My favorite spanking scene: an excerpt from Unexpected Consequences

My spanking romance/domestic discipline novel Unexpected Consequences has many spanking scenes, both disciplinary and erotic, but I’d like to share my favorite. I had a smile on my face while I wrote this scene.

Here’s the set up: Jared and Melania, a newlywed couple, have a domestic discipline marriage, a situation for which Melania was unprepared. Her first disciplinary spanking threw her into a state of turmoil and she’s trying to figure out what to do. She was in the middle of baking cookies when Jared approached her. Cookies forgotten, they make love, the cookies burn and set off the smoke alarm. They rush around to air out the kitchen.

The alarm shut off. Blessed silence filled the kitchen. For a long moment they stared at each other.

Jared had pulled up his briefs and trousers, but his pants were still unbuttoned, and his hair stood at all angles. She still wore her skirt, but she was naked from the waist up. The kitchen smelled of sex and burned cookies.

A giggle erupted from her throat. “That was quite a climax. We set off the smoke alarm.”

Jared’s gaze shifted pointedly from the trace of haze hovering over their heads to the tray in the sink. “You think it’s funny?” He regarded her with narrowed eyes. “The cookies have been ruined. The kitchen reeks of smoke.” He stepped toward her. “Leaving food unattended in the oven is dangerous. I’m very disappointed in you. I think I need to teach you a lesson,” his gravelly voice scolded.

She sucked in a shocked breath, her body tensing until she noticed the teasing glint in his eyes, the quirk of his lips. Jared was trying hard not to laugh. His displeasure was all a put-on.

A different kind of flutter shivered through her. With the wisdom of feminine intuition, Melania knew how to goad him. She wanted to push his buttons in a way that only a wife could. Hands on her hips, she struck a defiant pose. “You distracted me, Jared Traynor. I told you the cookies were done. This is your fault.”

“My fault, is it?” Six feet of masculine menace, he padded toward her and stopped an arm’s length away. “So, first you burn the cookies, and now you’re refusing to take responsibility?” He shook his head in mock regret. “You’re a naughty girl. You leave me no choice but to punish you. Severely.”

He gestured toward the dishes and utensils she’d left to dry in the rack. “Is that the wooden spoon you used to make the cookies you let burn?”

“Y-yes.” A warm, liquid sensation curled in the pit of her stomach. Her clit, which should have been immune to stimulation, pulsed. She couldn’t believe she was becoming even the slightest bit aroused by the threat of a spanking. Even a pretend one.

“Give it to me.” He stuck out his hand.

“No.” She stomped her foot and watched lust light up his gaze. Her pussy clenched with an answering need.

“I’m going to spank you extra for that.” Jared’s eyes flashed wickedly.

Melania’s breath was coming in shallow gasps. She flattened her palm against her naked chest to calm her racing, wayward heart.

Before she could blink, Jared lunged and grabbed the spoon out of the rack with one hand and her wrist in the other. As he dragged her toward a counter barstool, she dug in her heels, but her sandaled feet had little traction, and she slid across the tiled floor. He sat down and hauled her over his lap, then flipped her skirt over her waist.

She heard him suck in his breath, imagined his hands shaking as he smoothed his palms over her bottom, caressing each rounded cheek slowly, almost reverently. He sighed heavily, mockingly. “It’s a shame that such a gorgeous ass is wasted on such a naughty girl.”

“I am not naughty. It was your fault the cookies burned,” she protested. “And my ass is not wasted on me.”

“Argumentative too.” He smacked her left cheek with the spoon. A light tap, it bore only a slight sting. Another tap grazed her other cheek.

She squirmed, trying to roll off his lap, but he clamped his arm on her lower back.

“This is for trying to get away!” The spoon descended in a fusillade of butterfly kisses.

A deep-seated craving awakened with a yawn and rose inside her. Her breathing hitched. Because voicing her dawning desire would require admitting it to herself, she couldn’t speak the words. So instead, she kicked.

Jared swung a thigh over her flailing legs and immobilized her. She reveled in his show of superior strength—and his weakness. Beneath her abdomen, his cock hardened. A sensation of warmth, like a dose of hot chocolate on a cold day, coursed through her veins.

She wiggled the best she could to arouse him further. It worked. His cock became rigid.

“Now look at what you’ve done,” he scolded. The spoon left a delicious sting, and Melania whimpered in delight.


Unexpected Consequences is the first in a series of books about The Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives.

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