Talking about one night stands…

When two people have a single sexual encounter in which neither expects anything more, that’s called a “one night stand.” The term originated in the theater industry when a guest performer would appear for a single night.

“1Night Stand” is a series of short erotic romance novellas released by Decadent Publishing and the name of a dating service around which the series is centered. The 1Night Stand agency is run by a mysterious Frenchwoman known as Madame Evangeline or Madame Eve who has a knack for connecting people. In the series, the characters get together seemingly for a one-time date, but of course, end up finding true love.

The stories in the series are written by many different authors in many different erotic romance sub/genres: contemporary, historical, paranormal, BDSM, time travel, sci fi. The novella, ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 words, provide a quick erotic read – great bedtime stories, beach reads and airplane fare. You’ll see 1Night Stand abbreviated on Twitter as #1NS

1Night Stand story listing

I’d read several 1Night Stand stories, loved the series and decided to write my own. A Scent of Longing is a vampire romance to be released by Decadent this Friday – Friday the 13th. It’s my fifth published work, but my very first paranormal.

The heroine, Lily Dansen, longs for everything “normal” that she lost when she was betrayed and turned by a vampire lover. Luc Fortier yearns for the life mate he’ll never have because he’s a shunned vampire Half Breed. They both approach the date with trepidation, but neither has counted on the superior matchmaking skills of Madame Eve!

A Scent of Longing is a tender, erotic story of two lonely people who despair of ever finding love, but find it in each other.

On release day – Friday the 13th – I’ll have an excerpt to A Scent of Longing.




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5 Responses to Talking about one night stands…

  1. Karla Doyle says:

    I can’t wait to read ASoL tomorrow, Cara. It’ll be my #fridayreads for sure!

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you, Karla. I’m waiting with baited breath to see it released. My first paranormal. And I love the 1NS series.

  3. Congratulations on the new book!

    Great idea to write your own One Night Stand book.

    I’ve had a couple of one night stands that I didn’t know were one night stands until I never heard from the guy again. LOL. Does that count?

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