATEGORIES menu on the sidebar. Click on it. (Go ahead, don’t be scared, you can get back on the bus, I promise). To find specific subjects, this is where you go. I’d like to point out a just a few categories:

  • Life 101 – These are posts about general topics other than spanking, erotic romance, or writing. If you want a light read or are curious about how this erotic romance author thinks (okay, THAT might be scary), check out those posts.
  • Domestic Discipline — You’ll find news about domestic discipline and DD fiction such as new releases, character interviews, comments about what inspired me, etc. The character interviews seem to be particularly popular.
  • Author interviews/guest blogs – This is where I feature other erotic romance and DD authors.
  • Favorite Lines – When I’m reading a book, and I run across a passage I particularly like, I post it here. It might be funny, erotic, or poignant.


Next stop is my Blogroll, also on the sidebar. It’s labeled and segregated into EROTIC ROMANCE SITES and SPANKING SITES. For spanking blogs, I tend to follow those that are informational or anecdotal, rather than merely photo sites of naked butts.  If you mouse over the blog listings, you’ll get a brief description of what they’re about.

The header tabs

Finally, last on our tour today are the tabs in the header (look for the lady dressed in pink). Under MY BOOKS you’ll find a pull down menu of…erotic romances and spanking stories I’ve written! That’s where you can read blurbs and excerpts and find buy links because every good tour allows time for shopping. MY BOOKS is where you can get freebies – complete, erotic short stories, which you can read at leisure.

Last on our tour, I’d like to mention RECOMMENDED READS, which are those books by other authors that I’ve enjoyed. To be honest, Recommended Reads doesn’t get that many hits, and if that stays the same, I may discontinue it at the end of the year and replace it with something else. Maybe photos of naked butts. (Just kidding).

As with every good tour, you now have time to explore on your own. Thank you for touring with carabristol.com.



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9 Responses to Hop aboard for a tour with Cara Bristol…

  1. Great idea for a blog post. And…I made the Spanking Sites list. It’s like getting to sit at the cool kids’ table! Thanks.

  2. Karla Doyle says:

    Cute post! And a great idea, too. You’re always so clever, Cara.

  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you for the feedback, Karla & Celeste. I wasn’t sure if a blog about a blog would be worth reading.

  4. sixofthebest says:

    Cara Bristol, the tour was great, so let me debate, I give you spanks, So here’s my thanks.

  5. christina says:

    Cool idea on how to show readers around your site! I didn’t realize how much information you have here!

  6. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you, Christina. People generally land on the home page or are directed to a specific page, and they miss all the other blogs, so I wanted to try to highlight some of the stuff that’s here.

  7. Creative Cara! Love this! Okay, I’m on board the tour bus.

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